What Is Wealthy Affiliate Program? Very Good Question

Passion equals business equals passive income

I am sure that you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate by now. You see reviews on it EVERYWHERE right? Are you asking yourself, what is Wealthy Affiliate program? Or are you asking me? Maybe a little of both, right?

What is all the hype about? Should I join? Yes you should. Why should I join Wealthy Affiliate, you ask? In all honesty, the reason would be, because you want to have your own online business and be your own boss. You have to be a stay at home parent and want to work from your own home.

Having a flexible “work when YOU want” schedule and not having anyone breathing down your neck and no alarm clock to hit. Being able to get to your child’s school play without needing to ask for time off or having to get someone to cover you.

The list can go on and on. I know for me, I needed to work from home and be with my girls and continue to be able to go to their activities, games and meets.

I will tell you what made me join Wealthy Affiliate and explain what Wealthy Affiliate really is. Just stay with me and I am sure this will help you decide if you should join as well.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

First let me tell you what it is NOT. It is not a get rich overnight scheme nor is it an auto pilot or built for you program. In order to be successful with anything, it is up to you. You have to work for it.

It is not filled with upsells. It is definitely not a scam. It is not a program that will promise you riches and fame. You get this by correctly implementing what the training will teach you.

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online entrepreneur training platform ANYWHERE. They not only teach you how to become an entrepreneur, but a successful one. It has over one million members from all over the world.

This is a place that will teach you to take something that you are passionate about and turn it into your own successful business. You base your business on what you enjoy.

Imagine this, you love to cook and have created your own recipes, or have tweaked the recipes of others. Imagine the feeling you would have earning passive income on your own website, just by helping others create delicious meals for their families with your recipes?

No matter what you love to do or how you want to help others, you can do it with Wealthy Affiliate and it’s knowledgeable community.

You will learn how and where to find products or services to sell/promote that revolve around your business, in order to earn commissions.

Yes, you will need to do a lot of writing and or creating videos. But don’t worry, I wasn’t a writer either. You will be surprised at what you can do when you focus on your goal. Make money working from home and be successful at it.

You get so much more than what you pay for. I will give you a more detailed breakdown through this post. It is hard for me to contain myself because Wealthy Affiliate just has so much to offer. I will do my best to contain my composure.


You are given two types of courses that you can take and yes you are free to take them both. I do suggest starting out with the Onlinse Certification Entrepreneur first and then take the Bootcamp course.

Online Entrepreneur Certification will teach you everything you need to know about building your website/online business with a step by step approach.

Affiliate Bootcamp which is for those who love and believe in Wealthy Affiliate and want to promote it. You can take what you learn and use it to promote other services as well. If you were a member you would definitely want to take them both.

Training at W AThe training provided applies to beginners as well as experts. Even for those who have not a clue as to how affiliate marketing works or how to build an online business.

Thanks to the step by step training you are more likely to get a better understanding and learn more with this type of training than you would with other platforms.

The lessons also include videos of Kyle not only showing you the process of the task at hand, but explaining it as well.

Each task will be what helps get your business up and running as well as help you to understand the process.

There are 5 courses in Online Entrepreneur Certification and 10 lessons in each course.

You will have task to complete after each lesson. The task are geared toward the corresponding lesson. This is the step-by-step process.

You may be thinking, 5 courses? That doesn’t seem like much training. If that is what you thought, you are definitely wrong. There is so much to learn in each course that some may get overwhelmed at the amount of information there is.

Getting Started Level 1

This lesson is pretty much self-explanatory if you have some knowledge of affiliate marketing. If you don’t ( I didn’t have a clue when I first joined), it will give you a description of the 4 major steps in building a successful online business.

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2

You will learn different techniques to getting traffic to your website/business. We all know that getting your website in front of people proves to be highly important.

Making Money Level 3

In this course you will learn many ways on how to earn money through your traffic and through your business/website.

Mastering Social Engagement Level 4

This course will help you to better understand using social media world in every aspect to better promote your business/website.

Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation Level 5

Last but not least, this course will help you with your content. After all, this will be the reason why your readers/customers come to your site and get them to buy the product/service that you are promoting or selling.

Even though these are just a brief description of the course, what they will teach you has so much more entailed to it than I can even begin to describe.

Kyle (co owner) and Carson (co owner) started out writing keyword list for others and getting paid for them. This just goes to show that even at that time they weren’t strangers to what it takes to become successful.

They both knew that they wanted a better way to help others which is how Wealthy Affiliate was created. Even though they are the owners, they are both very active in the community and continue to help members in many ways.

Free Training

The training that is available grows just as much as the changes in the online world grows. Thanks to Kyle and Carson’s Live Training by Jayencouragement, members also help with creating their own training and provide it free of charge.

Of course the owners add more of their own training and blogs to further help their members with changes that happen in the online marketing world as well.

Kyle and Carson have over 15 years of experience in this business. They do not keep things to themselves that may benefit their members. They truly care and they show it.


GDPR Training W AOur privacy policy recently changed in order to be compliant with the GDPR. Between Kyle, Carson, Marion and Loes (2 awesome members) the transition into the new policy went much smoother.

Loes and Marion created training to show us how to set up the new policy, edit what we needed to, and how to install the plugin that was now needed as well.

Now, where else would you get this type of team work and support?

The best part is, they did it out of the kindness of their heart. They provided this training to us and never even thought to charge us or anything. The members have created training on almost anything you can think of that has to do with affiliate marketing.

Another huge contributor to training would be a member named Jay. Every Friday he holds a live training session with live Q and A at the end. Jay is extremely knowledgeable in every way possible when it comes to online business and marketing.


Don’t worry. These are tools that anyone can use when you have the proper training.

If you have joined other programs in the past, I am sure you noticed that you didn’t get everything for free. At Wealthy Affiliate, everything you need is included;

This means that you will have the best keyword research tool, Jaaxy. You will not only be able to research keywords but you can also, save them to a list, create a draft for a post to write at a later time.

Wonder how your website is ranking, just check Jaaxy. Jaaxy offers brainstorming as well as alphabet soup, You will also get WordPress for building your website.

No need for coding or old school website building. Using WordPress makes building your site so much easier. You will have access to thousands of themes, plugins and widgets, as well as images.

Can’t forget about All In One SEO Pack, which gives you optimization for your website. It is beginner friendly just like everything in Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix is an amazing tool that has multiple functions from choosing a domain to creating content, adding images from it image library with over 100,000 images or upload your own.

Give and receive comments as well as feedback on your post/page. SiteRubix as well as Jaaxy and WordPress are just some of the awesome tools you will have access to in order to aid you in building your successful online business.

Having trouble with your website is no issue at all in order to get SiteSupport. At the click of the mouse you can submit a ticket and get a response in a record amount of time.


I am willing to bet that you have not, nor will you find the support that is given at Wealthy Affiliate. Trust me. I have seen some programs with so called “support”.

There is an abundance amount of support there. Anytime you have a question, need some clarity or just need encouragement, there is always someone there to help.

We have the advantage of having live chat 24/7 365. This is awesome. Especially since there are members from all over the world.

It can be 2 in the morning and there will be someone there to help you. I have yet had a question that I did not receive help with.

If you are not to good with chat or just don’t like it, at the end of each lesson there is a place dedicated to asking questions pertaining to that course.

You can scroll through to see if your question has been answered already or just go ahead and ask your question. You will get a notification when someone replies. This is normally just a couple of minutes.

There is also a support center where you can click ask a question. This gives you a larger member reach. It is sore of like sending out a distress call.

When members see the question and they know how to help, the responses will start coming in. I am telling you, it is unlike anything I have ever seen in any type of program like this.

The Community

The community at W A is not only large in numbers, but in knowledge, strength and compassion as well. When Kyle and Carson were in the planning stages for Wealthy Affiliate, this is the type of community they wanted.

They have created a true “Pay It Forward” community. Members help each other in some way throughout every single day and night.

It might be sharing how one achieves success with getting traffic or encouraging a new member that may be feeling overwhelmed.

I have been on the receiving end many times. I had a member who spent at least a couple of hours helping me work on a logo.

In this community we all find members that leave such an impression on us that we want to be that same type of member. They were there for us from the beginning and are still there with us if we ever need them.

I have always been a person that wanted to help others. I now not only get to do it offline, but I get to help others through my website as well as help other members of W A.

Why I Joined

My life has been anything but normal. I will spare you those details, but what I have gone through is why I love to help others.

The last couple of years we had some changes in our life that prevented me from working outside our home. I had done some searching for work from home opportunities.

I had also researched this in the past, got involved in a few and well, lets just say I was taught a few lessons, but affiliate marketing wasn’t one of them.

From those experiences, I knew more about what to look for and wasn’t as naive this time so I knew not to fall for the “get rich” schemes. Those are just to make you see dollar signs and then line THEIR pockets with your money.

I knew nothing about affiliate marketing, but I knew I needed to work from home and earn some money. I also knew I wanted to help others. During my search I came across a review.

Since this wasn’t my first time around, my first thought was, Ugh, not another “Come join the BEST affiliate marketing program” review.

You know the ones that an already member writes a post and they all sound the same. Not this one. This one was filled with so much information and was written with honesty.

It didn’t fill me with false hope and they told me I would have to be the one to make my website successful and that they would show me how.

I just had a good feeling about it. Don’t get me wrong, I was still very skeptical. When I reached the bottom I saw “try it for free”. OK, now I was confused and stunned.

Free? Of course I thought there has to be a catch. After much deliberation, I clicked that button. I was so nervous. I just knew I was going to have to pay.

Nope. All I had to do was type in my email and create a password. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe it. They had told me the truth. I did decide to become a premium member and have not regretted it.

Of course, I was still skeptical. After my first couple of days I had almost no skepticism. It was exciting yet overwhelming. After I was greeted by so many members including the owners, yeah I was loving it.

The fact that I was able to follow the training (when I didn’t even know what a keyword was) and I received answers almost immediately if I did have a question, I was hooked.

I began to see everything this member had written in their post. I have found what I have searched for many times and for years.

Did I Help You Answer The QuestionYes or No

To be honest, it is really something that you wouldn’t believe until you tried it for yourself. I can explain how wonderful it is until I am blue in the face. But would it really do any good?

You will either think the same way I did with the review that I had read, or if you are a newbie like I was, you may not even understand some of the things I mentioned.

If they can teach me how to build my own online business, and teach me the “lingo” as well as all the steps to making my business successful.

They can teach you as well. As long as you really want it and are willing to put the work into it. Sure, it may get difficult at times, depending on how much you already know and how fast you learn, but the members in the community love to help each other out. We will be there for you.

So here is your chance to have the life and freedom that you need and want, and the chance to be with your little ones at home or the chance to work from anywhere that has internet. You can be on a beach and still work. Like I said, it is absolutely FREE to try.

I did it. I knew if I didn’t, then I may miss my opportunity to work from home and earn money that will help my family. I wasn’t going to look back in a few years and have regrets because I didn’t give it a try.

We have so many members that have shared their story of how they didn’t join the first time they discovered W A, and of members that joined and didn’t take it serious in the beginning. The one thing they have in common? They all wished they had.

Ready to give it a try? Click here and be on your way to creating your online business. You are never alone at W A. I will be right there if you need me. I will also be in your cheering section. I am really good at that. Just ask all 7 of my kids.

I want to thank you for sticking with me until the end. I know it was sort of long. No matter what your decision is, I want you to know that even if it is later in life and you decide you want to give it a try. I will still be there for you.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments, please do leave them down below. I love hearing them just as much as I love responding to them.

Wishing you the best  in all you do,

Lee Ann






What Is PeerFly Affiliate Program

Are they a great affiliate program or a dud?

What Is PeerFly Affiliate Program

What is PeerFly affiliate program and what did I find out about it? I have found that PeerFly is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the world.

It is a cost-per-action based affiliate ad network used as a central marketplace for affiliate programs. PeerFly handles its affiliates for multiple online merchants. Most use PeerFly to make money as marketers.

PeerFly is a CPA network. CPA simply means cost-per-action. This is confused a lot with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers get paid by commission.

This means a certain action must be made on their site to trigger payment. Meanwhile, CPA marketers get paid by leads. All a CPA marketer has to do is promote users to go to a merchant website.

Every time one of their visitors goes to this merchant website, they will receive payment. While this opens up many opportunities, it also means less pay, usually.

CPA models tend to pay less than that of affiliate marketing. Although, it makes sense because it is much easier to get someone to go to a merchant website than it is to actually get them to buy something. Often times CPA marketers get paid more frequently, but less money at once.

Advantages Of Joining The PeerFly Network

Who are they and can you really make money with them?

For one, PeerFly is the biggest database of offers to date. Good paying offers also help every kind of marketer make themselves at home with PeerFly.

The affiliate network is primarily focused on CPA offers. CPA offers the best conversion rates are usual places marketers tend to make the most money.

A great offer is anything that is considered ‘hot on the market’ or is not heavily promoted yet. An example from the past is when IPads were still brand new.

These offers would often convert up to 10% paying a given marketer $2 for every conversion. It is easy to see that CPA offers are the heart and soul of PeerFly.

The obvious advantage of joining PeerFly is the payout. Even with a small team, PeerFly still manages to do right by their affiliates. Affiliate payouts are known to be fair and quite generous.

PeerFly has guaranteed that they will pay as much as any other network, whether that be matching the payout or paying even more. Additionally, PeerFly lets you choose how you get paid.

Not all affiliate networks let you decide which method of payment is optimal for you. Sometimes, affiliates aren’t given the luxury of choice. But with PeerFly, offers can payout through PayPal, checks, Amazon gift cards, Payoneer, bank wire, and Bitcoin.

For new affiliates, it can feel like you are lost or getting swept up by the stampede of advanced users and expert affiliates. Well, that feeling is null with PeerFly.

There are free training books and great tools for new affiliates to use. PeerFly welcomes new affiliates to help them get accustomed to affiliate and CPA marketing.

Downsides To PeerFly

Everything that is good or ever was good has its own unique flaws. These downsides don’t necessarily make the PeerFly network bad, they are simply things that could be better.

For many users, getting used to the application process is hard. The rigorous application process is something that aggravates a lot of users.

However, it must not turn a lot of people away because PeerFly is still one of the biggest CPA networks in the world. The best way to be approved and join PeerFly is by providing as much true information as you can.

From the start, you need to explain your marketing tactics. This will give you better odds of being admitted into the network.

Another possible downside is the customer service. Some affiliates have complained that the customer service is slow. However, others have reported that it is actually quite fast.

Some have said that their affiliate manager actually has a speedy response time. Customer service response time often depends on the number of moving pieces between affiliates, merchants, and PeerFly.

Because PeerFly is the biggest CPA network in the world, it attracts all sorts of users. This also means all sorts of offers. Affiliates have to be careful with what offers they promote.

Some offers look somewhat spammy. To maintain a good online reputation, don’t promote spammy looking offers.

Are they really the top affiliate network?

How PeerFly Works

Simply put, cost-per-action networks pay you per action. This means you earn money for every lead or account in a site you promote.

To get started, affiliates send targeted traffic through their links to another affiliate program. When this happens, you get paid.

The benefit to this form of payment is that it is easier to get leads than it is to get sales. This means you can get paid more often.

However, you will have to get a lot of leads to make as much money as you would from making sales. Depending on your niche,

it may be more profitable to monetize a site with CPA marketing or affiliate marketing. If you think getting leads with your niche would be more profitable than making sales, then CPA marketing is for you.

PeerFly has an approval process that usually takes two or three days.

This is the application process to sign up with PeerFly.

They will send you an email when the approval process is completed. When you get approved, you can start looking at offers.

You can use these offers to make money by promoting them. Even better, if you have your own source of traffic then you can make more money.

Additionally, if you ever feel lost or don’t know which offer to promote, then your affiliate manager can help you with a list of information about offers that might work for you.

All in all, PeerFly is without a doubt one of the best CPA networks in the world. It is one of the fastest growing networks as well as one of the best paying.

There are many ways for affiliates to make money with PeerFly. Additionally, PeerFly members can promote offers in a number of ways. The number of offers grows every day so there is never a moment to waste.

The unique PeerFly network is a great way for any affiliate to promote offers and make money on a cost-per-action system.

Sounds Familiar In A Way

This sounds a lot like BountyCPA and Commission Junction that I recently wrote about. PeerFly is definitely similar to CountyCPA when it comes to getting approved.

However, they at least let you know of your approval or denial. Had BountyCPA contacted me even to let me know that I was denied, then I might not be so upset with them.

If you are looking for this type of program, then I would say PeerFly might be for you. If you are looking to get in to affiliate marketing then I would suggest you try building your own online business.

Yes, there is a difference. As I said earlier as an affiliate marketing you get a commission, which means you sell a product and you choose products to sell that revolve around your niche website/business.

But it is your business and if you know how and what to do, you can make it a very profitable business. If you want to try your hand at it you can do so right here for free. 

If you have been a member of PeerFly or any affiliate marketing program, I would love to hear about it as well as if you have any questions or comments, just leave them down below and I will definitely reply.

Thank You

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann






Is Commission Junction For Real (Now Known As CJ Affiliate)

Commission Junction are they for real?

I recently wrote about Bounty CPA which seems to be a program much like Commission Junction. I wasn’t really impressed by BountyCPA.

Therefore, is Commission Junction for real? Are they as shady as BountyCPA seemed to be? Maybe I got the wrong impression. Commission Junction might help me clear this up.

I did some research on Commission Junction and came across a video on how to use it. Me being the curious person and wanting to know what I was getting in to beforehand, I of course had to watch it.

At first, I thought I had clicked on the wrong video. It started to play and the caption read Affilorama. What? That isn’t what I wanted. I did a review on them and it wasn’t good. Affilorama is a training, software and support platform.

I first exited it and then went back to try again. It was the same video and it had Commission Junction written at the bottom.

This video is supposed to teach the basics of using Commission Junction. It iis 2 years old and the platform is not the same. This video provided very minimal help.

Why The Name Change

According to Wikipedia:

beFree, Inc. / Value-click, Inc.[edit]

Former Commission Junction competitor beFree, Inc. was acquired by Value-click, Inc. in 2002,[2] before Commission Junction.[3] beFree was gradually phased out in favor of Commission Junction. On February 3, 2014 Value-click, Inc. announced it has changed its name to Conversant, Inc., bringing former Value-click, Inc. companies Commission Junction, Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex, and Value-click Media under one name. Conversant was bought by Alliance Data in 2014.[4] Commission Junction[5] continues to be known as CJ Affiliate.

Commission Junction still operates under CJ Affiliate. There seems to be a lot of previous companies are all rolled into one now. Which I am sure it gives them a much better reputation as well as affiliates and publishers.

Commission Junction is still Commission Junction it is just using the initials and adding affiliate to the end. This makes it CJ Affiliate.

Getting Approved For Publisher

I had to fill out an application and once I verified my email, I was able to log in to my account. I was asked a few questions and one in particular was how I planned to drive traffic to my advertiser.

Since I have a website and am allowed to build 49 more websites free of charge and no hosting fee, I chose to do it by a niche website and email marketing.

The response I got was that I am not allowed to do anything until an advertiser had reviewed my information and approved me. What? Why is this?

Hmm, this sounds a little familiar, but yet it wasn’t as hard to get my foot in the door at least. I really want to learn the reason behind this strategy.

Application And The Reason For It

It seems I may owe BountyCPA an apology and will need to do an update on that post. After A LOT of research, I believe I know why there is a more thorough application process for becoming a CPA.

Since you are not actually selling anything to someone, the advertisers (those with products/services to sell) want to make sure that you will be able to send the right traffic/leads to their products or services.

Thinking of it from this perspective has made me realize that this isn’t being “shady” it is just being smart. When you fill out your application for any CPA program they ask for you website.

Most of them require you to have one. It is my belief that once you have submitted them the information, they then go and check your website. Commission Junction is not a CPA however.

Do you have a good website with quality content? Is the content or niche suitable for a product or service their advertisers have to promote?

Are you getting a good amount of traffic? These are all really good points for them to look for since you will be sending them potential buyers.

This makes more sense now. In affiliate marketing YOU are promoting the actual product/service. If you make a sale, then you get a commission.

Getting Started

Since I have my foot in the door, I initially thought that I had to wait 14 days before I was allowed to do anything as I have to get approved by an advertiser.

While checking out the site I discovered I needed to choose an advertiser and then wait to see if they approve me. Yikes. I am not sure how that will go.

I have searched for help in their support center, BUT it is a FAQ type of support. You can email them though. I am still waiting on a reply.

I did receive an email from support the next day. That wasn’t to bad, since it wasn’t something I needed help with right away.

The training they provide leaves a lot to be desired. The “training” is all text based. Finding your way around is not easy at all. The program I am a member of is a lot easier than this and it comes with LIVE support.

I signed up with an advertiser and I actually got approved in less than a week. Yay, me. I think. I didn’t receive an email or anything to let me know I was approved.

I chose a company 1&1 Internet inc. It is listed as a web hosting/servers company. I had to really do my homework on this one if I wanted to make money from it. This program gives you a list of keywords. I am going to use one and one web hosting for my keyword.

Now mind you, this was only so that I can give you my honest opinion of this company. I am a part of a great program that gives me 25 free (sub) domains and 25 purchased domains with free hosting and security, plus everything I need to make them successful websites.

Promoting The Product

You will use your own website to promote the advertisers products that you get approved for. You will be provided links that you can copy and paste into your site or post.

I am going to use a banner. Just to see how it does. I don’t personally use the product, therefore I will not write my thoughts on it. I don’t want you thinking it is some great product and then find out that it isn’t.

I will provide the information that i have found on them as well as what others say about them and include it in my next post. Just for you.

What I see so far is that 1 & 1 Internet Inc. actually doesn’t sound like a bad program especially if you are just starting out as a blogger and can’t really afford to spend a lot.

Product Promotion

I know this isn’t your normal way of doing this, but I am going to include a promotion for the product I chose in order to give you a general idea of what to expect if you decide to join them.

1&1 Internet Inc Is the product I applied for was approved to promote. They offer reasonable plans for purchasing/servicing domains, websites, email services.

As you can see the price is VERY reasonable and they basically offer everything you need in order to build your online business.

It seems you PICK the services you want and pay for them individually. I don’t see that they have a package that has everything for one price. Which explains why I had a list of different services to choose from that I could promote.

Lets take a look at my main product with 1&1 to see exactly what you get with each package and what it will cost you.

It seems you PICK the services you want and pay for them individually. I don’t see that they have a package that has everything for one price.

1&1 WordPress Hosting is my main product. WordPress is the best you will ever come across. i use it as well.

The basic package cost $0.99 per month for the first 12 months and then $7.99 a month after the first 12 months. In this package you will get the following:

The Plus package cost $4.99 for the first 12 months and then $9.99 a month after the first 12 months. In this package you will get the following:

1and1.com | Hosting, Domains, Website Services & Servers

WordPress is an exceptional platform. The site you are on right now was created by using it. It is beginner friendly with the best plugins and widgets you will find. I am sure most of you are very familiar with it.

My purpose of running this semi promotion for WordPress hosting was my way of showing you what I mean about doing your research, if you are interested in promoting products through Commission Junction.

Now back to the main subject.

Commission Junction Basics

The process of getting accepted is definitely easier than BountyCPA. I still have heard nothing from them and I applied twice.

If you are a beginner, it will not be easy for you, but it can be done. Do not expect to get answers to your questions with in minutes, like I do with the number one program I promote.

You actually have to not only be approved by Commission Junction but also by the advertiser for the product that you want to promote.

Your best bet will be to find videos on YouTube in order to learn how to maneuver around the platform. I am still having trouble with it myself.

If you want to check out the training they do have, or if you have a question, just click on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner and this will take you to their support center.

It seems you can sign up for as many advertisers as you like. I would definitely make sure that they fit your niche before signing up. I would also advise that you research the advertiser and their products as well.

You have to earn at least $100 USD in order to get paid the following month. If you do not have $100.00 then it will roll over until you reach the minimum of $100.

I can not tell you about how they are with payments personally as I have yet to really promote my chosen product. I can assure you that as soon as I find out I will be updating this.

My Honest Opinion

I think that this will definitely be a better avenue to travel than BountyCPA. Even though it is difficult to navigate or get help and information, it seems like a legit way to promote products and earn money.

After doing some thinking about the “approval” process, it actually makes me think that it is a good idea and not that shady at all.

Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate or what ever you refer to it as, does not compare to my number one recommendation. I don’t think it is a scam and I didn’t run into any upsells either.

You can check out my review for my number one recommendation here.

If you are or were a publisher for Commission Junction/CJ Affiliate, I would love to hear about your experience with them. It can be good or bad, as long as it is honest.

I hope I have provided you with some useful information. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please leave them down below. I love hearing them just as much as I love responding to them.

Thank you

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann







What Is BountyCPA

Are they legit? Do they even really exist?

Most of us probably know what CPA means in the online marketing world right? Cost per action, is when and advertiser pays when someone takes action on link and gives information requested.

What is Bounty CPA? I was doing some research and stumbled across this site one day and wanted to know more about it so that I can help my readers in case it was something that might benefit you or let you know to stay away from it.

*UPDATE* I want to let you know that I now understand the reasons for having to get approved and I do not think it is wrong for them to use this type of process. However, the fact that you get no response from them, I still think is wrong and is a cause for concern if you are trying to join.


How Does CPA Work

Before we get further into BountyCPA let’s dig a little deeper into CPA. When we are in online marketing this means we have links (within a post/page) that are posted in our social media accounts or in paid ads.

If a potential customer clicks on them, signs up for a newsletter or even fills out a form you get paid. As long as that user is taking action, you get paid.

It can be as simple as playing a game, or downloading an app or free software. It seems pretty simple right? So why is it so hard to get in with a CPA network?

Evidently, if they don’t like the details you give them, they will not approve you. This can be an honest way to weed out those with bad intentions.

I don’t have bad intentions and I am not just wanting to bash them. I just want to know the truth about them so what I write for you is honest.

The pay may range from $.50 to $20.00 depending on the network that you join. I am still unsure if it is worth it. It takes work to just get approved and then you have to literally “talk” to them.

They will call you about the products/services forms, everything that will have to do with what they have that is within your niche. CPA networks also seem to review your request to join, manually.

Back to BountyCPA


7322 SW Freeway

Houston, TX, 77074.

Email: support@bountycpa.com


What Exactly Is BountyCPA

They generate leads for their clients. For advertisers BoutyCpa has different pricing depending on what you, as a client, need. The clients will only pay for REAL leads and sales. When you pay for leads, this remains questionable.

Their pricing for CPC (cost per click) supposedly allows the advertisers to get direct traffic and the pricing model used will allow clients to target their desired consumers.

With the platform used at BountyCPA is said to meet the needs of the clients, no matter what type of business they have. BountyCpa isn’t a “one size fits all” which mean they tailor to the needs of their clients.

BountyCPA claim that their relationships with their partners “mean that our solutions and software are directly tailored to fit their specific needs”. Per BountyCPA

Their team is the most skillful designers, developers, web traffic specialists and seasoned affiliate managers. In this type of business I would hope they are.

They deal with any problems with a direct and efficient approach. This kind of worries me. Does it mean they have a lot of problems with merchants and affiliates?

That is for the advertisers, but what about the affiliates and publishers?

BountyCPA affiliate


Affiliates and Publishers

We know that in order to be an affiliate means you will promote the products of BountyCPA’s clients (advertisers). This can simply mean just placing an ad on your own website, blog etc.

What are they considering to be a publisher? Someone who creates a website built around an advertiser? Will they write content all about the one client and their products?

When I was checking out the information for affiliates and publishers something in the picture happen to catch my eye. If it is meant the way I am taking it then, these advertisers are basically paying someone “double” for no reason.

Publisher and Affiliate for BountyCPAIf their clients are paying them to generate the leads and the clients are having to pay for the action that the leads are taking, how is this right? I can be wrong, but that is how I looked at it.

I created an account so that I could get firsthand experience to share with you.

I had to wait for them to review my application once I filled out the forms. I am not sure if this is a show of security or just to make you think highly of them.

Maybe they are on to those of us who join in order to give you an honest review?

I am not sure how this process works and it is not very user-friendly. I am lost and evidently I am not to ask a detailed question as they are not answering everyone. It is a generic answer that you get.

Not starting off very well at all. How am I supposed to make money if I can’t even get started? I am approved, but yet I am not approved?

In order to make money i have to use social media and email list to generate leads. I will get paid for getting leads, and when someone clicks on my links and if I get someone to register etc.

On Your Own

When and if you get approved with BountyCPA you can expect to constantly hear about the products they have for you. There is no training other than the forums, Facebook groups, YouTube channels etc.

You have to find them yourself. It is definitely not for beginners. I am not saying that is a bad thing though. During my research I wasn’t able to find much information on them.

I came across a couple of reviews, but they weren’t even half a page long. Therefor not much information. I even checked the BBB and they are not accredited and one review there. That is a big reason I would be hesitant to recommend them.

I am not saying they are not legit, but I am not seeing too much to tell me they are. I am thinking that maybe this is just how CPA networks work.

Final Thought

I haven’t had any luck in order to tell you what products or service’s there are as I can’t get a “full approval”. I honestly can’t do anything once I logged in. Maybe a glitch, maybe I wasn’t approved after all?

I don’t like the way the signs are pointing though. The fact that I couldn’t even find a review of someone who is an affiliate or publisher is really weird.

The conclusion I have come to is either they aren’t allowed to write a review on their experience or they don’t like publicity, for what ever reason.

I checked onto other CPA reviews and BountyCPA wasn’t listed in any top CPA review sites. I would probably say that you should launch your own thorough research review before even trying to sign up.

I know that it is said that CPA networks want you to APPLY and they decide if they approve you. But it is just a weird situation with this one.

I came across a review on Quora that you can check out if you like. I apologize for not having the amount of information that I normally provide.

I hope that what I did find about BountyCPA will help. Just be sure to do more research no matter if you are joining them or another opportunity. Always do the research. See what others are saying.

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If you have any questions, concerns or comments I would love to hear them just as much as I love responding to them. Just leave them down below.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann