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Hello and thank you for visiting my post. My name is Lee Ann and I am the proud owner of the site you are on.

Have you wanted to build a FREE website online? I am assuming since you landed here you must have had some interest. Would you like to build a free website? I have got a deal for you at the end of this post.

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I am going to now list the 4 steps that will be taken to build you a free website.

It will surprise you as to how easy it really is. Like I said, this newbie (me) was able to do it.

The 4 Steps Of Building Your Free Website

Build an online business in 4 steps

1. Pick Your Niche-Topic Of Your Site

Before you do anything you need to decide what you a site will be about. Do you already have a type of business you want to build a website for?

If not, what do you want you a site to revolve around? Do you have you your own product you want to sell? Maybe someone else’s product? By clicking here you will be able to learn about what a niche is, which will be assist you in picking the best one for you.

Your niche will be something of interest to you, something you have knowledge about, it could be something you like to do in you a spare time or could even be something you want to know more about.

For example, I want to help stay at home parents or anyone not able to work outside their home, so my niche is legit work for parents. You can check out my about me page for more information on why I chose this as my niche.

2. Build Your Website

Now that you know what you want you a niche to be, it is time to build you a website and create quality content on it. In the following video you will see just how easy setting up you a website really is.

I was a complete newbie and look at my site. You don’t have to know anything about setting one up, but with the tools and training I was given, I did it. You can to.

Build A Website In 30 Seconds

Now that you saw how easy it is, it is time to get creative, I know. You are thinking that you aren’t creative. Most of us think the same way. All you need to do is write. I know what you a going to say. “I’m not a writer” right?

Think of it as if you a talking to someone about you a “niche” or you a product. Write about it as If you are actually talking to a friend. You are telling them about you a topic (title of you a post).
All you have to do is have a conversation with you a reader. Your content needs to engage the reader, keep them interested. What better way to do that than to “talk to them”.

You don’t want them to feel like they are reading a lecture or feel like they are having some type of opinion shoved down their throat.

Most importantly, BE HONEST. You want them to keep coming back to read new post that you have added. They aren’t going to do that if they think you have misled them. I know I wouldn’t. If they don’t like the content and layout, they aren’t going to tell others about it either.

Get Traffic-Keep Them Coming

Getting traffic after writing quality content will be a very important step. An easy way for this is of course, social media. Almost everyone has at least 1 social media account.

In the video I am going to post below, you will get to see Kyle (one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate) show you how you can add a social media plugin to you a site and how to add you a post to social media. It is very easy.

And yes, it is the owner doing the training. Kyle does most of the classroom training lessons, task and videos. Jay does a weekly live webinar that teaches lessons as in different areas of affiliate marketing as well.

Back to the video. I am posting it as I want you to see the basics of using social media to get traffic to you a site. I realize that you may not fully get the gist of it unless you are a member. Hopefully you will get the idea anyway.

Adding social media plugins and sharing to social media
Getting traffic to you a site increases your chances of getting ranked in google as well as making a sale. Your traffic, is your readers. In order to get traffic and sales, you want to be on the first page of all the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Like I said earlier you a CONTENT is how you connect with you a reader. Good content leads to more traffic and first page rankings on search engines.
You are going to be posting on social media, so you don’t want to just throw some garbage site on there. If you don’t make it worth the reader taking time to read, then they won’t be back and that means no traffic.

Getting traffic to you a site is what will bring us to our next step. Monetizing from you a site.

$ Making Money-Show Me The Money $

You have to think what got you here? What were you searching for, what caught your eye, what kept you on the site? These are what you need to think about when building you your own website/business.

The whole purpose of building an online business is to make money from home, right? That means you have to set the business up to attract customers and want them to buy you a product/services.

It all boils down to the content of you a website. I know I keep saying that, but I want to make sure that you know how critical it is to have QUALITY truthful content.

Once you are getting daily traffic to you a site, you will soon start making sales.

Once you are making sales, it DOES NOT mean you can put the site/business on auto pilot. Posting content on you a site needs to be continuous.

It Is YOUR Business-Make It Grow

When working outside the home we have a job to do. If we don’t go and do the work, we don’t get paid. Having an online business will run the same way.

Just because we are working online from home, doesn’t mean we can just work whenever we want. There is no such thing as an autopilot for an online business of any kind.

Continue to build out you a website. If not you will eventually lose your rankings on the first page of major search engines and therefore will stop making money.

When the site/business is doing really well, then maybe finding a writer to write the content for you, would be an option, and you could take care of the rest.

I hope you now know how easy it is to start up a business online, and that you do have to put work into it. Anyone can do it. If you knew me personally you would see just how big of an accomplishment it is for me to have built and designed my own website.
I am not someone who learns rather quickly, nor am I someone who learns by reading. I am a hands on type of gal. But look where I am in just 4 months.

I have even earned money. If you think you can not do this, you are wrong. If you don’t want to do it, then that is different. Working online and running a web based business isn’t for everyone.

What Do You Think?

Would you like to give it a try? Go ahead, you have nothing to lose. You are able to dive right in without paying for anything at all.

Worried about having to buy tools or other programs once you join? Don’t be. If you decide you want to join as a premium member for any of the tools or training, it is up to you. But premium is NOT a must.

Being a premium member does have its benefits and you will be able to message me at anytime for help or advice by going premium. But it is you a decision. You are never forced to do it.

Below I have put a chart that shows what your earnings will be for getting referrals for Wealthy Affiliate. Now keep in mind, this is only for referrals. It isn’t counting what you would make from product sales if that is what you decide to do.

Earning Table Wealthy Affiliate, earn revenue by promoting
To check it out for yourself, just click on the chart above. You will be glad you did. If you do or don’t, please feel free to bookmark my page and you can let me know what you think either way.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave them below. I honestly love to hear them and answer them.

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann








Do You Make These 3 Simple Mistakes In Best Home Based Business Ideas?

3 Common mistakes for home based business ideas

In this day and age we see more people turning to the internet to find jobs. A majority of people look for a home based business. Chances are you’re thinking about it right now or have an idea for one and that is how you ended up here, right? Have you made mistakes in the process? Do you make these 3 simple mistakes in best home based business ideas?

I want to help to make your search a little easier when it comes to a home based business idea. You can’t just jump right into a home based business. I hope to shed some light on what to consider even after you have your idea picked out.

Bad or good idea?

* Mistake # !-Picking the wrong type of business/job.

Pick the right one for YOU.

The most common mistake is picking something that wasn’t right for you. Thinking about taking surveys online?

Or are you thinking of maybe trying customer service for a local business that allows employees to work from home? It could range from selling Avon to working for Cigna. You could maybe have interest in MLM (multi level marketing) or Affiliate Marketing?

When deciding on a home based business you need to make sure it is right for you. No businesses are alike on or offline. What you are required to do will vary depending on which idea you go with.

Taking surveys would be a bad idea. You could spend 8 hours taking surveys and MIGHT make $10 (if you are lucky) in that 8 hours. That’s if there are surveys that meet the criteria.

Doing customer service for any business will rely on your talking on the phone handling complaints or questions about their service etc.

Do you have a nice voice? if you have no knowledge about this business, do you like to learn, are you easy to train?

These are just some basics that you need to think about, Whatever type of business idea you want to try, think about what requirements you might need.


* Mistake # 2-Not knowing enough about the business you are trying to get in to.

Did you research thoroughly?

Once you have a general idea of the type of business you are leaning toward, turn to google and do some thorough research. Do you need certain skills, will you have to purchase equipment?

You want to start your own business, then you need to research about obtaining a license and what the requirements are for the area of which you want to open your business are.

When you get into MLM of Affiliate Marketing you REALLY need to do a lot of research. You don’t want to be caught up in a scam.

MLM tend to have a lot of upsells (having to pay a fee to join and pay for other tools and products as well) in them.

If you have thought about Affiliate Marketing I did a review on one, Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out and you will get an idea as to what you need to research about Affiliate Marketing.

Anytime you are looking to do a job, open up your own business or have a home based business, you need to get as much information about it as possible.

Leave no stone unturned. Meaning search every aspect of your idea as possible.

Once you have decided on the exact idea, read reviews on the company. Just because you liked what you saw in your research doesn’t mean that it is a good business or that it is legit.

Some businesses that offer home based opportunuties are trying to reel you in, so they make the opportunity LOOK better to sink their hooks into you

When opening up your own business you could review how well your type of business does in your area. If there are other companys similar to your business type, read reviews on them.

Then you will know to take that service and offer the customers something better.

What did I get myself in to

Mistake # 3-Not knowing what your responsibilities will be and considering whether your surroundings (your home in this case) will allow you to work effectively.

Be sure about what you are getting yourself into.

Having a home based business may not be what you think. You may be working from home and not have to hit the snooze button on your alarm,

BUT you still have a job to do. Often we think that working from home means freedom to work when we want.

In a sense this may be true, but you can’t just do it for a couple of hours and be done. In most cases anyway.

Especially if you are running your own business. If you aren’t working you aren’t earning. This is with any type of job/business you have.

You need to be able to set yourself a schedule and stick to it. There can be no procrastination and no distractions.

I work from home and I do keep my phones handy as my mom is disabled and I have 2 girls in school as well as 5 older ones who have their own children.

The business I have allows me to work while on the phone if need be. This can also cause a distraction for me as well. Not all opportunities will allow the same.

By now, you should have a lot of information compiled about your idea. Before committing to your home based business idea, you need to imagine what you day will be like.

I say this because if you are working from home and your job requires you to be on the phone, you need a quiet environment.

A parent who has little ones who are not of school age may want to rethink that type of job.

Starting your own business means you will need to have the financial means in getting your business up and running. You will need the equipment needed to perform your service, and the right type of transportation to get it to your customers (depending on the type of business you will be doing).

You may need other employees. There can be an endless list of what you will need. Go through everything so that you are prepared before you have already put money toward getting it started.

 * This is a mistake some may make. Avoiding/ignoring conflict.

Bonus suggestion-No regrets. Work through it.

As long as you have followed the suggestions I described through out this post, you should feel comfortable with your decision. Your business whether it be your own or for a company, can still throw you a few curve balls.

You may have a different task handed to you, or your computer took a dive while you were creating your blog.

A piece of equipment malfunctioned while building a customers deck or while updating their bathroom. This list can go on, but hopefully you get my point.

Ones you didn’t see coming. That can happen even at a job you have done for years. You don’t just up and quit it, do you? You work through it. You will need to do the same with your home based business.

I advised you to do the research and reviews in order to keep the unforseen to a bare minimal.

Even with all the information you gathered up, there is still the possibility that you might have made a mistake with what business/opportunity you chose. I can help you if you find yourself in that position.

Like I said, I work from my own home and love what I do. It is my business and I get out of it what I put into it.

I don’t have a start time or a set time that I am done. But I can be with my family when they are home. Please feel free to check it out if you like.

Best legit work from home opportunity

If you were to have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate, I love to hear them and will definitely respond back.

Thank you,

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann





7 Tips To Help You Excel At Work Online-From Home Or The Office


We are going to look at reasons why some people excel at work online and some don’t. Are you already working online from home, and if so are you excelling at it or not? You aren’t already working from home and excelling, would you like to be? Perhaps you work online in an office, are you excelling at the office? Which one are you? Excelling or failing?

Are you already established with a business online, or are you still researching the idea? Are you looking only at work from home opportunities, a business to work for or both? Excelling either way should be about the same, right? Let’s find out.

Finding The Right One

When looking for a business online that you can excel in, you need to be knowledgeable about a number of things. This will greatly depend on exactly what type of company this is and what their requirements are. Is their business built around computer programming, will you need to know how to use Microsoft office etc.

When looking to work from home online, you may NOT necessarily have to be knowledgeable. But again, it will depend on what type of business it is and their requirements.

No matter if you are looking for work in the work force, or at home, you need to make sure it is something that will fit you. I am going to list some things to look for when doing a search for both, in the work place and work from home opportunities.

Online work In the work place

  • You want to look for a position that you are already knowledgeable about.
  • One that you have experience in.
  • Offers training-if you don’t have experience but want to learn.
  • One that you meet the requirements for.
  • Research will be the biggest key.
  • Don’t just look for anything.
  • Be visible online to employers. Use a social media account.
  • Have resume with you and up to date.

Online work from home

  • Research is VERY important (stay away from scams). Online job services aren’t always what they seem.
  • Find out EXACTLY what you will be required to do and make sure it is something you are able to do. There are plenty of companies that hire employees to work from home.
  • Be sure to check where the interview and or training (if required) will take place.
  • Will you have to pay at sign up. If yes then say NO. This is for online work opportunities as well as online job services.
  • READ the REVIEWS on any and all opportunities for employment.
  • What supplies will you have to furnish?
  • Have resume with you and up to date.

Job interview

Got The Interview-Now Land The Job

Online work in the work place interviews

  • You have officially gotten the interview. It is now up to you to land this job. Remember how I listed some things to look for? I hope it came in handy, because now you need to prepare for the interview.
  • Dress casual (unless it is a suite and tie/dress type of business). You never want to go in a pair of sweats and tennis shoes. You want to let them know you can dress the part.
  • You are being interviewed for a position in the work force. That means that you most likely need to be knowledgeable about the type of business (even if they provide training etc. this will make you look good during the interview) it is as well as what type of duties you will be performing.
  • Be attentive, let them know you are listening to their every word. When asked a question, be completely honest and try to be as professional as possible with answers.
  • Prepare a list of questions you might have and be sure to have it with you at the interview.
  • Remember to BREATHE if you get nervous. Good luck, you have got this.

Online work from home interviews

  • I hope you did the research like I suggested and you are sure this job/opportunity is for you, otherwise you wasted a time and theirs. I say this because work from home jobs/opportunities may be that you joined an affiliate program for free, you still need to know what you will need to do in order to make a profit.
  • Even though you are going to be working from home, some companies may require you have the interview in their corporate office or headquarters.
  • Being knowledgeable about the job/opportunity will help you out as well as impress the one performing the interview.
  • Depending on where the interview will take place will determine how you should dress, however, if you are being interviewed by telephone or live chat, I would suggest you still dress casual. Even if they aren’t going to see you, it may help you feel the part you are about to play. Dressing nice will help you feel optimistic and may even boost a confidence.
  • If the interview is being done by phone or video chat be sure to write down the information you receive, and have a list of of questions with you before the interview.
  • Whether you are interviewing in person or not, remember to BREATHE, you have got this.


Are You Ready For Those Tips To Help You EXCEL? Let’s Do It.

Online work In a work place-Tips to excel

  1. Remember the interview? They explained what the company is about and what is expected of you. So do it. Research should help you out tremendously, especially if this is the first time you have worked in this field of employment. You are working online, maybe you are required to use Microsoft word, you can search google on how to se it, even if you just need a refresher course. At the interview you should have been given information on the tools/programs you will be using, use google even if you have never heard of the tool/program.
  2. If they are training you, ask questions and TAKE NOTES. when, are on your own you want to have them to refer back to. This will help to ensure you are doing the job correctly. Using the notes may even help you to learn quicker because you wrote them and that makes it easier to understand. Unless you didn’t take notes or you didn’t take good notes.
  3. In the beginning do not try to be quick when performing a task until you are able to perform duties without notes or guidance. Speed will develop once you are no longer having to question yourself whether you are doing it right or not.
  4. Be thorough. Do not leave a task half done. Make sure to complete everything that is expected of you. Normally in the beginning, you are allowed a certain amount of time (probation period) before they expect you to be able to perform all a daily task before the end of the work day. This doesn’t mean to not try or to continue taking a sweet time, that could lead to termination. Your duties are a responsibilities, they are what you are going to get paid for.
  5. Be kind and respectful. No matter what type of job/task you are performing, I am sure you will have colleagues or some type of interaction with others. Being respectful will get you further than ignorance. This goes for any type of correspondence, emails, voice mails anything that involves another person being on the receiving end.
  6. Dedication leads to success. Unless you are truly sick or have an appointment, do not miss work or be late. To many call off’s or no shows could lead to discipline and or termination.
  7. Take pride in a job. This is what you spent so much time on researching, finding the right one, preparing for the interview, and is now an occupation. Being happy with the type of job you do, and those you work with makes for a happy environment. Take responsibility for actions, never blame someone else.

Online work from home-Tips to excel

  1. During the interview (if there was one) you were informed what you will be doing. No matter what type of company you will be working for or what a task Intel, you can not just start when you want. Just because you are working from home you still have a job to do. You need to accept that right from the beginning. If not, you are setting a self up for failure right from the start.
  2. Having the right tools and equipment will be a factor of whether you excel or not. Some companies may provide the tools, equipment and possibly even training. If it is not provided then it is up to you to invest in a laptop or PC. You don’t have internet you will need a reliable ISP (internet service provider. Since you are working online from home you might want to upgrade to high speed internet if you don’t already have it.
  3. Being willing to learn is necessary in any type of work. You may want to read professional blogs based on the type of business you are in. You can search on google to become more familiar with anything, I strongly suggest using it. Benjamin Franklin said it best in this quote ” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.
  4. You don’t necessarily have to be an internet guru, but learning about new technology and freshening up on a computer skills will help you to excel as well.
  5. Once you actually start working, there are normally tasks that you will be given that maybe weren’t discussed in the interview. Become familiar with them. Figure out a plan to be efficient as well as thorough as we are normally required to perform multiple task throughout the work day.
  6. You are required to interact with people via phone communicating with them over the computer, be sure to have communication skills and mannerism. You are dealing with an upset individual, put yourself in their shoes, it might help you keep a cool. You can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. when, do speak, speak soft with no tone of anger.
  7. Working from home does give you some freedom but it still requires you to be professional about it. It is still going to be a career. Don’t take it for granted or you may be searching for another job. You need to maintain a schedule and a work flow as if you were in the actual work place.

Time To Celebrate

You have made it through the hard part so now it is time to celebrate. You have a job/opportunity you are happy with. It may have taken you some time to get there but you made it. It will be up to you whether you can excel at it or fail. You follow the tips listed above, as well as some of your own, then you should not fail.

Share how it is going with a family and friends. Let them celebrate with you. You may have been under some pressure lately and might not have been able to keep in touch as much. Maybe they have some pats on the back for you to show their support. You have earned this, now breathe a sigh of relief, unwind and enjoy.

You Didn’t Get The Job? Couldn’t Find Anything?

For those of you who might not have been able to find anything that peaked an interest or one that would allow you to work from home? I have you covered.

This post was created by me and I am a part of the greatest online community in the world. Wait, it’s free, so please continue to read.

I was given the tools and training to build this site as well as a free domain that they provide the hosting and security for, You can check out the review if you would like.

I am able to work from my home and be my own boss. I don’t have to hit snooze on my alarm clock. I love my job because I am able to build my site/business around helping others (my niche). You were to join you would be able to do the same.

All you do is pick a niche (something your are interested in in), build a site, get traffic and make money. I provided you with the review on this great platform above, if you would like to try it, no credit card necessary, just click below.

The key to success
Thank you for reading my post. You have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them below. I love to reply.

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann








Are You Embarrassed By Your Working From Home Business Ideas? Here’s What To Do

Say no more to being embarrassed by your business ideas.

You want to work from home but you are embarrassed by your working from home business ideas? Maybe you aren’t that knowledgeable in the business that you wish to pursue. Are you sure it is a good idea? Have you tried this before? How much research have you done on it? What if you fail? What if you succeed?

Before I dive into this, I want to tell you of a job I had when I was a teenager.
I caught chickens. Yes, it was gross and I would never do it again. I would have to grab them by their leg and have 4 in one hand and 3 in the other. We would have to carry those poor chickens by one leg to a truck where they were then loaded into cages. Once every cage was full they were then taken to a processing plant. I didn’t last very long as I just couldn’t be a part of sending those poor chickens to meet their fate. Needless to say it was an embarrassing job for me.

The world of business is filled with ample opportunities for us to start a work from home business. Starting a daycare, a lawn service, doing mechanic work to even starting an online business. If, you are embarrassed by your working from home business ideas here is what to do.

First you need to figure out if it is the type of business, that is the embarrassment or is there another reason for it to be embarrassing. Did you try it before and fail due to not taking good advice, maybe let your ego get the better of you or maybe you refused to take the advice of your financial advisers? You need to determine the reason before you can come up with the proper solution.

Should I start my own business? question mark

Reach Deep Inside-FInd Your Best Idea

Somewhere around 600,000 people in America start a business, even more say they are going to but never do. Could it be for the same reason as you? Maybe they have different reasons, they don’t have financial backing or they just aren’t able to do it because they think there is already to many others in the same field.
If, you have come up with ideas but you are embarrassed by them, revisit those ideas but dig deeper into them. If, were thinking of being a sandwich maker with a traveling stand to set up, it wouldn’t be anything to be embarrassed by, Just come up with a different title like sandwich artist. You would be an artist if you created beautiful sandwiches bursting with color and flavor using different, breads, meats, vegetables, toppings and condiments right?

Lawn care, if you are embarrassed because you think you are just a grass cutter, then add more services to your business. Like lawn designs with flower bed, or trees and bushes. There are plenty of people who want a beautiful yard but don’t have the time to do it.

You want to help the handicapped? That is an awesome business idea and you should NOT be embarrassed about that. You could open up a mobile salon and provide hair cuts, wash and styles to so many that aren’t able to get to a barber shop our beauty salon. If, have experience in cosmetics, you could even offer at home make overs.

You see more facilities helping the disabled and mentally challenged, but what about those who aren’t getting the help so they aren’t able to enjoy something so simple like getting a new hair style or getting to look pretty by someone just putting a little of makeup on them.

Research It-Make It Unique

Your ideas don’t have to be embarrassing. Look at it from a different perspective, or expand on the description of services you will perform with this business. Utilize the internet for services you can add within that type of business. If there are areas that you aren’t as knowledgeable about, become more knowledgeable about it. The internet is the tool of all trades. You can find information on anything as well as how to videos.

Be unique, especially if there are others who have the same type of business that you your wanting to start. Be creative with it. You aren’t just a grass cutter. You are a unique lawn designer. Have your customers send you photos of their lawn, see what they are ok with and what they don’t want. You can get free apps that allow you to add a picture of the lawn and do a visual design with plants, flowers, trees with the mulch or gravel around them and even pavers. There are some that even allow you to add fountains, statuary and furniture.

A sandwich artist, find what are the favorites in the area where you will be selling at, or offer something totally different. Try a design your own sandwich stand/business. After all, you are a new “artist”. If, have chosen this type of job then you must have some type of experience in it, right. Like I said before, you can create a beautiful sandwich with what you put on it, as well as making it boast with flavor.

House keeper? Come up with a catchy name that fits your many services. Like “Tidy All Cleaning Service”. Having a catchy business name and slogan can mean all the difference no matter what type of job you your wanting to start. Ask friends and family for help in coming up with catchy ones, or even research it online.


Make Your Idea Public-No More Embarassement

Starting your own business is nothing to be embarrassed about no matter what type of business it may be. You have come up with what type of business you are going to run, come up with an awesome name and slogan. Now make it public. Post it on social media, place an ad in your local newspaper, you can even build your own website to promote your business.
I am sure you have been to a grocery store and have seen adds taped to the bulletin boards with a tear off phone number attached. Until you have the financing to pay to be advertised, stick fliers up in your community. Be creative with them. If, can afford to offer specials, include them as well.

Do Try This At Home-Your How To Guide

The trend of today is to work from home. Having the luxury of being your own boss is a dream to many living that 9-5 life. Setting your own schedule and being in charge is why you want your own business. Realizing your business ideas aren’t embarrassing was your first step in getting started. The rest will start to fall in place.

You will need to put the time and research into them to make them a reality.

  • Getting your skills and talents down will also play a key role.
  • EIN-Get an Employer Identification Number.
  • Check with your locality to see if you will need other permits.
  • You will need to register your trade name.
  • Get your business license
  • Open a business bank account
  • Depending on the type of business, you may need a certificate of resale

Alternative Measures

Just in case you still feel your idea for a business is to embarrassing, or you had rather had an online business, or even would like to build a website to promote your product and or business, then I had an alternative measure for you.

Here is a review on Wealthy Affiliate Business Education program that is free to start. You will learn everything you need to know from the training and lessons to get your own online business built and you will be taught how to make it a source of income.

The tools you will have access to are state of the art. You can have your site deigned the way you want as well as having the training on how to do it in 30 seconds (not counting the content you will add). Here, go ahead and see for yourself just how easy it is.

You will also have top-notch support along with an out of this world community. Their community is unlike any other due to the sincerity they have in wanting to help others succeed.

I am a stay at home mom with not many skills, specially when it comes to web design or the lingo of it all. I built my own website, the one you are on right now. Yes, please take a look around and let me know what you think. I would never had been able to do this without Wealthy Affiliate. Just click on the link below and see for yourself that I am telling you the truth.

No matter what you decide I wish you the best of luck in all you do.

If, have any questions or comments please leave them below. My ears are always open and I love to reply.

Thank you,

Lee Ann







About Wealthy Affiliate Community-As Awesome As They Say?

This community cares

I am willing to bet that you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate and maybe you have read a few reviews about it as well. What about Wealthy Affiliate community? Have you read reviews on it? Is their community as awesome as they say it is? Would you like to get the truth from firsthand experience? Good, let’s get to it.

Biggest Community-With A Heart To Match?

i’m sure you might have read reviews of Wealthy Affiliate I bet at last 90% say something about the community. Why is that you ask? Kyle and Carson started Wealthy Affiliate in order to be able to help others. So why would they build an affiliate platform that didn’t promote its members to help other members?

It isn’t like other affiliates. This community has the desire to help other members. They want to help others succeed. Every member there knows what it’s like when they first started, which is why they love to help others. Have you been a member of an online business before? I have. It was nothing like Wealthy Affiliate.

i’m sure you might were ever to join Wealthy Affiliate and you were to read some members “about me” post, you would more than likely come across a few with stories that touch your heat. Some who have been through some really tough times and some that are suffering from an illness. You can read further down their page and see the comments from other members. These are genuine and from the heart. Depending on what their story (about me) is about, will determine the comments that you will see. The community has a HEART and they aren’t afraid to show it. Have you ever been a part of anything online with more than one member (not counting social media) to where others honestly read your story and even engaged in it?

World Of It's Own-Members From Around The World

World All Of It’s Own-Members Are From All Over The World

The community is made up of members from all around the globe. They might not be from the same part of the world but they have the same interest. To learn how to design their own site around their niche, get traffic that will turn it into a business, earn money and work from the comfort of their own home. They are all different ages and backgrounds.
i’m sure you might were to find yourself in a hole (not understanding something, or overwhelmed) you can’t seem to get out of, let the community know. They will try to help you out of it. They don’t just compliment your dedication or accomplishments, they also love to encourage you, share their way of dealing with similar situations.


No Question Unanswered

Wealthy Affiliate provides state of the art training that makes it easy that even a beginner can do it. But that doesn’t mean that every single member can breeze through it without having questions about something. I started out as a complete dummy who didn’t know what a keyword was. So when it came to designing my own site, I had a lot of questions in the beginning. Not one time have I asked a question and not gotten an answer within a couple of minutes.
When someone has a question, there are several places we can utilize to get help. We can go into chat and ask, or at the top of our members page we can type it in to our search bar. This will pull up links suggested by what our question is. The links that are pulled up are not just training from the owners, but also from members. Members have created their own training from when they have run into issues along their journey. Some members will create training if they notice that other members have issues in a certain area of getting their website created or how to use a specific plugin. This community has created many helpful post/training on everything you could possibly think of in hopes it will help others.

Message Away

Message Away

We are able to send members private messages as well (you have to be a premium member). I have had members message me to check on me and my progress or to just keep in touch. You will find that you connect with certain members and will want to keep in touch. With the population being so huge, and from different walks of life, from all over the world, it is nice to have some that you feel you “know” well enough to keep in contact with. Maybe about your progress or even about something that life threw at you. It makes it feel more personal for me. Especially when I come across other members who have a story like my own. Private messaging allows you to connect on a more personal level.
This community goes above and beyond. I had difficulties with getting my logo sized right. I had members who had me email my logo so that they could help me with it. There have been several times I have received help from them. They don’t leave you to fend for yourself. You have to let them know when you need help though. They can’t help you if you don’t. They want to help you succeed almost as much as you want to succeed. I know it was hard for me to believe it to. It took me a couple of days before I started my training because I was so excited. I felt like a little kid in the candy store. They were able to point me in the right direction when I was ready to get rolling. I haven’t ever regretted my decision to join.

 See For Yourself-Don’t Take My Word For It

I’m sure that if you want to start building your own online business then you would want it to be with an affiliate program that offers all the education and training through video tutorials and step by step instructions, state of the art tools to get your business built, create quality content, and teach you how to get the traffic to your site, plus be a part of the best community with a passion for helping others then by all means, be my guest. It isn’t going to cost you a dime. Yes you can be a part of this community and build a business with no billing information required.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them below and you will hear back from me I assure you.

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann





Love What You Do And Do What You Love

Love What You Do

I am sure you have heard the expression “love what you do and do what you love”. It may seem impossible to live by this motto, especially when it comes to your job. Does it have to be like that? Um, no It doesn’t. I will introduce you to a legitimate work from home business that will definitely allow you to live by this motto. You will have to bare with me until the end though.

Oh How I Love The View-Wait What View

Are you stuck in an office answering a phone all day stuck in a tiny cubical with no view of anything but three gray walls and your desk? Feel ike your in a cage I bet, right? I bet every day you find yourself wishing that you at least had a window. Are there employees on both sides of you, or did you get lucky and you are the first or the last cubical? Are you loving what you do? I am, without a doubt.

Guess where I am, I am sitting in my office (my bedroom) listening to the wind and watching the bare trees sway from side to side. I love the view from our window of our back yard with the creek. I am so glad I don’t have to go out when the weather is like this. Running from the office to the car and from the car into the house. Well actually I wouldn’t have to run from the car into the house. I park my car in the garage. Maybe you are lucky and have a garage you park in at work and at home.

How’s The Traffic-No Delays Here

traffic jam late for work

The morning commute is something isn’t it? Especially when you are already running late. Maybe you are lucky and you take the bus. But then again, it is running late to. It never fails that if you start your day off running late, then you play catch up for the rest of the day.

You made it through your day, but you had to skp lunch to make up for the time you lost from being late. I don’t have to worry about waht time I get up and I definitely don’t have to worry about being late. Well I do have a set time to get up, I have to get my girls up and ready for school each morning. I can’t wait until summer break though so we can sleep in. Are you a little impatient to see just what it is that I do that allows me to do this? Ok I’ll let you take a peak at what It is. Go ahead and click here.


Meeting Here- Meeting There- Meeting Everywhere

Sounds like a song doesn’t it? If this is how your day is going, it probably isn’t one you want to be singing. You have a meeting here in your office, and then directly after this meeting you have one with a prospective new client clear on the other side of town. To matters worse, your last meeting for the day is two and a half hours away. Do what you love, love what you do. Is that you at this moment?

Hopefully you have a company car and they pay for the gas and the wear and tear on your vehicle. If not, ouch, that could be tapping into your wallet. Doing a lot of traveling for your job with your personal car can cause the miles to accumulate quickly. The wear and tear might be minimal other than maybe the tires, brakes etc. wearing out sooner. Traveling in congested areas are hazardous due to higher percentage of accidents. Be fafe in your travels. I live in a rural are so if I had to work outside the home, I would have to travel thirty minutes just to get to the nearest town. One of the many reasons I do what I love and love what I do.


Sitting Poolside-Laptop In Hand

I have a job, but I’m my own boss. My success or failure is up to no one but myself. I can take it anywhere I go (as long as there is internet provided). I am able to take part in all of my girl’s school functions and activities. I can sit poolside with my laptop in hand. Don’t worry I keep it covered with an umbrella to protect it from the ‘splash zone”.

The freedom I have is awesome. I don’t have to answer to anyone other than myself and my readers. I love what I do because I am able to write about what interest me; and can make a living in doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I am dedicated and committed. If I don’t write the content it doesn’t get read, and it has to be qulity content to keep the reader (you) interested. If I can’t do that then I don’t promote my site which in turn will cause me to not earn an income.

I can write about anything. Share my knowledge or my results from research on something I have always wondered about. You can make money from home by giving tips on working from home or typing a resume. The business I have knows no limit when it comes to what type of site/business you want to build. Once you get your main site to where you are earning from it, you can start another. Pretty much everyone has more than one interest or passion, may even be knowledgeable in many areas. Why not turn your passion into a business? Do you love DIY projects? Or maybe you have found the best wheels ever, and are into car accessories? Like I siad, here is no limit on what you can base your business on. Promoting products for Amazon even. No need to find a warehouse to house the products and you don’t even have to deal with the customer. All you do is provide a link giving the customer access to the product/products on your site.

Put Your Wallet Away-It’s FREE

I saved the best part for last. You don’t even have to pay for this (unless you want access to more options). You don’t even need to know where to start or how. What you will have access to is  beginner friendly training and classes to teach you every step of the way. As well as access to the best tools of the trade. Have a question? Ask it in live chat, or at the bottom of every lesson page check the Q&A section. If your question hasn’t already been asked, then go ahead and ask. You can even type your question into the search bar located at the top of your member page, once you click enter it will bring up the suggested links. Just pick which one best fis your question and there will be your answer in detail. You can also type your question into the question area on your member page.

I am not gonna hold you up by telling you all the wonderful benefits as I could go on forever. You can click here to check out my review first if you would like. If you have ever came to the conclusion that you don’t love what you do, or you are tired of doing the same thing every day and are looking for a change just go ahead and check out what I have below. No billing information needed.

I wish you the best of luck in all you do. If you have any questions or comments at all, please don’t hesitate to leave them down below. I love answering them.

Take Care

Lee Ann






How Easy Is It To Make Money Online Using SiteRubix-Easier Than A Rubik’s Cube

How easy is it to make money online using SiteRubix? Is it easier than a Rubik’s cube? I will tell you if it is easy or not in this review. I will cover everything about it to the best of my knowledge. When I am done you can decide how easy it is and if it is worth a try.

SiteRubix Review 2018

URL https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co…

Price Free starter membership $49.00 premium $349.00 Yearly

Owners Kyle and Carson

Ranking 96 out of !00

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is much less complex than a Rubik’s cube It is a unique site builder that uses word press platform that allows ANYONE ( even us newbies ) to build a website with features that grow with your website. It has a state of the art hosting network that does hosting for you. You are given the tools and training needed to set up your website, get traffic to your site, get ranked and make money on your site.

You will have access to Site manager, Site Builder, Site Domain and Site Content as well as free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate ( an internet marketing training platform ).All of this as a free member and MUCH more will be yours. Now where else can you get a free website as well as FREE training, tools and hosting? Under the free starter membership your domain will be a sub domain, but no worries, all that means is that you don’t own it. A sub domain will still rank in google and the other search engines.

Who is SiteRubix For?

Anyone can use SiteRubix. Even if you’re a beginner (like me) or a novice website builder. A beginner will have step by step training as well as videos illustrating what and how to do it. Even a beginner can have their website created and showing up online in a matter of seconds.

Whether you want to create a site for something you are passionate about ( dogs, babies plants etc), create an online family tree website or even start an online business site, SiteRubix is the place to go. No matter what level of training you have or don’t have, becoming an expert is possible, Those who already have some ‘know how’, will notice right away that they have the best writing, hosting and domain register platforms available today. And I’m sure the newbies and the pros will be amazed .

Tools And Training At SiteRubix

Once you have chosen a NICHE , ( could be something you are passionate about, are very knowledgeable about or even something you want to learn about ) then choose what type of website you want to build. For free members you will choose free domain ( free members can have 2 under the free starter membership), or let’s say you already have your own domain that you own, you can choose that ( under a premium member you can have 25 free domains and 25 domains you own ). This alone would cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars with any other affiliate program per month. To check out a training video on getting started, please click the link below.


You will have access to training for every step of building and promoting your website.

The training will include instructional videos that you can always refer back to at anytime. I have had to go back on previous lessons myself. When I first started I had NO knowledge about any part of building a website or creating an online business. I didn’t know what a plugin ( enables customization ) or tag (keyword or term assigned to a piece of information) was. Some of us take baby steps while others sprint to the finish line. You set your own pace.

When designing your site you will have the tools to fit your need. As a free member you only have 2 themes to choose from and as a premium member will have over 2,400 to choose from. You will be able to add pictures, menus, plugins and tags all from one place. As well as training on how to use them.

Let’s say you are a beginner DO NOT WORRY,

you will learn how to use all the tools ( menus, tags, plugins etc…) Like I said before, the lessons and training videos through Wealthy Affiliate are included in your SiteRubix free or premium membership. You will NOT have to just wing it like with other affiliates. Nor will you have to pay for using them.

SiteRubix Support

Since you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate when you sign up with SiteRubix which also gives you an out of this world community. This community strives on helping others. Any question you might have, on a task or if you don’t understand something in the training, just ask. No matter what it is that you need help with. I absolutely love this community. There is always someone who can help you.

There is also site support available 24/7 as well as live chat. At the end of each lesson there is also Q and A. This is where I go first. If I run into an issue I check to see if someone else had the same issue and maybe there is already a solution there. Members can also do a search for what type of help you are looking for. The owners are even there to help you if you need it. Yes, the owners. I didn’t believe it myself in the beginning until I asked a question in live chat and Kyle ( one of the 2 owners) answered my question. How cool is that?


To set up an account with SiteRubix is free. You also sign up with Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member. For the amount of training, support and tools given, you just can’t beat it. Other affiliates would charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for less quality of platforms.


Very easy to use.

You don’t need to know coding.

You can change the theme anytime you want.

You can get help and support 24/7 from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Your website is monitored 24/7.

Your site is backed up daily

It is free to sign up. No credit card information needed

Mobile Friendly Yes you can even use your cellular phone!


As a free member you only get 2 sites. Your free sites are actually subbed domains of SiteRubix.com

The number of plugins with the free membership are limited

My Opinion

SiteRubix takes building a website to a whole new level. It is nothing like trying to solve the Rubik’s cube. It is quick and easy to get your site built and showing online. In my opinion, if starting an online business interest you, this is the platform to use. There aren’t building platforms out there that can offer what you get at SiteRubix for free let alone as a premium member. Without draining your bank account even.

Want to try SiteRubix for free? Please click below. Let me know if you think it is easier than a Rubik’s cube or not.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask and I will definitely reply.

Thank you,

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann McQuay


Work From Home For Veterans-Does It Exist

Thank You

Nowadays when we are looking for a work from home business opportunity, the majority of them are aimed toward parents. What about our veterans? In this post I want to share what I discovered. That there are opportunities to work from home for veterans. The online world doesn’t pertain to just one type of individual. It is for anyone and everyone.

Before I get started, if you are a veteran I want to thank you for your service and for reading this article. I will have something special for you at the end.

Veterans-Life After Serving

Pretty much everyone knows at least one veteran. You might even be one yourself. In my opinion our government has let our veterans down in many ways. These are men and women who risked their lives for our country. Dads, moms, sons, and daughters. They have seen and had to do things that we wouldn’t even be able think about let alone do it.

My husband was a paratrooper in Desert Storm. He suffers from PTSD as well as other war related issues. He doesn’t like to talk about what he had seen or about orders he had to carry out. I can’t say I blame him. I am not sure I would want to either as It would be like reliving it all over again. For some it might have just the opposite effect. It may help them to talk about it.

I’ve heard of many who have trouble even making the transition to being a civilian again. That would mean that they probably aren’t ready to enter into the work force either. Which is why I wanted to find work from home opportunities. We owe them our lives is how I look at it. Would we all still be here if they weren’t protecting and fighting for our country?

US Veteran

Why They May Be Where They Are

When I see a veteran in a wheelchair with a flag taped to it, it kills me to not ask what their story is. I just don’t want to make them upset by asking. I often see them standing at an intersection with a sign asking for money to eat. Of course I give them money even though it may not be for food. No matter what country they served, the United States or the UK, they deserve more respect and compensation than they receive.

There are veterans who are not struggling, but we don’t see them or know about their lives as a civilian. They were able to make the transition, or they are dealing with it a little better. Yet those that are suffering, we see them everywhere. The media has a lot to do with that to as well as social media. But even without that I see veterans everywhere, even in Wal-Mart. Why is that?

Maybe the job they had while serving contributed to where they end up after returning as a civilian. In the army, jobs for the enlisted are called MOS “Military Occupation Specialties’. Not that any job is easy when, you are serving, but I would think that someone who is in finance, supply or who is a cook would have a less traumatic experience. Those that are in different branches of combat would be very traumatic. What they have to do and see would affect anyone I would imagine.

It would make sense to me that someone who lived trough combat would be withdrawn and left with the feeling of not knowing who they are anymore. The wounded I am sure have difficulties transitioning, maybe even more than others. I am sure no matter what your job was or what part you played while serving, it had to of affected everyone, it might just be in different ways.

Army active duty

How I Can Give Back

I often think how I could give back to those who have served to somehow show them appreciation. I don’t have money to make annual donations and I am not able to volunteer any services. I can do some research online to find jobs that they can do from their home. Below are my results. I have to say, I was a little impressed with the one I found.

Heroes@Home-This caught my eye due to the name. Xerox has this site specifically for military members who are transitioning or even retired, as well as their spouses. If you have ever served, then this is for you. Disabled? Yes it is for you too. They have a partnership with the National Veteran Support Organizations. That is awesome! They are also partners with Military Spouse Employment Partners. Xerox heroes@home offer at home jobs for qualified veterans and military spouses. The careers at home are through a virtual office program. I will list a couple of the positions they had listed, and you can click here to check their site to see all of their job listings for yourself.

* Customer Care

* Tech Support

* Data Entry/Verification

I receive no money or any type of reward for suggesting this site. I have not worked for them nor am I currently working for them. They are just what I found during the research I performed. Unfortunately this was the only one I found geared toward veterans.

Not Many Results

My search for online business opportunities didn’t really turn up anything other than the heroes@home. Don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of business opportunities out there. I honestly have a hard time believing that there weren’t but one that was for VETERANS. Doing a search for work from home business opportunities will yield a large amount of results. Searching for work from home for parents will yield a large amount as well.

If you really want to work from home and are doing your own search, just remember to not fall victim to the get-rich-quick scams. Here is where you click to view a post I wrote on scams I think you will benefit from it. Be sure to check it out.


You Deserve So Much More

Maybe the results of my search prove my point about there not being enough done for our veterans. You deserve more than any of us could give you, but more should definitely be done for you than what is. My husband is a cancer survivor and has several health issues but gets a very small amount from the VA for disability. He was a paratrooper and has really bad knees now. He can’t get disability for his knees because he has no proof that it is from all of his jumps. I am not saying this is how all veterans are treated, and I hope that the ones who need help are getting it.

Opportunity For You

I have an opportunity that you don’t have to be afraid to check out. Why? Because I already have. I will even let you read the review for it. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is free. You will be given everything you need to build a website and can earn an income by writing about your time in the service or about anything you are passionate/knowledgeable about. Or you can even promote products on Amazon, Ebay or any site that has affiliate marketig. There are a number of ways for you to be able to earn money from your own site. Don’t know how to build a site or how to promote it? They have beginner friendly classes. You will be taught everything you need to know and will have the best community ever that is always there to help.

I owe you this due to my not finding as many opportunities geared toward veterans as there are for everyone else when it comes to working from home. I want to wish you luck on your search. I gave you the information on Wealthy Affiliate because I am a member and I know they are not a ripoff company out to take your money and give you nothing in return.All you will have to do is put in your time and effort to make it happen.After what you have already been through, I know you have dedication and commitment. You will have to build your success. It is free and you aren’t loosing anything to give it a try and check it out. You be the judge if it is something you would be interested in.

If I can further assist you please let me know. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Thank you

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann