How To Sell On Facebook

Have you ever thought about selling products on Facebook? You can sell anything from an old cell phone to an entire stock of merchandise from your store. The amount of items you want to sell will determine how you should go about selling on Facebook.

Facebook Buy Sell Group


Just to sell an item that you don’t use or want anymore, you can just log in to your Facebook and go the market place and click sell something. Just follow the promts from there and it is real easy. You can also look through market place if you are looking to buy something, even a used car or patio set.   

Shop Tab- Facebook Store Application

If you have your own store and want to sell your items on Facebook you can check out Shop Tab. They have a video tour you can watch without entering any information at all. They offer a free 7 day trial so you don’t have to commit right from day one. The prices vary on if you want to add your store to a blog or website, how many items you want in your store etc….

Standard Price $10.00

Expanded Price $15.00

Ultimate Price $20.00

Let’s say you open a store on their site your customers will have 3 payment options. E Commerce, Pay Pal Gateway and Cash On Delivery.

Shopify- You can’t get past the first page without signing up.


Store Front Social

Has more payment methods like, Autorize.net, Google Wallet, Bit Coin along with the payment methods for customers who were to use Shop Tab. There is no contract fee and no transaction fee. They also offer a free 7 day trial without having to enter credit card information..

Basic Price $9.95

Plus Price $!9.95

Gold Price $29.95

They are a little more expensive but seem to offer more that Shop Tab.

You can sell on Facebook, it just depends on you, how you want to go about it and how much you want to pay.

If you would like to check out an alternative then click here

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My Quest Begins- Looking Forward To The Journey

I am on phase two of my training finally. Upon starting phase two I found myself having to go back to the beginning of one as I had myself so lost and confused. The community answered any question I had but I was still unable to make sense of it. I was’t able to comprehend it.

I’ll tell you what really made me start at the beginning again. I was in the process of trying to edit my site to fit the content and show and tell that was discussed in phase 2. So I logged into my site and I clicked on customize at the top instead of edit post.   

It brought up this side toolbar that I have never seen before and I had no idea as to what I was supposed to do with it or how to use it. Like I have said many times I am computer illiterate when it comes to themes and website building.

I originally thought it was because I was trying to change my theme and thought that was the reason I had this weird toolbar on the side. I switched back and it was still there. I was advised by the community that switching themes could change your content around. So before I had switched it back I was researching the subject on WA and I did come across a lesson on backing up your widgets. It didn’t help me with the issue I was having, BUT it did show me that I should not be switching my theme until I know how to do it properly.

That leads me to this. My journey into a world of uncertainty for me can still lead me on a quest that can and will have a positive outcome. I solved the issue on my own in a manner of speaking. But I also created the issue for myself . I wouldn’t have figured it out though if it weren’t for the community and the tools at WA to research my issue.

My quest has now started into phase two again and I look forward to the journey through. I was able to actually comprehend more of phase one by doing all the lessons again. It was a win win situation.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have had an experience similar to mine, I would love to hear bout it. Also, any questions or comments are welcomed.

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Lee Ann






Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? – Far From It

Thank you for checking out my review. I like many others have been scammed many times while searching for an online affiliate to help me make money from the comfort of my home as I am a stay at home mom.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Surly you have come across numerous reviews, and trust me, you are doing the right thing by doing your research on it.

Most of the sites want money upfront and you have no idea of what you have paid for or what it is that you need to do.

You hear and read a lot of MUMBO JUMBO and a lot of it is just a person trying to sell you a get rich overnight scheme.

Wealthy Affiliate is not like any other online affiliate. It is far from being a SCAM.

Before, I get to the facts about Wealthy Affiliate I want to share with you a little of my AMAZING first experience with this affiliate. They always say first impressions make or break you.

After I first joined (for free), the first thing to catch my attention was the welcome I got. I was caught of guard at how the community reached out to me instantly.

It wasn’t a pre texted “Hello” or “Welcome”. It was from real people within the community.

They made me feel like my search was over. I have finally found what I have been searching for all these years. An internet business affiliate that is not here to take my money and leave me empty-handed.

Wealthy Affiliate Community – Best Community Hands Down

The community in Wealthy Affiliate has been the best community I have ever came across. They offer their assistance and support for ANY issue you might come across.

A community that thrives on helping others succeed is something I have not witnessed in an online affiliate before.

They not only welcomed me, but are there when I didn’t understand something while training and getting my site up.

Their community consists of new members as well as members that have been there since the beginning in 2005.

Whether you are a free member or a premium member, they are always reaching out to you and are there to help you. To me this was a huge factor in my joining.

There are other means of support in Wealthy Affiliate like live support,(chat) and Q and A. Like I said, this community along with the owners and ambassadors, never leave you feeling that you are on your own unless you choose to be.



Overview and Rankings – The Proof Is In The Numbers

Owners Kyle and Carson

Website URL https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…

Training 4.8 out of 5.0

Support 5.0 out of 5.0

Website builder 4.9 out of 5.0

WordPress hosting 4.8 out of 5.0

Research tools 4.6 out of 5.0

Success stories 4.5 out of 5.0

Price for starter membership FREE or Premium $49.00 a month or $359.00 for a yearly membership at a huge discount.

Wealthy Affiliate Education- In A Class Of Its OwnWealthy Affiliate has it all

Wealthy affiliate has weekly live interactive classes hosted by Jay the lead trainer.

He will stun you with his ability to help you advance every week with new and cutting edge strategies. You will learn from him on many subjects that deal with being an entrepreneur.


You will have access to the best training platform ever.

There are over 300 hours of education on every topic you can imagine. Not able to watch the class live due to your schedule, no worries.

You can ” Replay” the class as a Premium member as well as view all the past classes. Every class is presented in a step by step basis.

Yes, they basically hold your hand through each one.

You will have tasks to complete at the end of each lesson. These will help you to get on your way to get your website up and closer to becoming that successful online affiliate your wanting to be.

Wealthy affiliate will give you the type of education that doesn’t overwhelm you and leaves you wanting to move right on to the next lesson.

Remember if you get stumped on anything, the community will help you. I can’t stress that enough. Click Here ==> If you would like to check it out asap ,

Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training- No Member Left Behind

Bootcamp training will take you through six phases and each phase has ten lessons. There will even be step by step videos, in case you understand better by seeing it being demonstrated rather just reading the step by step process.

This is where you will be shown how to get your website up and running. There is no time frame.

It is work at your own pace. You do not need any experience. I had no clue when I first started and look at me now.

I look forward becoming even better. I have found my legit work from home business opportunities.

                                                    ***** UPDATE *****

“After being a member for 10 months, I am an ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate. I became an ambassador around my 6 month mark.

I love to help others. Not just here on my website, but also inside Wealthy Affiliate and I love helping others offline as well.”

Wealthy Affiliate-Marketing taught the right wayYou will even receive training from the OWNER himself.

That is something you won’t see in any of the other marketing training platforms.

I am not talking about the lessons and videos that he created for training purposes, he and Carson are always posting blogs and updating the platform to further assist us members.

Kyle will show you how to get your website up and running with videos as well. Other members also offer tutorial videos for the community.

You will choose a niche, it could be something you are really passionate about and base your website on it. This also helps to ensure that you create a successful business

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course will teach you step-by-step.

What better way to earn income than by promoting something you are interested in? Don’t worry if you don’t have one.

We will help you to figure out one based on YOUR INTEREST or you can use Wealthy Affiliate as your niche.

You will be taught so many things in this world renowned bootcamp. It doesn’t stop at getting your website up and running.

You will learn how to get traffic to your site and how to captivate them once they are there.

Along with how to use your links properly or if you might be using them too much.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Building Tools- State-of-the-art

Tools for Walthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate tools menu


WORDPRESS-When you make your first post, and even after, you will use WordPress which is one of the most popular content management and blog publishing applications available on the internet.

SITERUBIX- For building your website or writing a blog. SiteRubix will guide you through the process of setting it up. It is so easy the beginners can do it.

JAAXY-A very important part of turning your website into a money maker is to research keywords.

You want to target the RIGHT keywords and that is when you will use Jaaxy. It is by far the best keyword search tool. Go ahead. Get 30 searches for free.

It just became the OFFICIAL research tool for Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t just START using it. Kyle and Carson created it. This is how they first got started.

It has now been integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate platform. That alone should tell you how amazing it is.

As well as all the tools used here. You can even check your sites rank.

Wealthy Affiliate Review-As Honest As They Come

I honestly feel I have found a legitimate successful yet caring affiliate I love being a part of. I no longer am looking for online jobs for stay at home parents.

I like others I am sure, went in with total skepticism . Even as a free member mind you, I was already doing my first post as a free member.

I was in the process of creating a post and Kyle, ( one of the owners ) checked in to see how it was going and to see if needed any help.

How awesome is that? There were other members checking on me as well. I LOVE the community.

When I did my first page (still a free member) I was frightened. I have never done anything like this before. But with the training, the tools and the community, I did it.

They give you EVERYTHING you need to make it happen. If you really want to make it as an online affiliate and put forth that effort, you will succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place to make it happen. You have the best there is in every aspect right at your fingertips, and all in one place.

You aren’t gonna get the same ole sales pitch (blah,blah,blah get rich now) that I know you have probably heard many times.

What you will get is, understanding, support and a whole community taking a walk down that path with you.

It will take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This isn’t one of those get rich overnight sites, and it isn’t a scam either. Nor will there be upsells.

You will get out of it what you put into it. Time, hard work and dedication is the key to any success.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate you will get the support, tools and the training to help you

I can go on and on about how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is, but if you want to check it out for yourself please click the link below.

Once you sign up for your free starter membership I will have a little bonus for you.

Make sure you leave me a comment below or on my Wealthy Affiliate profile page, on what YOU think about it. I’m sure your opinion will be similar to mine

Get started now

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love hearing from you and I love to respond.

Wishing you the best in all you do.

Thank you again,

Lee McQuay



Legit Work For Parents

Hello and welcome to Legit Work For Parents. My site is about helping those stay at home parents or anyone who is not able to work outside the home . There are more and more of us looking for legit work from home business opportunities every day. As each of us might have different circumstances, our reasons for looking for online jobs for stay at home parents are the same.

There are ample opportunitities to make money online from home, it is just a matter of finding the right one for you. There are so many scams now that it makes it very dificult to find an honest online business affiliate.

I want to help you with your search. I would like to be able to let you know what I find during my search and hopefully my trials and tribulations will help lead you into a better direction and avoid the conflict that most come across when trying to find online jobs for stay at home parents , empty nesters , or anyone needing to work from home.



My name is Lee Ann and I am a stay at home mother. My life has not been normal by any means. I grew up poor with an alcoholic and abusive dad. We lived in a shotgun house. It had 2 bedrooms. I had to share a bedroom with my 2 younger brothers. I always said my life as an adult would not be anything like my life as a child.

I became pregnant at the age of 16 and married the father. Not knowing I was beginning that cycle of life I longed to get out of. That marriage lasted long enough to have 3 beautiful children and came to an end before being married for 5 years.

A few years later I met my second husband. I met the man I had always dreamed about. He and I had 2 beautiful children together. We were married almost 5 years when he passed away with a massive heart attack. By this time I had pretty much given up on that life I had dreamed of as a child.

Years later I met my current husband and have 2 beautiful daughters. We have now been married 5 years. I finally made through that first milestone. We had to relocate to West Virginia 1 year ago for his employer. I had to quit a job I loved . I worked for 2 amazing specialist physicians and had a great boss as well as co-workers.

Moving to West Virginia meant no family and no friends. We now live in a rural area with the closest city is 25 miles away. If I were able to find a job it wouldn’t pay enough for me to pay someone to watch our girls and nor would I really trust whomever I could get to watch them. Not the same as when I lived in Pa. I had family and friends who lived right beside me who helped with that.

In the past I have tried to find work from home jobs many times due to different circumstances. I failed miserably. Not to mention the amount of money it cost me. The sad part is, I am not the only one who has been through that. I hope to change that. And Wealthy Affiliate has changed that for me and can do the same for you.



I know there are so many good people out there who have not had an easy life. Who struggle financially the same as we do. I know there are moms, dads, husbands, wives, grandparents and even empty nesters that are looking for a LEGIT WORK FROM HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. After being scammed several times and paying money to those promising work from home sites just to learn you have to pay for everything needed to work for them as well as the membership. And didn’t make a dime. I want to help others like me stop paying tons of money and not get any in return. I want to show them that they aren’t alone and that there are internet affiliates out there that aren’t there to SCAM them but are there to help them get online jobs for stay at home parents or anyone for that fact.



The goal of my website is to help those stay at home parents or the empty nesters who need to have an income and can do it from their home without it costing them their life savings. It will be a legitiment work from home job within a site that has a community that strives on helping each other get their site up and running. Members that extend their hand out to you when you need it. One that helps you every step of the way.

I will not mislead you like most do. You will not be led to believe you will get rich quick. That is never the truth, only a gimmick that A LOT of online businesses use to get you to join. They are the only ones getting rich quick while leaving you empty handed.

Being able to help struggling parents earn money while being able to be home for their children means everything to me. Even if your children are grown and you need that extra income. I hate seeing others struggle and being taken advantage of by those making it rich off of us.



If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Lee Ann