Is Automation Riches A Scam

Automation Profits Review

When we find ourselves looking to make money online we come across quite a variety of schemes and what seems like very little legit opportunities.

I came across Automation Riches one day and I wondered if the name says it all? Is Automation Riches a scam? It sounds like it might be, due to the name.

According to them they “take the guesswork out of earning a living from the comfort of your home – using tried and tested principles”.

If you have any experience or knowledge online, then you know that there isn’t an automatic or automated system when it comes to making money online.

I do not suggest that you join without reading the rest of this information that I am providing. I know there is a lot of information here, but it just may save you time and money.

Automation Riches URL: https://www.automationriches.com/home

Senior Vice President: David Larson

Rank: 1 out of 5 Stars- I give it one star as they do have a phone number.

Cost to join: See below

There are 8 levels of membership that you can purchase. Keep in mind, that you only get a commission if your referral purchases the same level of membership as you. If they purchase a higher level membership, then your sponsor or the next person in line will receive the commission.

  • Level 1: $500 plus $300 admin fee Automation Riches Cost
  • Level 2: $1000 plus $500 admin fee
  • Level 3: $2000 plus $700 admin fee
  • Level 4: $3000 plus $900 admin fee
  • Level 5: $5000 plus $1200 admin fee
  • Level 6: $10,000 plus $1800 admin fee
  • Level 7: $15,000 plus $2200 admin fee
  • Level 8: $20,000 plus $2400 admin fee

Starting from level 2, you will receive commissions for referrals who sign up for the previous level. Ex. If you bought the level 2 membership and you have a referral who bought the level 2 membership and another referral bought a level 1 membership, you will receive a total of $1500. The commission for level 1 and the commission for level 2.

Automation Riches PackagesWhat Do You Get

Before I break down the what is included in each of the packages, i want you to know that these are media package. They are information put together that they have gotten from interviewing others that are in marketing and internet business.

So basically, the owner hasn’t come up with a proven system that will TEACH you, they have only come up with a way to take your money and convince you to do the same to others.

Now, first of all, why do we need this? So that it makes us feel as though we are buying into a legit work from home business? I mean, we are told that all we have to do is refer others to the program.

Or is it just so that they can say that we are paying for actual training that will also help us in our own online business? The package that you buy will be available for you do download after the purchase.

If there is no actual product, or training that can be used outside of their program, then why would anyone pay that kind of money for it?

Eventually, this circle that they are creating that continues to go in a circle, will eventually break. Because others are going to catch on and will stop paying for nonsense. I bet this one will be another one that gets caught by the FTC or they change their name before they are caught, just like the rest.

Level 1 Product:

  • Million Dollar Direct Mail Secrets
  • Income Transformation
  • FREE Warrior Forum Marketing
  • Product Launch Handbook

Level 2 Product: You get everything in product 1 plus:

  • The Automation Riches Direct Mail System
  • Ultra-Private Buyer Lists Revealed
  • Invisible Influence
  • Cash-On-Demand
  • Internet Marketing Explained
  • 47 Top Strategies
  • Ultimate Twitter Profits 3.0
  • Advanced Search Engine Guidebook

Level 3 Product: You get everything in products 1 & 2, plus:

  • Postcard Magic
  • Facebook Marketing Success System
  • Traffic Secrets 2.0 (How To Easily Drive A Ton of “Laser-Targeted” Traffic To Any Website).
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter Toolbox
  • Mastermind Consulting
  • The Viral Effect
  • Money Mindset
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Level 4 Product: You get everything in products 1,2 & 3, plus:

  • Insider Secrets
  • Website Sales Vortex
  • Magnetic Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing Blueprint
  • High-Ticket Sales
  • Social Media Domination
  • Time Management Breakthrough System

Level 5 Product: You get everything in products 1,2,3 & 4, plus:

  • The Automation Riches Case Study #2
  • Google AdWords Mastery
  • Inner Circle Strategies
  • YouTube Sniper
  • Powerful Web Positioning
  • Article Multiplier
  • iPhone & Android App Profit Machines

Level 6 Product: You get everything in products 1,2,3,4, & 5, plus

  • The Automation Riches Top Secret Case Studies
  • Traffic Secrets 3.0
  • eBook Money Machines
  • Automatic Email Profits
  • Million-Dollar Swipe File
  • Amazon Wealth Mastery
  • Five-Figure Podcast Blueprint

Level 7 Product: You get everything in products 1,2,3,4,5, & 6, plus

  • The Automation Riches Case Study #1
  • Mailbox Millions
  • Zero-Risk Underground Traffic Sources
  • eBook InfoMarketing Powerhouse
  • Customers-On-Demand Marketing System
  • Webinar Crusher Income System
  • InstaWealth Growth System
  • The Autoresponder Revolution

Level 8 Product: You get everything in products 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7, plus

  • 20K Magic
  • The Automation Riches Case Study #3
  • Magazine Millions Blueprint
  • Traffic Secrets 2016
  • Membership Website Blueprint
  • Traffic Domination Rolodex
  • Ultimate Online Selling Machine
  • Blog Invasion Systems
  • Joint Venture ATM Machines

I know it looks like you might be getting a bargain if you pay the outrageous price for a product. Like I said earlier, this isn’t even their own production.

This is from what they gathered up from some of “the greatest modern day minds” Do they have permission to use what they were told in these interviews to create these products?

I am still confused of all the “training” material that you will receive. Is it only to show you all the different ways to promote their product so that you get many referrals?

Their “about us” states that they teach entrepreneurs how to start and grow profitable businesses. Notice how they don’t say that they teach entrepreneurs how to start and build “their own” profitable businesses?

I would hope that even after paying the very expensive price for even the level one product, that you will at least learn strategies that you can use for when you do decide to create your own online business.

How It Works

This system is supposed to be proven, legal and ethical. They claim you can earn $1000 a day or more with their turnkey automation sales machine. You don’t even have to market their products. Hmm. How do you get your referrals then?

They take care of everything. It is hands off for you? All you do is refer people to their website. They will send out postcards with your referral ID number on them.

When that person goes to the website and puts in your ID, and join, you get the commission

Sort of sounds like yet another system that is similar to a recent company that was shut down. So, why do you need to buy their products? I mean, if you don’t have to so anything except pay for the product, why do you need their training?

Can you use the training to start your own business later? if you are making as much as they claim you can, why would anyone want to put in the work to create their own business and risk failure or loss of income?

Want to skip the rest and get started with building your online business at no cost? Click here to learn how.

Red Flags Are Seen EverywhereAutomation Riches Red Flags

When you research a program you look for red flags. These are marketing strategies they have found to work. It is actually LIES, to be blunt.

They make you think they are legit by using photos saying they were featured on well know news stations or magazines etc.

If you get research programs enough, you will even see familiar faces that appear to be giving testimonies for more than one program.

This program has displayed the red flags that I just spoke of, plus others. Like “earn money while you sleep” as well as the amount of money they say you can earn.

Another red flag is the “limited time offer”. Automation Riches says that if you join now, you will receive the free post card bonus. But there is only 48 hours left for you to claim your bonus.

I have proof that this bonus has been going on for much longer than 48 hours. I have worked on this post for 3 days and the timer is still there and was back at 47:55.

Automation Riches Timer for Free Postcards

You can see the date that I have posted this article. I am sure that the 48 hours will have ended a couple of times by the time you are reading this. So, go ahead and click on the website URL that I provided above. Is the post card sales pitch still available? I knew it would be.

Now that you are on the website, scroll down and you will see that they advise you to take action now as the free postcard mailing will expire permanently in 48 hours. How much time is left on the counter when you reached the page?

I am willing to bet that the timer is still there and it probably read 47:59. This post took me 4 days to complete. This is not a limited time offer. It really isn’t nice to lie.

How Does The Pay Work

I mentioned earlier that when you have a referral that pays for a product, then you get a commission as long as they bought the same product as you, or a product of LESSER value. Once you get your first sale the residual income features starts.

On the 1Up residual income feature means that anyone that enrolls under you, will have to pass up their first commission to you. I bet they will be a little upset and so will you on your first commission. Seems a little over the top don’t you think?

Oh it gets better. So everyone who signs up under you (unless they buy a higher priced product than you) have to give you their first commission, and each of their referrals have to do the same. It just keeps going.

So maybe you don’t see a problem with that one? So let’s move on to the Overrides feature. This is the feature where if your referral, or anyone under you, upgrades to a higher priced product than you did, then you don’t get the commission.

It goes past you to your sponsor, and so on, until it reaches the next qualified person on your upline who purchased that product or a higher priced product.

So let’s say that someone under you get a person who signs up under them, and they didn’t get the commission because it was a higher priced product than what they had.

That person gets upset about it and decides that they will by a higher priced product, then you get that commission (if you have bought the same level of product or higher). What kind of pyramid scheme is this?

Now, this is where the Upgrades feature comes in. When someone under you decides to upgrade, then you get the difference of the price as a commission. I am getting dizzy with this. Are you?

Please don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a great opportunity for you. It isn’t. Remember, programs like this play on your emotions and vulnerability.

I am also going to give you the link to their Question and Answer page. Not so that you fall for their PITCH, but so that you see for yourself how they say you need to do NOTHING and rake in the money.

What Others Are Saying

There are complaints about people who have been scammed by this business on a few different websites. Each of them say they were contacted by or told to contact 3 different women.

The complaints were the same. They paid the money, but did not receive anything in return, nor did they make any money. Granted, the post cards aren’t sent directly to you. THEY, take care of adding your referral I.D. and mailing them out,

A legit business normally has one address if you need to contact them and one phone number with extensions if need be.

There were a couple of different addresses as well as different names and numbers. Granted a business has employees, but they don’t give out their personal address or phones numbers except with certain types of business. This isn’t that type.

So I further researched this adding one of the addresses into Google to search it up.Address for Automation Riches

There isn’t anything at that address. However, The BBB popped up with an alert right under the results of the address search.

I had a great feeling as this had confirmed my suspicions. I checked out what they had listed.

I will provide you the link. I really think you should check it out if you are still considering joining this program.

The Better Business Bureau has been trying to contact Automation Riches. They also have information that will benefit you greatly.

By reading the additional information, you will also learn how to protect yourself from common scams like this one.

BBB states that they have received numerous inquiries regarding this company’s advertised claim. Check out BBB on Automation Riches here.

My Conclusion

I honestly don’t believe in this type of program, nor do I think you will make money from it. You are told that ALL you will have to do, is refer people to their website.

That’s it, Then why is there a need for such HIGH TICKET products that come from other peoples strategies? Sure, I am all for someone else doing the research and filling me in.

BUT, since they have displayed the same signs of the other “get-rich-quick” schemes as well as “done for you” automation, would you really trust the information that they have gathered? More importantly, would you pay that much for it?

There are legit work from home opportunities out there. Ones that aren’t giving you false hope and have learned from their own journey to success.

Ones that teach you how to build your own REAL business based on what has worked. They even walk you through the process step by step.

It isn’t done for you. No one can say that it is. It is just a lure to get you in their grasp. Ask anyone who is successful online and that is legit.

They worked hard to get where they are and they did it themselves. Trial and error, yet they kept at it. They learned the right way to build their business.

Not everyone is out for themselves and there are some that can be trusted. I don’t just create this information to make my favorite program look good.

I do this to STOP you from getting scammed and falling into the wrong hands. I have been there before. I swore that if I were to ever find a legitimate company I would help others to do the same and let them know of the scams and the ones I think are dishonest.

Whether you check out my number one FAVORITE or you choose not to. I still do this for you and I hope that my information will at least get you to really think about it before joining Automation Riches.

I do not see this as a legit work from home opportunity at all. If you have had experience with them or others like them, please let me know down below.

Do you know of an opportunity that you would like me to review for you? Leave it down below and I would be more than willing to do it. That is what I am here for. You.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love hearing what you think and I enjoy responding.

Thank you and take care.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann




What Is Five Minute Profit Sites About

What is five minute profit sites about? Are they even legit?

Making money online has become easier in this fast-moving world. Now, many new products are coming up to ensure better success.

Five Minute Profit Sites is one of these programs. What is Five Minute Profit Sites? This program can enable you to make around $500+ a day. Supposedly. Keep reading.

Sam Smith, the presenter of this program, claims the users can earn $500 in a day. In fact, you can get this amount only within five minutes. It is tempting, right? But is it worth paying for it?

Is it possible to make such amount within five minutes with seventeen clicks? Many people have the same question.

They want to invest in this program.However, they do not trust without adequate information. We are here to answer your questions. I will offer you unbiased information.

What is Five Minute Profit Sites About? Is Five Minute Profit Site legit

Five Minute Profit Sites is designed to help to make fast money online.

It enables users to use a turnkey website to make money.

We all should know by now, you do not “Make Money Fast” online in a legitimate way.

The name of this program justifies the goal. You just need to spend five minutes to make profits. Or do you?

To access to Five Minutes Profit Sites, you will need an account that costs $37.

You are impressed. You want to invest and to get profits. Just a minute, you have to go a long way before making a decision.

You have only just gone through the things mentioned in the site. Reality is far from this.

Do you want to know more about the owner of this program? Do you know about upsells? Do you know you will have to educate your mind about website building before expecting the profits?

The answers might be no. We will cover all these one by one in the following paragraphs.

How does it work?

The program claims that it will give you a site that will make thousands of dollars in a week. However, you will have to do much more to get your site and to make it useful.

You will have to take care of traffic, servers, and your visitors. The training is also questionable. It will not guide you in a proper way. Training is very important, especially if you are a beginner.

Five Minutes Profit Sites will only offer you a landing page. These types of sites are not search engine friendly. You will not get internet traffic to your site.

More importantly, you will not find any helpful information or get information about the traffic. When there is no traffic, you will not find visitors to your site.

Without visitors, there will be no sale and profit. This fraction information will not help you much to make money online.

Yes, you can research online on how to get traffic to your website. But if you are a paying member, they should provide you with the proper training.

They will advise you to sign up for an email autoresponder without adequate information about the usages. Servers are also questionable. Unless the sites are legitimate, you cannot trust the servers.

The servers can disappear anytime without any notice. Five Minute Profit Sites is not an old and reliable site. Therefore, you cannot expect the best outcome from their servers.

The servers can disappear the next day. The domain will not be yours as well. If they want, they will renew it. Otherwise, your site will be gone next year. They will control everything such as your website and web hosting.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam Or Legit?Is Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam

You cannot say it is a complete scam as it offers some tips on how to make money online.

However, these tricks are not enough to make as much as the program claims.

You can say that it is a low-quality product that comes as a good combination of unrealistic claims and poor guides. If you are a beginner,

it is not going to help you in any manner for sure. Even the experienced marketers will not  benefit much.

The owner is nowhere. We are still unaware of the creator of this program. Sam Smith is the spokesperson. There is no proof that she is the owner.

We do not even know the real name of the owner. It indicates they want to hide something. You cannot trust a program that does not have a confirmed owner.

Even in the disclaimer from ClickBank they advise you that it is an actor.The site has used stock photos and videos. This is common for low-quality programs.

In addition, most of the claims are false. They have said that the site will be launched officially in Spain. But the reality is that it is already launched.

They also claim that they offer the free option for a limited number of users. However, there is no proof to support such a claim.

The income claim is also highly unrealistic. They said that some users started making money around $1000 within a week. How could it be possible?

Even if they pay a significant amount to get the required traffic, still, they cannot expect such benefit. There is a no way that enables a new website to make $500 a day only within five minutes.

This program will not offer you a complete training on how to make money online. It lacks training about traffic generation.

It will not train you about your website building, content, or any other thing important for the success of any website.

The website is not more than a landing page. They expect you to not know the difference. You will not have an actual website with real content.

It is just a site that can enable you to get emails and direct your audience to the Clickbank affiliate product.

Yes, you read that right. This is yet, another ClickBank product. I spoke about these types of products in my Can You Make Money With ClickBank post.

In brief, you will not be building any authority site. Another thing is that all of the controls will be with them. You might not be inspired by the low entry fee.

However, the upsells might make you pay around $481. You are much smarter than to fall for this.

Five Minute Profit Sites

Is It Worth Trying?

The answer is no. Why should you invest your money and time on such a program that lacks credibility.

Instead, you will find many other alternatives that can help you to make money as well as to utilize your money in a proper way.

I know it seems that every money making opportunity online seems to have its flaws. Finding one that is LEGIT is an even bigger task.

Nice job by the way of doing your research before committing to any program. Everyone needs to do their research first. If it were free to try, I still would not recommend trying.

I don’t believe in paying for anything unless it will provide you with adequate training and tools. Support is a big issue as well.

With a program like this, you will definitely need to ask a lot of questions.

What Is My Final Verdict

The above information reveals the hidden truth about Five Minute Profit Sites. The site is unable to win the trust of people. In addition, it lacks vital details about the creator. It does not work as it is claims.

Since you are doing your research it means that you are either looking into making money online and have heard of Five Minute Profit Sites, or you have some knowledge about making money online and want to know if it is legit.

In my eyes it is not, by any means legit. But, I am not the one who determines the rules of what makes a program a scam or legit.

But if a product claims to do something, it needs to do just that, Not give you high hopes on something that is not going to pay off for anyone.

If it looks like a skunk, acts like a skunk and smells like a skunk, then it is a skunk. Five Minute Profit Sites is definitely a skunk. I suggest you stay clear of it. I am sure tomato paste will not help if you come into contact with this program. Sorry, I had to say it.

If you have thought about creating a legitimate online business, then you may want to read this post that I wrote recently.

It will not only teach you, but you will have everything that you will need and No Upsells.

Join free and remain free as long as you like. You will have the best community around as well as live chat. It is a place that you wouldn’t believe until you try it yourself.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love hearing what you think and I love to respond.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann


What Is AZ Sniper About

Can you really make $1500 a day with AZ Sniper?

So, you want to make money online. You are looking for some easy ways to earn money fast. Anyone, who wants to make money online, will be tempted to invest in AZ Sniper.

Good job in wanting to find out more about it before investing into it. What is AZ Sniper about?

Is it worth the investment? Is it really possible to make such a huge amount? The answer is under the clouds, right?

What They Claim

The program claims that it enables users to make around $1,500 per day on Amazon. Even the testimonials support this claim. So they want you to think.

You might think AZ Sniper can improve your financial status. You may also think that you can use this program as a full-time income source.

Are you thinking all these? Just a minute, do not plan the next step before going through this article.

This review will not be biased. It will reveal some things to help you to invest (if you choose to) with a well-informed mind.

After going through all the details, if you feel that AZ Sniper is going to make a big difference in your financial status, you can go ahead.

In fact, you can recommend others to change their destiny with this program. Just remember what I revealed in this review.

If you are not convinced, you can consider other options.

In the current condition, you will find many online programs designed to help you to make real money. Now, the truth about AZ Sniper.

Can you make big money with AZ SniperWhat Is AZ Sniper About? Making A Ton Of Money?

This system is designed to help people to make huge money online on a daily basis with a few clicks.

The creator Stephen Ford claims that one can make money easily with some simple steps.

We will start with the creator. Though it is believed that the product is created by Stephen Ford, still, there is no proof to support this belief.

You will not find a picture of the creator. He is not confident enough to show his picture and to win the trust of users. For now, we do not know who he really is. We are only familiar with the name.

The sales page of this product only focuses on a lot of money. If you observe the details of the sale page, you will not see much difference between a scam sales page and the AZ Sniper sales page.

The sales page itself is not impressive. It talks about money and the system without proven ways. In addition, it claims that users can make around $1, 500 per day.

Why use a fixed amount? The system is also confusing. Sometimes, it says to make money from an e-commerce system and in other instances, it talks about affiliate marketing. What exactly it is?

How Does It Work?

As said by the creator, the system works in an autopilot (no such thing for a business).

If you go through the testimonials, you will come to know about one-click profit system, passive earning, and much more.

However, it is neither a one-click system nor a setup and forget system. You can say that it is not a system at all.

In this program you will find some PDFs about the affiliate marketing. You will have to decide the next step.

You can do research on your own to create your website, develop content, and then get approval for Amazon.

Yes, you will have to follow some steps to boost traffic for your site. You will have to go through all the details to make a site successful.

Even if after following all these steps, you will not be able to make money online with this program. You will not get any guidance about money making either.

The content (training) is complex and does not cover the actual steps in affiliate marketing. You will find some general information that cannot really help us much to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Is AZ Sniper A Scam?Is AZ Sniper A Scam

Now we will come to the point. AZ Sniper is about making money from Amazon.

Therefore, many people believe that it is a legitimate site.

However, this program is not associated with Amazon. There should not be any confusion.

In addition, you will find so many red flags (listed below) in the program that will discourage you to invest both your money and time on this system.

Creator is nowhere to be seen.

We know the name of Stephen Ford only. There is no image or any other relevant proof that proves the credibility of the creator. How can you trust your money with a system where the identity is questionable?

Illogical income claims

The system claims that the user can make $1,500 a day with a few clicks. You cannot expect such an amount in one day with a business like this one.

This amount is only to motivate beginners to invest without a second thought. In fact, the testimonials support the claims.

Many of them claimed that they have earned similar amounts. A woman claims that she has made around $64,890 with a few clicks within six weeks. Don’t you think it is going overboard?

If you were a beginner with any LEGIT program, you still would not make that much money in just 6 weeks. You MIGHT if you already knew everything about affiliate marketing.

Fake testimonials (another Red Flag)

The fake testimonials work as the downside of this product. Just imagine why a business takes the help of false testimonials.

They even pay an actor (who is actually from Fiverr). He is paid by companies to read a script saying good things about a product that he has never bought or used.

The answer is obvious. When they do not trust their product and believe that it is not going to win the trust of people, they use false testimonials to get better exposure.


You might be impressed with the low entry fee. However, there are surprises for you once you become a member. You are thinking that you will have to spend only $37. But you might be end up paying around $287.

Is AZ Sniper Legit?

The answer is NO. The site does not even have an SSL certificate. A site without an SSL certificate will not be considered legit and trustworthy.

AZ Sniper is not a trusted site

Most of the claims are false. The testimonials are also not genuine. The owner is not confirmed. All these things make us believe that the program is a scam.

You can make up to $1,500 in Amazon commissions, but NOT with AZ Sniper. If you joined a legitimate program that taught you correctly, then yes, it can definitely be done.

If you visit the site, I am sure that you will come to the same conclusion if you look at it correctly and not through the eyes of someone looking to get-rich-quick.

This is how the scams get you. They know that some of us are looking for “get-rich-quick” programs. They take advantage of it and build their site based around what you WANT to see and hear, instead of the truth.

Therefore, you become another victim. ClickBank often has Non Trusted affiliates on their site. This is one of them.

ClickBank even has a disclaimer that states that AZ sniper has not been reviewed tested or certified by ClickBank.

ClickBank doesn't stand by AZ Sniper

Why would they allow the product on their website? They obviously don’t think it is a good product.

Would you want your affiliates getting the wrong idea if you were allowing products like this to be promoted?

Final Verdict

From the above details, you might have realized that AZ Sniper is not a reliable program. It just offers false claims to win the trust of people and take your money.

If you want to make online with little investment, you can consider other alternatives. In fact, you will find many effective programs for affiliate marketing.

Doing proper research is important to ensure that you are investing in the right program.

I am an affiliate to a couple of legit programs myself. I have fallen victim to a few scams like this one myself, before finding a legitimate one.

You can check out the rest of my website to see my about me/Legit Work For Parents to better understand why I chose to create this type of business. You will see that I had you in mind and others like us.

I was tired of others getting rich by feeding us what we wanted to hear and taking our money just to give us nothing in return.

So, don’t waste your time on AZ Sniper. Go ahead and click here to create a business for yourself and learn how to build a successful one, the right way. I will be there to help you as well as a community and live support.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love hearing your thoughts and I love responding.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann





What Is The CB Passive Income About

Is CB Passive Income Legit Or Is Patrick Chan Just Getting Rich Off Of The Members

The idea of passive income has captured the fancy of the masses and there are people who have tried to convert this fascination for passive income into a business idea.

Is the CB Passive Income a scam though? What is the CB Passive Passive Income about?

It’s an attempt to exploit your willingness to earn quick bucks in a passive way.

It’s a subtle and well-organized endeavor to siphon off millions of dollars from the market without actually paying people like you anything in return.

When you think of it as a stunt, it’s brilliant actually. But remember, it’s a stunt. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s important that you understand all the nuances associated with this grand scheme and think a hundred times before getting into something like this.

For us work from home parents as well as anyone who wants to work from home online, we come across programs like this and think we have found a great way to earn money online from home. Is this really the case with The CB Passive Income program?

What is CB Passive Income?

You are right if you have these questions regarding the nature and operation of CB Passive Income.

It’s a good idea to ask, is CB Passive Income a scam, is CB Passive Income legit?

After all, not doing your research is what makes it easy for companies to scam thousands of us every year.

In a nutshell, what CB passive income does is that it makes you some towering promises and sells you the idea that you will not have to do anything except one thing. In concrete terms,

CB passive income expects you to send traffic to its opt-in pages. When customers buy a product, you are supposed to get a commission. This is the whole idea.

In internet marketing terms, this is a grand lead generation and email marketing plan.

You generate traffic and CB gets the leads. You are a part of their email marketing campaign.

You are a part of their plan to sell things to customers. The middle man.

Your plan is to earn “passive income’ which is made nearly impossible for you by the one task that CB passive income has set for you.

Here is one of his lures. I admit, it would be awesome if building your online business was as easy as he makes it seem.

CB Passive income

The thing is, you aren’t building your own successful online business with his product.

Oh and remember that first line. You will understand in a few minutes.

What’s the “Only One TASK” You Have To Do?

Patrick Chan has famously promised a list of things you will NOT have to do shown in the picture above from his website.

First off, how does this TEACH you to build a successful online business? It doesn’t. It shows you how to help him GROW his successful business.

There’s only one thing you are supposed to do- generate traffic.

It should be simple, right?

Or is it?

In this digital marketplace that the Internet is, there are tens of thousands of people selling the same products, why would they come to the site that you promote?

Writing content is what gets Google to notice and trust you. This is also what helps to GET your traffic.

When others read your quality content, they share it and help to get others to your website and buy your product/products.

In other words, generating traffic is for the pros or at least for those who have knowledge about online marketing. Are you one?

As a man/woman, you may not even be familiar with the ABC’s of internet marketing. You have no clue about SEO or how to generate traffic in an organic way.

According to Patrick, his system will work for you even if you are a newbie. I beg to differ.

Generating traffic is one of the hardest parts for any online business. Especially when you are just starting out and don’t have the money to pay for traffic.

So this is where you stand. You are willing to do this one task but, you are just unable to do it. So then what? You lose what you have already invested?

What’s the Problem with CB Passive Income?

Problem with CB Passive Income

Actually, there isn’t one; there are many.

It expects people who are not familiar with internet marketing to generate lots and lots of traffic to these opt-in pages.

Generating traffic for a great site and a unique product also remains challenging even for the pros.

How will the ordinary people who had no exposure to SEO and the related stuff in it, be able to deliver the traffic?

Patrick Chan does come to their rescue. If you want to call it that.

He recommends the following:

-Guest Posts

-Blog Comments

-Article Directory

-Social Media

-YouTube etc.

You are supposed to drop everything and do all these 24×7.

Although Patrick Chan says you don’t need to produce any content, one of his suggestions for you to get traffic is by writing guest post. Hmm. I am sure you see what is going on, just like I do.

Remember when I suggested that you remember that first line in the first image? The first suggestion from Patrick is Guest Post.

Writing a guest post IS writing content.

Let’s say, you do it. But the question is, is there anything new in these recommendations?

No. There isn’t. These are customary strategies for generating website traffic. Unless you are just now starting out, you more than likely know this.

The question is why would it work for you while the rest of the world has already used and overused them?

Especially since Patrick has recently launched The CB Passive Income 5.0.

This means:

  1. His previous programs are stalling out
  2. He had to up his game
  3. To improve his system in order to make more money from the members.

Organically if you want to drive traffic, you will literally need to spend all the time you have on generating traffic.

If you actually go ahead and do that, will it still be passive’ income? Actually, it won’t be!

Passive income means that you don’t have to do the drudgery. In the case of CB passive income, generating traffic for these opt-in pages is more than drudgery.

If you don’t generate it organically, you will have to opt for paid advertising to drive traffic to these pages.

Can you afford that? Let’s say, you can. The question is, is it really worth it? In order to promote someone else’s business?

Should a sane individual spend money on paid advertising for somebody else’s site?

Should a sane individual spend days and nights on driving traffic to somebody else’s site?

My thoughts on CB Passive IncomeFinal Word on CB Passive Income

Let’s say you are hard working enough. You would want to pour all your time and energy into driving traffic for CB passive income.

You eventually manage to generate leads. What’s the next step? These individuals will get MANY emails sent to them from Patrick.

If you already have an email list of your own, you can add your list of subscribers BUT you have to purchase a separate program.

However, those subscribers will no longer be yours. They now belong to Patrick. Yes, that’s right. If they make a purchase, you are supposed to get the commission.

Email marketing. Does cold email marketing compel purchase behavior? Do you open these type of emails? Or do you click spam and delete them? I know I do.

It doesn’t. In fact, we have come to a saturation point regarding receiving emails.

We are no longer in a position to tolerate more emails regarding fancy products and services. It’s nauseating. And most are scams or of no interest to us.

So pause for a moment and think, who will open those emails and buy those products?

In other words, if people are not going to buy those products, what’s the point of all the hard work on your side?

What will you gain by doing this?

The answer is nothing. Your gain is zero.

Your loss: enormous.

You might wonder what the loss here is.

The loss is the man-hours spent on trying to generate traffic. The days and nights spent on creating killer content, guest posting, social media marketing etc. will be in absolute vain.

Don’t forget you will be charged for opening account with CB Passive Income. That will be a total loss too.

If you decide to opt for paid advertising, you will be sinking deeper into the losses with no tangible returns in sight.

In short, you will be looking at months of drudgery, trying to generate traffic, create content and drive sales with nothing to show for at the end.

This is what CB Passive Income is. It stands for a big giant hole of lost time, money and energy on your side.

Pause here and Think:

If you can actually spend so many hundreds and thousands of hours trying to create content, pursue social media marketing, do the guest posting, do you think that you should do it for Patrick Chan and his websites?

Don’t you think that you should do it for your own business, pick your own products to sell, and/or services?

Don’t you think that the paid advertising that you would otherwise do for Patrick Chan and his CB Passive Income should actually go for your own business, your own website, and your own services?

This is exactly where you are failing to see how Patrick Chan and his CB Passive Income are fooling you. They are making you work for him in return for nothing.

Don’t let Patrick fool you just because his program is listed on ClickBank. ClickBank has affiliates that are not on the up and up.

They have been known to have scammy products. They don’t realise this at first though. ClickBank does not knowingly let dishonest affiliates join.

If you join The CB Passive Income, it isn’t your business and you have no control over it. All you do is work to send traffic to HIM.

On the other hand,  if you join a different program and you do it for your own business, pick or promote your own products, you will be able to reap more benefits which you can see, feel and experience, unlike CB passive income which is nothing more than a pie in the sky!

Just To Provide Clarification

Patrick has some rude remarks about a young man who was ripped off by using the CB Passive Income Program.

I read this individuals site and noticed that he too, wants to help stop others from falling for scams or costly programs.

For those of us like myself, we choose to write reviews for one reason which is to give you information about a product or program.

I started this website because I had been a victim of scams and programs like CB Passive Income.

If we discover that there are bad intentions or that they are giving you misleading information, we feel it is our responsibility to warn you.

If they turn out to be a good product/program then we will let you know of this as well. We do our best to let you know of what to expect if you join that program.

This does not mean that every review that you might read will be the truth. It may be a biased opinion.

There will be some that do this for the sole purpose of getting you to join the program they are with in order for them to make THEIR money back and they have no soul.

One good way to tell this, is to search through their website. If they recommend more than one program, there are higher chances that you can trust them.

If a program like CB Passive Income has no other benefit other than to get others to promote their program,

I would not invest money into it. I mean at some point people are going to catch on It is like a dog chasing it’s tail.

I also think Patrick should stop bad mouthing sites that expose the truth and stop saying we do it for “click bait”, to steal HIS traffic. This is not true at all.

In my opinion, this is the best he could come up with when someone who had put his program on blast and made it to the first page of Google right with Patrick’s program.

So when readers see his program, they also see this member that got robbed with Patricks program

If CB Passive Income actually taught you how to build YOUR own website and how to make IT successful, then I may have given it a better label. But to me, it is not worth my readers trying their program.

Want To Create Your Own Business Instead?create your online business

Yes I am about to tell you about the program that I am affiliated with. BUT, I am not telling you this just to get you to not try CB Passive income. I am telling you this because you found my website because of your interest in building your own business and earning money online.

I am also a trusted blogger with a trusted website. Go ahead, read my about me and search through my website. I am 100% legit and have only you in mind when I search for legitimate programs for you to work from home.

If you are like me, you had rather learn how to create YOUR own business and be successful. Not help to make someone else’s business successful, right?

You can do just that. Even if you don’t know how or even if you have no technical skills. You can learn everything that you will need to know.

Even better, YOU can create your business to be about what YOU want it to be about. Your business will be about what you choose and you will be in control of it.

Be your own boss and work when you want. You will have someone to help you if you have questions with the training or need help, 24 hours a day.

There are over 1 million members from all over the world, that have the same goal. Learn how to create a successful online business and reap your own benefits from it.

There are many success stories and I will soon be one of them. I will also be right there to help you if and when you need it.

There will also be a caring and like minded community there that love to help others as well.

Now, just choose something that you love to do and would like to help others with and follow me to where you will start to build your success story.

Click here to start building your online business

If you have ever used one of Patrick Chan’s programs and you dispute anything I have said, please provide PROOF of your claims. I would love to see it.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I would love to hear them and I love to respond. If you want to try your hand at building your own online business, just go ahead and click on the Click Here above.

It won’t cost you ANYTHING and you can remain free as long as you want. Do yourself a favor though. Do not just look and leave.

The training will be step by step and if you need assistance we will be there. Ask any questions that you might have. You owe it to yourself.

Do me one favor though. When you join, please do come back here to let us know what you liked or what you didn’t like. I am sure there will be more positive than negatives.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann


Is Legendary Marketer A Scam Or Legit

Is Legendary Marketer Legit or A Scam

With so many online marketing firms hitting the market, it is a big battle out there. Each one of them promises the moon and therefore choosing one over the other is not an easy task.

Over the years we have come across one such network marketing company by the name Legendary Marketer.

It has raised quite a bit of excitement and therefore it would not be a bad idea to answer the question of is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit.

This calls for a close look at the marketing plan, the products it offers, the entry cost and much more.

We will do a complete review of the product so that customers are able to get a reasonable good idea about it and then make an informed decision whether to get in or not.

Before we dive into things I want you to know that I am not an affiliate of Legendary Marketing.

You will see why as you continue reading what I discovered about this program. Are you ready?

It May Not Be A Scam-But Is It Right For You

To begin with, there are reasons to believe that it is possible to make money with Legendary Marketer.

They do show quite a few numbers of screen shots from various affiliates who are known to make a few thousand dollars per day.

It would not be right to brand this as a scam. However, there are still a few unanswered questions which need to be answered.

Some Basic Information About Legendary Marketer

To begin with the name of the product/products as mentioned earlier is Legendary Marketer. Many people also know it by the name Duplicate Dave.

It is a tiered marketing company and it is often considered as a high-ticket affiliate marketing opportunity. It is about getting training about the various memberships and training modules.

I feel you should also know that MOBE was recently shut down due to fraudulent business education and charging its customers THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

Once you are familiar with it, you are supposed to market the same to your affiliates and those who join under your width and depth.

This product could be best suited for the founders and also for those who have significant amount of capital to invest in it and make money out of it.

The reason I say this is because If you don’t buy the high ended ticket price products, YOU DON’T GET COMMISSIONS ON THEM. YOUR SPONSOR DOES.

The course and training materials are considered legitimate and share some useful information about internet marketing.

However, the problem is that these training videos and products are priced very high and upselling the same could be a big problem for most affiliates.

Start Up Cost & Upsell Cost Is Legendary Marketer Legit

Before joining such network marketing programs, most of us would love to find answer to the question of how much does it really cost to join Legendary Marketer? As well as what is included.

The front end cost of joining this program is $30 a month and the up-sell cost of the most expensive product could be as high as $30,000.

Remember MOBE? This again is a big problem for many and this could inhibit the success of this entire marketing plan.

The monthly fee of $30 for remaining a member is also something which is not very transparent and is not in good taste.

Play close attention to the products that they offer. There are definitely some questionable intent on how they set the products up.

The Founder

The founder of this program is David and he states that the main objective of Legendary Marketer is to provide the right educational platform for helping budding entrepreneurs.

He helps them to graduate from part-time income to full time income with the help of their own digital business. David is quite experienced in this form of marketing and has almost a decade’s experience. Couldn’t he have come up with a better program for less?

He also is aware of the fact that the success rate in internet business is abysmally poor and only one out of ten are able to succeed in it. Especially with the prices of the upsells in his program.

From the founder’s point of view there are reasons to believe that he means business and is genuine about his endeavors. Why would he not lower the price of his “high end products”?

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

According to Dave since the success rate of internet business is very poor, he has developed this business on a franchisee model.

This is because the success rate of franchise business is much more and could be as high as nine out of ten.

Hence, he is keen on bringing the traditional brick and mortar franchise model to the digital world.

According to him, he has been able to develop a sale funnel that is proven. He also believes that it works fine.

He recommends that the affiliates and franchisees should stick to him and make use of his online franchise business to see big success.

There are a few who believe that he has mastered an easily duplicable business model and that is perhaps the reason he also is referred to as Duplicate Dave.

Legendary Marketer CommissionsWhat I See Wrong With The Business Plan

My biggest issue is the commissions. I understand, not wanting to promote a household item if you haven’t used it in order to give an honest review of it.

But If you are a member, then you know what the training is like and if it works. Why would you need to buy every single product, in order to earn commissions through your referrals?

Though the training product is quite good as far as mastering internet skills are concerned, it has some basic flaws.

The program allows you to build your own digital marketing business or by selling the affiliate products and earning commissions out of it.

However, not many people are able to build their own digital marketing business. They make money by recruiting affiliates and making them sell these training products and videos and making money off of it.

The tools are also more attuned to recruiting rather than helping somebody build a solid digital business.

Which leads me to ask where they get the “Earn As You Learn” from? Everyone is really only learning to sell Legendary Marketer. Wouldn’t you want a choice to sell other items and learn how to do it, too?

Products and Pricing

To see the entire list and description for yourself >>>>Per Legendary Marketer

1. Legendary Marketer’s Club-$30 > a month. This is Pro membership. Basic membership is free.

Learn how to start and grow your business. You will also get a 1/2 day virtual training class a month.

2. Traffic Rolodex Bundle-$247 > one time fee.

Learn how to advertise your business and build campaigns.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint-$2500 > one time fee

Learn how to get set up, find products and promote them.

4. Digital Products Business Blueprint-$2500 > one time fee

Learn how to create your own digital product.

5. Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint– $2500 > one time fee

Learn how to pick your niche, create your offer and your pitch.

6. Events And Masterminds Business Blueprints-$2500 > one time fee

Learn how to plan, host and profit from your own live event.

7. Legendary Marketer Mastermind-$8000 > one time fee

Learn live, in person, traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies. You can attend or watch recordings. You can also attend future gatherings for a low cost seat deposit.

8. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind-$12,000 > one time fee

Learn live, in person, mastermind covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself (per website). Pay a seat deposit for future gatherings.

Below is chart of their compensation plan.

Is legendary Marketer legit or a scam

The Pros

It is not an MLM form of business and there are no multiple commission structures. It is a single tier business with you and your referral completing the chain.

Hence you will not be short-changed or duped as it happens with many MLM companies.

The business model is genuine and money is made only on sale of products and not by mere referral of people.

It is from a person who has almost 10 years of experience in this field. Remember though, YOU only get paid commissions on products that YOU yourself, have bought, Otherwise, the member that you signed up through will get the commission.

The one thing I DO like, is that they DO have a customer care service number that you are able to cal. I can not say how helpful they are as I have not called.

You can get a basic membership for free. But don’t look to earn passive income with it.

The Cons

The entry fee of $30 each month is a big high and the commissions earned out of referrals is pure at around $18. One cannot aspire to make a daily four figure income out of referrals alone.

When you go in for the $30 front end offer you are not eligible to receive commissions for their high end products which are priced at around $1,000, $2,000 and $12,000. The only way you get commissions on any product is If you bought the product.

If you are keen on earning a commission of $1,000 you have to either sell products worth $2,500 or sell three units of lower priced products. (after you bought them yourself)

The biggest challenge lies in the fact that you make money only when somebody buys the high end training materials. This is easier said than done and does not happen regularly.

The Final Word

In fine there are reasons to believe that while Legendary Marketer is a good online digital product, it may not see too much of success because of the high cost of products that are marketed online through it.

Also, the fact that you have to buy every product in order to make commissions from selling them just isn’t right. Not at such a high price.

Therefore, that is why only those who joined the program early on and the owner, are making money.

Otherwise, the owner himself, that is making all the money. I think this is a bad business opportunity myself.

If we are online looking for the opportunity to make money, we obviously don’t have thousands of dollars to invest.

EARN WHILE YOU LEAR? YEAH IF YOU SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. This is another reason I would not recommend this program.

I can not stand when a program misleads you with information, and you only find out the truth once you join, unless you do your research before joining anything online. Which is what brought you to my website. I commend you for that.

I also want to share one more thought. A well-known website based on billionaires and money etc. published an article on their website about David Sharpe.

The publisher portrays him as this rags-to-riches story that we hear of quite often. Mind you, I am all for someone having a hard life turning their future into a much better life.

BUT, our story doesn’t mean we are someone running a business based on COMPLETE TRUTH.

I am not saying that David Sharpe has lied, but I do think the truth isn’t as visible as it should be.

I do hope that you will continue to do your research on any program before you submit your name and email to even check the program out.

You are responsible for your own success story and YOU CAN be successful. You can do this with my number one recommendation.

Number one recommendation Wealthy Affiliate

Learn to build your own successful business. with no upsells and no weird ways to earn. Get all the training and tools you will need. No credit card needed. Join free and remain free as long as you like.

If you did decide you wanted to go premium after you have had a chance to really check it out, I would suggest you read about a sale that is just around the corner and will only be available for 4 days.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love to hear what you think and I love to respond.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann