What Is Create And Go

Learn how to make money blogging

Create and go, what does that sound like to you? Since you came across my post you are either searching for a legit work from home opportunity or you have heard of Create And Go and would like to know exactly what it is.

What is Create And Go? Create and Go has 6 different products (courses). Each one serves a different purpose. Creating your blog, make money blogging, getting Pinterest traffic, how to start your 6 figure blog and promote digital products, how to start your blog and make 6 figures and more.

***Each course comes with A TON of bonuses not listed here due to not wanting you to spend an hour reading this, plus if I told you everything now, then you wouldn’t be as surprised if you were to join.

Create and Go was created due to the fact that other training products only really teach you how to become successful in their niche or niches, not for any niche. What works for one doesn’t always work for another. I even know that.

Affiliate Disclosure>>> There are affiliate links in this post. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link, this means I get a commission. You DO NOT pay anything extra when making a purchase.

Create And Go website- https://createandgo.co/119684_7g2tittk

When the website name was first created, they thought it would be about travel and blogging, which changed later down the road. You will not be able to just create a website and go.

You will need to put work into it. But look on the bright side, they are already making big money, so if you implement what they teach in their courses, you too can make big money.

The courses have tons of instructional videos. So if you have something to do while you are making your way through the course, you can. You won’t have to just sit and read your way through.

Founded- 2016

Founders- Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus

Rating- 4 Out Of 5 stars (the cost could be lower)

Prices- are listed below with each course

*******Before I get into the details, I want to give you an idea of who Alex and Lauren are. Why does it matter? It doesn’t but I find their story to be VERY interesting and I think you will to. Not to convince you of ANYTHING. Keep reading, you’ll see.

Who Are They

Alex and Lauren both went to college. Didn’t see that coming, right. Haha just kidding. Most GURU’S attended college.

Alex :Alex Co Founder of Create and Go

He attended the University Of Arkansas for his BSBA (Go Hogs/Razorbacks). That is my neck of the woods. I miss living in the south.

Alex also played on the college football team. He grew up in Texas and was even the salesman type as a child.

Always wanting to make money, even at a young age. Most of us go down a different path as an adult than we did as a child.

Not Alex, he stayed on the same path even though it consisted of different avenues.

Alex also liked to drink and party. So to all those parents that have children in college, try not to worry.

Not all college students who are not living at home and do some partying, drop out or give up on their dreams.

Alex is living proof of it. But wait, there’s more. You can read more about Alex here.


Lauren Co Founder of Create And Go

Lauren :
Lauren was born and raised in New Orleans and also grew up in Florida.

She loves Texas, which is where Alex grew up.

She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her bachelor’s in accounting.

Lauren loves red wine, yoga and coffee. What a combination right?

You can’t pick a better pair than these 2. Entrepreneur and accountant, heck yeah. So how did they meet? They met on Tinder in 2014. I had never heard of this until my daughter started using it.

They had some failures in both the online and offline world, when they first set out to become who and what they are today. Their blogging career even started as failure.

Alex and Laure carried the stress and debt like most of us do as well as anxiety. They even moved into his dad’s house to save money.

But I am not here to give you the whole rundown of their life and how they got together.

But feel free to check it out for yourself here. There is so much more to their story.

This dynamic duo have worked very hard in order to bring you this legit opportunity.

Yes, Create And Go, is legit. I know you were asking yourself that.  I know I was the first time I come across this program.


*** There are affiliate links in this post. This means if you click on a link and buy a service/product that I will get a commission. This DOES NOT mean it cost you more money. The price does not change.***

Course 1: Launch Your BlogLaunch Your Blog Create and Go

Price: $97 one time fee

Alex states that this product is for 2 types of people. Those who have already created a domain, have it hosted and have WordPress but now you have no clue what to do.

The second type of people it is for, are those who want to create a website, but have not chosen a niche or even began the process yet.

In this course you will build a website from scratch on WordPress. But don’t worry. You do not need to know any coding or technical stuff. But wait, that is just the beginning.

You are not only going to learn how to build your website, you are also going to learn how to launch it as well. Yeah, I know, you are probably saying “how hard can that be” right?

If you are taking this course, then you are taking it because you haven’t done this before. It is not as easy as it sounds. And who better to teach you then someone who started out as failures and are now earning a 6 figure income?

Make Money Blogging For Beginners Create and GoCourse 2: Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Price: $197 one time fee or 2 payments of $102

It just got real people. This course will teach you their solution to take your blog from making $0 a month to making $1000 a month. Hell yeah. Yes, you read that right. Go big or go home.

Remember, they have already been through the failures that come with blogging and how to do affiliate marketing. These failures are what helped them to find what works, which is what made them their 6 figure income. They have taken that pain away and are giving you the chance for success.

You will learn how to get free traffic from Google, Pinterest and YouTube, and learn how to MASTER affiliate marketing. Wait, there is SO MUCH more.

You will learn how to monetize the traffic have access to templates for email funnels. No guess work. I am loving it! It gets even better. You will get a list of trusted affiliates based on your niche. That’s right, they did the work for you.

There is a ton of good stuff in this course. For a beginner, it is PERFECT. Take it from me, making money online is by no means easy.

You can and probably have, wasted so many hours watching video’s or reading other peoples blogs on how to make money and feel like you are just going in circles.

Take the course, stop wasting your time and feeling overwhelmed. These courses are FILLED with lesson after lesson on everything that you need to know to create your own successful online business.

Course 3: Pinterest Traffic AvalanchePinterest Traffic Avalanche Create And Go

Price $197 one time fee or 2 payments of $102

Driving traffic to your website is not always easy. I have heard from a lot of other entrepreneurs who have started using Pinterest.

If you are like me, you don’t really know how to utilize Pinterest, especially for traffic to your website. This course will definitely help you with Pinterest traffic.

In this course you are going to learn how to generate thousands of unique views. I will admit, this course has me pumped for sure. But there is so much more,

I had a site that took over 10 months to get traffic to and had no idea on how to utilize traffic the way others were able to do it.

This can be quite a daunting task. In this course you will learn how to spend less time on trying to drive traffic to your site, and learn how to become an expert in your niche.

Folks I told you. Each of these courses have so much information that is going to help you excel into an entrepreneur. You are not going to believe it until you try it

Get traffic without having to pay for ads with Google or FaceBook. They will also teach you how to schedule pins, design your pins, how to track you pins and much more. You will be a Pinterest Pro after this course.

Six Figure Blogger Create And GoCourse 4: 6 Figure Blogger

Price: $197 one time fee or 2 payments of $157

You should know that this course will NOT help you with getting traffic. This course is for the intermediate bloggers. Those who have been blogging for a while but need some help to monetize. It will touch on traffic but that is it.

You will get to see how Create and GO was built, and learn how to build better relationships with your readers. How do those successful bloggers earn 6 figures? Yup you guessed it, you will learn how in this course.

What gave it away? The name? There is so much more though. Learning how to sell digital products through affiliate marketing the right way is also included in this course.

Here is the one that you diehards might like, creating digital products. Have you ever wanted to get the blogger thing down pat so that you could create YOUR OWN digital product? You definitely want this course then.

Even if you haven’t thought about it. With this course you will be able to do it, and who knows, you might create the next legit opportunity that thousands will want to buy.

After all, if you clicked on any of the links to get Alex and Laurens full story, you will see that anyone can do it. The best part is that you won’t have to go through everything they did.

This one is something I have wanted to do but haven’t because I tremble at the thought of the time and frustration that will go into it. Creating an E book. That’s right. They are not only going to teach you how to create one, but how to do it correctly.

This course, like the others, has so much for you to learn and added bonuses. BUT, it is at your pace. Do not look at all the information it has and get overwhelmed. One step at a time, if you take any of the courses.

Course 5: Pro Blogger BundlePro Blogger Bundle


Price: $647 one time payment or 2 payments of $347

Hold on to your hats. I would not pay attention to that price once you see what you get in this bundle.

You will get all four of the courses mentioned above PLUS all the bonuses and access to each courses private support group.

This is honestly amazing. I thought the same thing about the price. I admit, I am a tightwad with my money.

If you have tried other programs then you know that most of them have a recurring fee every month, for less valued training and no support.

Here you are going to learn everything from 2 people who have only been doing this for 3 years, and have already gotten past the failing part. They are making $100,000 a month income.

Normally I would not put that type of crap (bragging) on anything that has to do with my site. I have said it in another post as well.

It is only to show you that they are real and not your typical lifestyle flashing GURU”S trying to TALK you in to buying their product.

Oh and there is one more bundle package that is available. I almost forgot to add it.

Blog Monetization Bundle Create And GoCourse 6: Blog Monetization Bundle

Price: $397 one time payment or 2 payments of $202

In this bundle you will get Make Money Blogging For Beginners and Six Figure Blogger and A WHOLE LOT of extras like affiliate programs and marketplaces round up, basic trust funnel email templates and much, much more

If you are a beginner or intermediate marketer this is for you. Are you a busy person?

Yes it is for you. Interested in creating your own project? It is for you.

This is NOT for you if you have not even started a blog yet or if you can not put in the work that is needed to make your website successful.

There is no such thing as a pre made business. If anyone tells you there is, they are lying to you. Building an online business takes time and hard work.

They are giving you the training to do it, but you have to complete the training and implement what you have learned. You need to put in the effort to get it done.

They legitimately want to help you to have the same success with your online business. What even better news? There IS A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Yup, you heard me right.

I do advise that you read their refund policy beforehand for your own benefit, even though I don’t think you will need it, but just in case I have included the link below.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about Create and Go. I know it seems to be a little pricey, but the prices are one time fee, for a lifetime of success.

You get much more than you will with any other training platform (except for this one). If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love hearing what you think, and I love to respond.

Refund Policy:

You will have 60 days to get a refund on any of the courses that you buy EXCEPT for The Pro Blogger Bundle. Can’t get any better than that.

One Of The Best Programs Available

I have learned A LOT from this program. It is broken down in a simple way to make it easy to navigate,

There are mostly videos as well as some PDF lessons. They are easy to understand.

The system will also track your progress. You will not only be able to see what lesson you have finished, but also see how much is left to complete the lesson.

You might get overwhelmed by the amount of information, but if you take it one step at a time, and use the private support groups, you can do it.

Just remember,  your success will not happen overnight. But, hard work pays off and so does persistence.

So go ahead. Like I said, you really have nothing to lose, and success to gain.

Thank you,

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann



Can You Make Money With ClickBank? Let’s Find Out. Are They LEGIT?


I actually stumbled upon ClickBank by trying to sign up with Affilorama. I have heard of ClickBank but wasn’t for sure what it really was or if it could be of use to me.

After having to pay to join in order to sign up with Affilorama, I figured what the heck. I already paid so I want to know. Can you really make money with ClickBank?

Here is a video that will show you a little about ClickBank and what my opinion is on it.

Initial SignUp With ClickBank

The initial video I had to watch, Milana stated “in 3 minutes” they will teach us how to generate sales, but yet the video lasted close to an hour.

I have discovered that the answer to “Can you make money with ClickBank”, is actually a yes and no kind of answer.

Yes you can make money with ClickBank, but it will not be as easy nor as soon as they lead you to believe, if you know how to do it, choose the right product and put a lot of time into promoting it correctly.

No, you can not make money with ClickBank if you choose a product that is NOT legitimate. Even though the videos say they only allow vendors’ with LEGITIMATE products, it is simply not true.

If you are a beginner you will not make money with ClickBank. If you do, it will take you awhile to do, due to the limited training and resources they provide.

Justin said I am going to be shown how to make my very first sale as soon as TODAY. WHAT? How is this possible? I am ready so let’s get this started. I am ready to make MONEY. Oh, I received the money back that I initially paid when I first joined. No problems either.

The first thing I noticed was how hard it was to maneuver my way around. For a beginner like myself it is very difficult to figure out where to start and how to get there.

Their platform is definitely NOT user-friendly. If you are a newbie like myself, I wish you luck. It will take you awhile to figure out your way around. I have found a platform MUCH easier, and unlike Clickbank, you can try it for free no scams involved. To read a review on it just click here.

What Is ClickBank

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing platform for vendors’ as well as those who are looking to promote products for vendors. These products can be digital or physical products.

ClickBank affiliates use a referral link program called hop link that is provided through ClickBank. This program is supposed to direct customers to the vendors’ website. If the customer buys a product (you) will receive a commission.

The vendors’ focus on selling their product while the affiliates focus on helping the vendors’ grow their business by selling their product.

I have been instructed to not only pay for WordPress so that I can set up a website, but have been instructed to also, buy a domain, and pay for someone to host it for me.

So what does ClickBank do? Just give me products to promote? I can do that without them and without having to pay for every single thing I need to do it.

When first joining ClickBank you might think it will be simple. Pick a product and promote it, and if you think that way, you are wrong. There is much more involved. As a beginner you wouldn’t know any different.

How To Be An Affiliate With ClickBank – Step One- Pick Your NicheNiche

Your first step is to pick a niche. A niche Is considered to be something That you are passionate about, something that you are very knowledgeable about, or something that you would like to be knowledgeable about. It could also be a hobby.

Using these factors to determine your niche are very important because you will be writing a lot of content about your niche in order to sell your product.

You are very passionate about healthy food, and working out, you would not want to choose baby products to promote. If you are looking to become more knowledgeable about a subject, then you can choose that because you will be doing research on it and that will be how you write your content.

Step 2 Build Your Platform

In this lesson a platform is a website. ClickBank support states that you can build free websites. This is true, but keep in mind, that you will more than likely have competition in the niche you have chosen.

You want a great looking site that speaks to your readers. If the readers are not able to navigate through your site, they may not come back, and they may not share your site with others.

You can build a free website with WordPress which is by far the best place to build your website. You will not need to know coding or download any software.

Just keep in mind about that you need to have it hosted with security and support. It is very important especially in this type of business.

Step Three-Grow Your Audience

The fact that they have this as the third step really has me confused. We are growing our audience and haven’t a clue as to what we are even going to be promoting.

Did I miss a step somewhere? No, I did not. They do not instruct you to visit the market place until you have completed all of their instructions/training.

I suppose this MIGHT work based on the audience you are targeting and the niche that you have chosen, although I am really against doing things in this order.

I don’t know about you, but I believe I would want to know what I was promoting before building my website. How will you build your website to promote a product that you haven’t chosen yet?

You want a professional looking website, you want your audience to trust you and you want to be honest with your audience. These are some things that they cover in their training, yet you don’t choose a product until close to the end.

I am assuming they don’t want you to complete any of the steps until you have gone through what training that they do provide.

This was another issue I had. It is not beginner friendly what so ever. If you haven’t a clue about internet marketing, then you may meed to go through the training more than once.

Wouldn’t you think it would be easier if it were set up in a step by step type of way? I know I think it would be. Especially since they aren’t even showing you HOW TO do any of the steps.

Step Four Promote The Product

In order for you to promote the product you have to have a website, this also means that you need a hosting service and security for your website.

Don’t believe the whole “you don’t need a website” thing. If you think about it, others that may be promoting the same product that you are, aren’t playing around.

Nowadays everyone tells you that you can use social media. UM NO. You can no longer just throw a link with a little information and expect people to click and buy.

Most social media site will no longer let you just throw a link on there. You now have to create a post and hide the link within the post.

This means you need to create a great looking website, filled with quality content in order to keep readers coming back, and or wanting to share you post with others.

How many times have you seen post on social media pages? Have you clicked on any? Most people scroll over them unless it is truly something that caught their eye.

At this point, since you have just started promoting this product, in order to get traffic to your site and start earning trust, you will more than likely have to pay for traffic.

You can use social media. It may work and it may not. It will depend on a lot of things, like whether you are reaching your target audience and if they are interested in your content about the product.

Nothing is as easy as it seems and nothing in life is free as we all know. Not knowing the ins and outs will make it much more difficult.

I strongly suggest that if you are new to affiliate marketing or new to working online in general, that you find a program that offers you REAL training. You need to understand what to do and why you need to do it. To get this now for 7 day free trial, Click here to learn more.


Step 5Step Five-Choose Your Product

My first product that I choose was CB Passive income 4.0. When I clicked on the link for the product, I was taken to what appears to be the creator of the products pitch page.

Be careful when choosing your product. Research it! You want a product that is legit. After all you are trying to HELP others, not mislead them. You will be the one they no longer trust if you offer them a faulty or misleading product.

It has been said that you need to be careful when choosing products on ClickBank as they have had issues with SCAMS. My thought on the product I have chosen, will be in a review for you to see later. So keep an eye out for it as I smell something fishy.

Members may notice they are getting an error code for a product that they are promoting. Chances are the vendor may have produced a scam and the product was removed. The member can go to the marketplace to see if the product has been removed, if so you can no longer promote the product.

I don’t know about you, but I had rather not choose a scam to promote. I want to actually make money and have others trust me when they see my name.

Not all products that are removed are scams, I’m sure. The product may have been discontinued or whatever. I am glad that I don’t have to worry about any of that with my number one product that I promote.

#1 Reccomendation

Click here for the number one affiliate training platform.

Step Six (If You Are Lucky) Making Money

This will be the hardest step, especially as a beginner. It will take at least a few months. Like I said in the video, you cannot just throw up a link to the product and expect to make money from it.

Most social media sites do not allow you to even do this anymore. Which means you need to write quality content about the product and a lot of it..

There are steps that you need to take in order to get your product to this stage. Researching the product, writing A LOT of quality content and/or creating videos on the product.

Your content will need to get comments and traffic in order to gain trust with Google and the other search engines. Trust goes a long way even in this type of business.

If no one trust you then why would they trust the product you are promoting. Even though some still fall for those scams or products that don’t really do what they say, there are those that have caught on and know what to look for.

In the video I showed you that I didn’t make any money (and still haven’t), but that isn’t saying that YOU can’t, but I am not saying that you can either.

I clicked on the UNOFFICIAL success forum and there was nothing but an error code. Hmm what does that tell you?

If you do it the right way you can. As a beginner the odds are definitely against you without having the proper training, tools and support.

To start with a program that gives you all of that, plus step by step lessons on everything you need to know, and a lot more, you can try it free for seven days free (with the option to remain free) of charge.

But only if you want the best training available with lessons that also SHOW YOU how to do what is being taught, as well as the support from thousands of like-minded members from all over the world.


My Honest Opinion

I stand behind my belief that you can make money with ClickBank IF YOU have the knowledge and are able to get traffic to your website, and have the quality content that your audience is looking for and are promoting a legitimate product.

I also still believe that, you can not make money with ClickBank. Especially for a beginner. I know from past experience what it is like when trying to learn about affiliate marketing.

When we don’t know anything it can become stressful and aggravating which may cause us to throw in the towel and give up.

If you REALLY want to start your own online business, I STRONGLY suggest you click the link above. You will have everything you need all in one place.

You will not only learn everything you need to know in order to make your business a success, but you will be shown as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this and that it gave you some clarity.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please leave them down below. I love hearing your thoughts, good or bad, just as I love to respond to them. I am here to help you.

If you have been/are a member of ClickBank or know someone else that is or has been, I would love to hear from you as well. After all, I could be wrong, but what I have written is my opinion.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann




What Is PeerFly Affiliate Program

Are they a great affiliate program or a dud?

What Is PeerFly Affiliate Program

What is PeerFly affiliate program and what did I find out about it? I have found that PeerFly is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the world.

It is a cost-per-action based affiliate ad network used as a central marketplace for affiliate programs. PeerFly handles its affiliates for multiple online merchants. Most use PeerFly to make money as marketers.

PeerFly is a CPA network. CPA simply means cost-per-action. This is confused a lot with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers get paid by commission.

This means a certain action must be made on their site to trigger payment. Meanwhile, CPA marketers get paid by leads. All a CPA marketer has to do is promote users to go to a merchant website.

Every time one of their visitors goes to this merchant website, they will receive payment. While this opens up many opportunities, it also means less pay, usually.

CPA models tend to pay less than that of affiliate marketing. Although, it makes sense because it is much easier to get someone to go to a merchant website than it is to actually get them to buy something. Often times CPA marketers get paid more frequently, but less money at once.

Advantages Of Joining The PeerFly Network

Who are they and can you really make money with them?

For one, PeerFly is the biggest database of offers to date. Good paying offers also help every kind of marketer make themselves at home with PeerFly.

The affiliate network is primarily focused on CPA offers. CPA offers the best conversion rates are usual places marketers tend to make the most money.

A great offer is anything that is considered ‘hot on the market’ or is not heavily promoted yet. An example from the past is when IPads were still brand new.

These offers would often convert up to 10% paying a given marketer $2 for every conversion. It is easy to see that CPA offers are the heart and soul of PeerFly.

The obvious advantage of joining PeerFly is the payout. Even with a small team, PeerFly still manages to do right by their affiliates. Affiliate payouts are known to be fair and quite generous.

PeerFly has guaranteed that they will pay as much as any other network, whether that be matching the payout or paying even more. Additionally, PeerFly lets you choose how you get paid.

Not all affiliate networks let you decide which method of payment is optimal for you. Sometimes, affiliates aren’t given the luxury of choice. But with PeerFly, offers can payout through PayPal, checks, Amazon gift cards, Payoneer, bank wire, and Bitcoin.

For new affiliates, it can feel like you are lost or getting swept up by the stampede of advanced users and expert affiliates. Well, that feeling is null with PeerFly.

There are free training books and great tools for new affiliates to use. PeerFly welcomes new affiliates to help them get accustomed to affiliate and CPA marketing.

Downsides To PeerFly

Everything that is good or ever was good has its own unique flaws. These downsides don’t necessarily make the PeerFly network bad, they are simply things that could be better.

For many users, getting used to the application process is hard. The rigorous application process is something that aggravates a lot of users.

However, it must not turn a lot of people away because PeerFly is still one of the biggest CPA networks in the world. The best way to be approved and join PeerFly is by providing as much true information as you can.

From the start, you need to explain your marketing tactics. This will give you better odds of being admitted into the network.

Another possible downside is the customer service. Some affiliates have complained that the customer service is slow. However, others have reported that it is actually quite fast.

Some have said that their affiliate manager actually has a speedy response time. Customer service response time often depends on the number of moving pieces between affiliates, merchants, and PeerFly.

Because PeerFly is the biggest CPA network in the world, it attracts all sorts of users. This also means all sorts of offers. Affiliates have to be careful with what offers they promote.

Some offers look somewhat spammy. To maintain a good online reputation, don’t promote spammy looking offers.

Are they really the top affiliate network?

How PeerFly Works

Simply put, cost-per-action networks pay you per action. This means you earn money for every lead or account in a site you promote.

To get started, affiliates send targeted traffic through their links to another affiliate program. When this happens, you get paid.

The benefit to this form of payment is that it is easier to get leads than it is to get sales. This means you can get paid more often.

However, you will have to get a lot of leads to make as much money as you would from making sales. Depending on your niche,

it may be more profitable to monetize a site with CPA marketing or affiliate marketing. If you think getting leads with your niche would be more profitable than making sales, then CPA marketing is for you.

PeerFly has an approval process that usually takes two or three days.

This is the application process to sign up with PeerFly.

They will send you an email when the approval process is completed. When you get approved, you can start looking at offers.

You can use these offers to make money by promoting them. Even better, if you have your own source of traffic then you can make more money.

Additionally, if you ever feel lost or don’t know which offer to promote, then your affiliate manager can help you with a list of information about offers that might work for you.

All in all, PeerFly is without a doubt one of the best CPA networks in the world. It is one of the fastest growing networks as well as one of the best paying.

There are many ways for affiliates to make money with PeerFly. Additionally, PeerFly members can promote offers in a number of ways. The number of offers grows every day so there is never a moment to waste.

The unique PeerFly network is a great way for any affiliate to promote offers and make money on a cost-per-action system.

Sounds Familiar In A Way

This sounds a lot like BountyCPA and Commission Junction that I recently wrote about. PeerFly is definitely similar to CountyCPA when it comes to getting approved.

However, they at least let you know of your approval or denial. Had BountyCPA contacted me even to let me know that I was denied, then I might not be so upset with them.

If you are looking for this type of program, then I would say PeerFly might be for you. If you are looking to get in to affiliate marketing then I would suggest you try building your own online business.

Yes, there is a difference. As I said earlier as an affiliate marketing you get a commission, which means you sell a product and you choose products to sell that revolve around your niche website/business.

But it is your business and if you know how and what to do, you can make it a very profitable business. If you want to try your hand at it you can do so right here for free. 

If you have been a member of PeerFly or any affiliate marketing program, I would love to hear about it as well as if you have any questions or comments, just leave them down below and I will definitely reply.

Thank You

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann






Is Commission Junction For Real (Now Known As CJ Affiliate)

Commission Junction are they for real?

I recently wrote about Bounty CPA which seems to be a program much like Commission Junction. I wasn’t really impressed by BountyCPA.

Therefore, is Commission Junction for real? Are they as shady as BountyCPA seemed to be? Maybe I got the wrong impression. Commission Junction might help me clear this up.

I did some research on Commission Junction and came across a video on how to use it. Me being the curious person and wanting to know what I was getting in to beforehand, I of course had to watch it.

At first, I thought I had clicked on the wrong video. It started to play and the caption read Affilorama. What? That isn’t what I wanted. I did a review on them and it wasn’t good. Affilorama is a training, software and support platform.

I first exited it and then went back to try again. It was the same video and it had Commission Junction written at the bottom.

This video is supposed to teach the basics of using Commission Junction. It iis 2 years old and the platform is not the same. This video provided very minimal help.

Why The Name Change

According to Wikipedia:

beFree, Inc. / Value-click, Inc.[edit]

Former Commission Junction competitor beFree, Inc. was acquired by Value-click, Inc. in 2002,[2] before Commission Junction.[3] beFree was gradually phased out in favor of Commission Junction. On February 3, 2014 Value-click, Inc. announced it has changed its name to Conversant, Inc., bringing former Value-click, Inc. companies Commission Junction, Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex, and Value-click Media under one name. Conversant was bought by Alliance Data in 2014.[4] Commission Junction[5] continues to be known as CJ Affiliate.

Commission Junction still operates under CJ Affiliate. There seems to be a lot of previous companies are all rolled into one now. Which I am sure it gives them a much better reputation as well as affiliates and publishers.

Commission Junction is still Commission Junction it is just using the initials and adding affiliate to the end. This makes it CJ Affiliate.

Getting Approved For Publisher

I had to fill out an application and once I verified my email, I was able to log in to my account. I was asked a few questions and one in particular was how I planned to drive traffic to my advertiser.

Since I have a website and am allowed to build 49 more websites free of charge and no hosting fee, I chose to do it by a niche website and email marketing.

The response I got was that I am not allowed to do anything until an advertiser had reviewed my information and approved me. What? Why is this?

Hmm, this sounds a little familiar, but yet it wasn’t as hard to get my foot in the door at least. I really want to learn the reason behind this strategy.

Application And The Reason For It

It seems I may owe BountyCPA an apology and will need to do an update on that post. After A LOT of research, I believe I know why there is a more thorough application process for becoming a CPA.

Since you are not actually selling anything to someone, the advertisers (those with products/services to sell) want to make sure that you will be able to send the right traffic/leads to their products or services.

Thinking of it from this perspective has made me realize that this isn’t being “shady” it is just being smart. When you fill out your application for any CPA program they ask for you website.

Most of them require you to have one. It is my belief that once you have submitted them the information, they then go and check your website. Commission Junction is not a CPA however.

Do you have a good website with quality content? Is the content or niche suitable for a product or service their advertisers have to promote?

Are you getting a good amount of traffic? These are all really good points for them to look for since you will be sending them potential buyers.

This makes more sense now. In affiliate marketing YOU are promoting the actual product/service. If you make a sale, then you get a commission.

Getting Started

Since I have my foot in the door, I initially thought that I had to wait 14 days before I was allowed to do anything as I have to get approved by an advertiser.

While checking out the site I discovered I needed to choose an advertiser and then wait to see if they approve me. Yikes. I am not sure how that will go.

I have searched for help in their support center, BUT it is a FAQ type of support. You can email them though. I am still waiting on a reply.

I did receive an email from support the next day. That wasn’t to bad, since it wasn’t something I needed help with right away.

The training they provide leaves a lot to be desired. The “training” is all text based. Finding your way around is not easy at all. The program I am a member of is a lot easier than this and it comes with LIVE support.

I signed up with an advertiser and I actually got approved in less than a week. Yay, me. I think. I didn’t receive an email or anything to let me know I was approved.

I chose a company 1&1 Internet inc. It is listed as a web hosting/servers company. I had to really do my homework on this one if I wanted to make money from it. This program gives you a list of keywords. I am going to use one and one web hosting for my keyword.

Now mind you, this was only so that I can give you my honest opinion of this company. I am a part of a great program that gives me 25 free (sub) domains and 25 purchased domains with free hosting and security, plus everything I need to make them successful websites.

Promoting The Product

You will use your own website to promote the advertisers products that you get approved for. You will be provided links that you can copy and paste into your site or post.

I am going to use a banner. Just to see how it does. I don’t personally use the product, therefore I will not write my thoughts on it. I don’t want you thinking it is some great product and then find out that it isn’t.

I will provide the information that i have found on them as well as what others say about them and include it in my next post. Just for you.

What I see so far is that 1 & 1 Internet Inc. actually doesn’t sound like a bad program especially if you are just starting out as a blogger and can’t really afford to spend a lot.

Product Promotion

I know this isn’t your normal way of doing this, but I am going to include a promotion for the product I chose in order to give you a general idea of what to expect if you decide to join them.

1&1 Internet Inc Is the product I applied for was approved to promote. They offer reasonable plans for purchasing/servicing domains, websites, email services.

As you can see the price is VERY reasonable and they basically offer everything you need in order to build your online business.

It seems you PICK the services you want and pay for them individually. I don’t see that they have a package that has everything for one price. Which explains why I had a list of different services to choose from that I could promote.

Lets take a look at my main product with 1&1 to see exactly what you get with each package and what it will cost you.

It seems you PICK the services you want and pay for them individually. I don’t see that they have a package that has everything for one price.

1&1 WordPress Hosting is my main product. WordPress is the best you will ever come across. i use it as well.

The basic package cost $0.99 per month for the first 12 months and then $7.99 a month after the first 12 months. In this package you will get the following:

The Plus package cost $4.99 for the first 12 months and then $9.99 a month after the first 12 months. In this package you will get the following:

1and1.com | Hosting, Domains, Website Services & Servers

WordPress is an exceptional platform. The site you are on right now was created by using it. It is beginner friendly with the best plugins and widgets you will find. I am sure most of you are very familiar with it.

My purpose of running this semi promotion for WordPress hosting was my way of showing you what I mean about doing your research, if you are interested in promoting products through Commission Junction.

Now back to the main subject.

Commission Junction Basics

The process of getting accepted is definitely easier than BountyCPA. I still have heard nothing from them and I applied twice.

If you are a beginner, it will not be easy for you, but it can be done. Do not expect to get answers to your questions with in minutes, like I do with the number one program I promote.

You actually have to not only be approved by Commission Junction but also by the advertiser for the product that you want to promote.

Your best bet will be to find videos on YouTube in order to learn how to maneuver around the platform. I am still having trouble with it myself.

If you want to check out the training they do have, or if you have a question, just click on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner and this will take you to their support center.

It seems you can sign up for as many advertisers as you like. I would definitely make sure that they fit your niche before signing up. I would also advise that you research the advertiser and their products as well.

You have to earn at least $100 USD in order to get paid the following month. If you do not have $100.00 then it will roll over until you reach the minimum of $100.

I can not tell you about how they are with payments personally as I have yet to really promote my chosen product. I can assure you that as soon as I find out I will be updating this.

My Honest Opinion

I think that this will definitely be a better avenue to travel than BountyCPA. Even though it is difficult to navigate or get help and information, it seems like a legit way to promote products and earn money.

After doing some thinking about the “approval” process, it actually makes me think that it is a good idea and not that shady at all.

Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate or what ever you refer to it as, does not compare to my number one recommendation. I don’t think it is a scam and I didn’t run into any upsells either.

You can check out my review for my number one recommendation here.

If you are or were a publisher for Commission Junction/CJ Affiliate, I would love to hear about your experience with them. It can be good or bad, as long as it is honest.

I hope I have provided you with some useful information. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please leave them down below. I love hearing them just as much as I love responding to them.

Thank you

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann







How Can You Make Money Online Blogging-How Can’t You

How Can You Make Money Blogging Online

Blogging online is very popular nowadays, but then again, what isn’t when it comes to making money online right? How can you make money online blogging though?

Don’t you have to constantly write, where is the money in that? You can’t buy someones words right? These may be questions you have when it comes to blogging.

Are these questions that you might have, and not knowing the answers have maybe left you thinking that you want to try blogging, but not if you can’t make money from it

What Exactly Is Blogging

So, what is blogging? Are you just creating a website and writing about anything and everything? Do you just write about one thing? That would get boring I bet, wouldn’t you think?

The word blog in the dictionary means to add new material to or regularly update a blog

  • write about (an event, situation,topic etc.) in a blog

The blog style has really changed since it started back in 1994. In the beginning it was more like and online diary or journal. Then things started to change.

People figured out that they could actually share anything and communicate it to others. This was when blogging really begin. Enjoy this short introduction to blogging video.

Now you can blog about your cat or your dog, maybe even dog training or known health problems in cats. Have you traveled around you country or other countries and have stories you would like to share? Yes, you can create a blog on that.

Blogging is basically relaying quality and useful information to an audience (readers). Your content will be how you help your readers.

You are providing them with helpful information that they are searching for. Most bloggers choose and audience they want to help because they already have a niche (something you are passionate or knowledgeable about, a hobby or something you want to learn more about).

What To Blog About

They have chosen this niche because they are usually very passionate about it and want to help others. Being passionate about your niche gives you the upper hand when creating quality content.

Blogging means you can write about almost ANYTHING, travel, food, animals, crafts, how to’s, meal planning for dieters, classic car collecting, and the list is never ending. Pick your niche and pick your audience and start blogging. Simple right?

It isn’t as hard as you may think, but there are steps to take to become a blogger. Having great titles will draw your readers in. Raising their curiosity will make them want to click on your post and read further.

Don’t let this confuse you. It may seem like a lot of steps to take, if you haven’t done it before. If you decide to actually become a bloggers, you will look back and say “why didn’t I do it sooner”.

Being successful at it, for more than a year takes commitment as you have to continue to write. You can’t just start making money and then stop blogging.

Do I Need A Website                        Website

Thanks to the internet providing us with endless information on everything you can think of, everything that is on the internet, is on a website.

Whether it is a company website that was already built by their IT, or a small business owner who created it themselves on a paid platform.

Having it built for you, can cost you some money, and please don’t fall for scams saying “make mega bucks on free website we built for you”. It is not the truth and you will lose some serious money.

You do need a website in order to have a place to design your blogs to appeal to your readers eyes. Think about reading a book. Would you want to read something that has no pictures?

Your eyes don’t. They like that visual effect. Don’t you tend to get tired of reading something with no pictures? I do.

You will also need a domain (more like a parking space for your website).

This can also get tricky. If you already have experience in blogging, you must be just seeing what others are saying on this topic, or maybe you want to make sure there is not something better for you out there.

Either way I want you to know what is involved and I want to ensure you don’t just take off wanting to get started and run into a financial mishap.

Not only will you need a website, a domain, a host for your domain and security for it, you might even need some training as well.

What Level Are You On

Most of us have a general idea about what blogging is or what bloggers do anyway, right. They write stuff. Some of us may even be subscribed to a blogger or two.

Maybe that is when you started thinking about becoming a blogger. What level are you on, just means, how much information do you know about blogging and what it might cost you to actually start your own blog?

For those who may have a better understand about being a blogger, do you know exactly how you will monetize your site? Do you already have a website started?

Those of you who are just starting to research the idea, do you think you are comfortable just finding somewhere to build a website and start blogging?

This question pertains to either or, do you know the proper way of writing your titles or taglines? Are you able to find the best keywords for your blogs?

What about getting traffic? Where would you start when you have your site ready and want to attract visitors and get traffic flowing to your site.

These are just a few questions that will help you see what is involved in blogging, and I am sure you already knew some of them, or maybe even all of those that I just spoke about. It isn’t as difficult how it may seem though. Honest.

Want to blog but don’t know where to start?

Where Should You Start As A Beginner

We have discussed what you might need, so where do you start, where do you go first? Can you get everything in one place, is it expensive?

You need to choose the right blogging platform. This will be where you create your content. You can check out WordPress (the best platform around) and not have to worry about building you website by having to use codes. I also get it free.

I use them myself and it is so much easier than the other platforms, that aren’t user-friendly, or designed for beginners. I didn’t have to manually install WordPress either like on other programs.

Manually installing WordPress requires you to know how to use Zip folders/files, php files as well as software. I am not good with that, which is why I am where I am. A much simpler platform. WordPress can cost $4 to $25 a month

You can go to GoDaddy, NameJet.com (I do not use them, they are just a couple I know of) etc to purchase a domain name. I get everything I need at one place.

For a domain name you want to be careful when choosing it, as well as where you buy it from. You want something short, easy to remember, and don’t use any special characters or numbers. A domain name typically cost $10-$12 per year.

You need someone to host your newly purchased domain you need someone to host if for you. A quite popular one that I hear a lot about is HostGator. The lowest package available here is $2.64 a month with one domain.

Now that you have the basics, what about creating your website? Will you know about your menus, plugins and widgets, or the privacy policy? What about finding keywords? Jaaxy is the BEST keyword research tool available. I also use it.

Jaaxy has many features that will help you not only find the best keywords, but also allows you to use the alphabet soup technique, site rank, brainstorm as well as save your keywords to a list. You can get 30 free searches.

After you free searches, Jaaxy will be $49 a month. However, you can get Jaaxy free (lite version which has everything you need), by becoming a member of this amazing platform that I use.

I have Jaaxy lite and it does everything I need it to do and then some. Even if you were to decide to use the same platform, and decided to join, you will definitely see that you are saving money, getting a more beneficial platform easy to use, and you have everything RIGHT there.

How Does Blogging Earn Money

Blogging isn’t just to write about what you enjoy in life or about your knowledge about something. Blogging can earn you a substantial income when done the proper way.

This will be where the tools we have touched on will be helping you in making your business one that can earn you money. Targeting the right keyword, (and quality content), will help in getting traffic to your post and on the first page of Google.

You will be able to find affiliates that fit your niche and apply for affiliate links. If you sell affiliate products then you receive a commission. You can promote as many products as you like as long as they fit your niche.

There are so many ways especially with the amount of products out there hat can be promoted as well as a never ending cycle of niches. You just have to find your own niche and start from there.

Come Give It A Try- Beginner Or Expert

Whether you are new or not, you don’t have to go at it alone in order to start your own online blogging business. I can take you to where you will be taught everything you need to know as well as all the tools to build you business.

If you watched the introduction video above it showed headers, and footers as well as being able to add media, menus and many other tools to enhance your readers experience. They are all avilable, as well as learning how to add them.

You will even be able to try it completely free, and get two free domains. You never have to upgrade unless you want to. You will receive the first 10 lessons completely free.

Even the best blogger will learn something new here, or at least be able to refresh themselves on marketing.  You should always look forward to learning.

You will not find a platform that can walk you step by step trough getting your own business set up. You aren’t setting it up for someone else, you are doing it for yourself. Design your own logo, you can even do it for free.

No time limit on getting through the training, you do it on your own pace, and whatever time of day you want to so it. Need help? There is always someone available to help you anytime, day or night.

You will have everything you need all in one place, and no upsells to deal with either, no trickery. The only think you might buy (other than going premium) will be a domain. The 2 free ones are sub domains, you won’t actually own them.

But if you go premium, you get 25 free domains and you can have 25 purchased domains, hosted there. You will have full access to WrodPress, no coding involved. You can have your site up in seconds (minus the content).

It will be YOUR own business. This amazing platform was created in order to help others like yourself to benefit from what has led the owners to their success.

Not a get rich quick, let me take your money and say see ya kind of scam. But real peolpe sharing their knowledge with you in step by step lessons with vidoes as well.

When they set out on their journey to create this platform, they had you in mind. Someone who deserves the chance to build their own online business correctly without charging you an outrageous amount of money yet giving you the best training, support and tools to help you succeed.

Start your blog today by clicking here. You have nothing to loose and your own business and knowledge to gain.


I hope to see you on the blogger side.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, I would love to hear them.

I love to respond.

Wishing you the best in all you do,

Lee Ann



Wealthy Affiliate University Review-Can They Really Teach You Success

Thank you for checking out my Wealthy Affiliate University review. Have you heard of it? Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate? The story is that Wealthy Affiliate University can teach you how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

It is not only for the newbiest of newbs, but is also for those with experience as well as everyone in between. I can vouch for it being beginner friendly. When I first joined 6 months ago I didn’t even really know what affiliate marketing was.

I have been there 6 months and I figure it is time for me to give my honest opinion. I have had plenty of time to do the training and implement what I have learned.

Overview and Rankings – The Proof Is In The Numbers

Owners Kyle and Carson

Website URL www.https://wealthyaffiliate.com

Training 4.8 out of 5.0

Support 5.0 out of 5.0

Website builder 4.9 out of 5.0

WordPress hosting 4.8 out of 5.0

Research tools 4.6 out of 5.0

Success stories 4.5 out of 5.0

Price for starter membership FREE or Premium $49.00 a month or $359.00 for a yearly membership at a huge discount.

Is It REALLY User Friendly

When I initially joined I was still in my skeptical stage of course. To top it off I really had no idea of what I was to do or where to start.

The community sort of dog piled me (in a good way). I was welcomed by many and my mentor was among the ones welcoming me and filling me in on where to start.

It was AMAZING! I started my training and was flabbergasted when I realized that the training was given be one of the co-owners, Kyle. Below is the Get Started Video if you would like to check it out.

Wealthy Affiliate Walk through

As you can tell from watching the video. Kyle explains everything in a way that almost anyone can understand. Even if you don’t know anything about building and online business.

Kyle does most of the training for wealthy Affiliate University. There are videos to ensure you get a visual sense of how to do what he is explaining.

Best Training Platform Around

There are so many great benefits to the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate University. I have been a part of other programs that didn’t even come close to what I was offered here.

I am sure you are wondering how I was a newbie/beginner if I had tried other programs in the past. Let me ask you this. Have you tried other programs? If you have, then I am willing to bet you felt like you were thrown to the wolves.

Someone with experience may have had an easier time, but if you are doing it for your first time, the training on other programs are not beginner friendly like they claim to be.

You are left not knowing where to start let alone what to do. If you do find your way, you can’t understand because the person doing the training doesn’t even sound human, and the videos only show partial steps that you need to take.

The training is out-of-date, they don’t SHOW you how to properly complete the task that you are learning. Setting up a website shouldn’t consist of coding or using complicated downloaded themes.

That is for the stone age. Let alone the price you have to pay for everything to create your business, providing you do understand what to do and how to do it.

This is why I was still a beginner when I happened to find Wealthy Affiliate. I had almost given up, as I had searched for years, here and there. If you would like to know where I am coming from, feel free to read about me.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate University, is nothing like that. You are provided with step by step training by video and text with pictures. They recently developed a new UX which is even more beginner friendly than it was before.

You can practically get to everywhere you need to go within the platform from your main page. How awesome is that? The walk through video shows you where everything is. The video was updated when the new platform was released.

There are training videos to go with each step. You also have boxes that you check off so that you know where you left off. This will also allow the system to keep up where you are at with the training.

When you want to go back to where you were it will show you, just click on it and boom, your there. As a premium member, you can go through the training however many times you need.

There are also weekly live training done by Jay. He gives you extra training for many items that you cover in training. Another added bonus is that there are members who also create training.

I can feel this entire page talking about the training. I am not kidding when I say that you will learn EVERYTHING that you need to know about getting your website/business up and going.

Building A Website With Ease-Meet WordPress

WordPress is by far the best and easiest website builder by far. I once had to try to build a website, as a beginner, with Everything WordPressthe Adobe Dreamweaver. That was NOT happening.

During my beginner days here, I was laughing when I heard Kyle say that I was going to set my website up in less than 30 seconds.

It was no joke. He was serious. I could not believe my eyes. I was so impressed with myself and with Kyle. After all the programs I had tried throughout the years, I had finally created my first website at the age of 48. Heck yeah.

Choosing my theme was a different story, because of the stress I put on myself due to this being something I had never done before.

Kyle said not to put a lot of time into it. Just pick one that will work with your niche. I decided after awhile to take his advice, and I love the theme I have. It isn’t complicated and does what I need.

You will have thousands of themes to choose from (as a premium member) and you can change them if you decide you don’t like the one you chose.

You will have access to tons of free plugins and widgets, everything you need to get your site the way you want it. You can add social media buttons that will show up on every page/post you create, with the ability to share right from the post/page itself.

Everything is included in the membership if you join the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate University. No hidden fees and no upsells. Of course there are pro versions available, but I haven’t had the need to buy any of them.

Where else can you get everything WordPress has to offer (included in the premium for WAU a low monthly cost0? Not to mention getting the All In One SEO pack

Getting Traffic

When I said I could fill this page with just the training, I wasn’t joking. The team (owners and members) at this university, know their stuff.

Getting social is one of the lessons you will have. Learning where and how to get traffic is a huge bonus when it comes to setting up your online business.

There is even extra training from members, where they show you what has helped them that others mat not have tried or even thought about. They give you ideas that may even allow you to generate your own idea.

Social Media Engabing
I am telling you, I have never experienced anything like this place before. I have learned that FaceBook isn’t just a place for family and friends, but your business as well. The same with the other social media sites.

You will learn how to leverage your social media site in order to help your website/business grow. I am sure you have social media accounts, or you at least know that EVERYONE is social these days.

Kyle adds more and more tutorials to help you in every way with using social media. He not only teaches you how to use it to your advantage but you will also learn what they mean for your business.

Learning The Affiliate Way

Affiliate marketing is on the rise as well as the amount of people looking to get involved in and building their business around it.

There is a certification course to teach you everything you need to know about building your online marketing business from the ground up.

Right down from picking your niche to how to make the sale. There are 5 courses and 10 lessons in each course. Each lesson has tasks for you to complete which will help assist you in implementing what you have learned and creating a successfull business.

The quality of the training the videos and the tools to build your business are priceless. Learning about keywords, how to get access to over a million products and even how to set up and run a profitable business.

Getting training in consumer purchasing even, to help you prepare for building a profitable business. The training is limitless. All it takes is for you to follow it and implement it. Take a look the video below that was designed by Loes, an awesome member with incredible talent.

In affiliate marketing you don’t need to house any products, deal with the payments for them or shipping the products. All you have to do, is decide how YOU want to help others.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to pick the best affiliate programs to join for free as well as helping you to decide on the products to promote that fit your niche.

You are taught everything for an affordable price that hasn’t gone up and doesn’t go up. You would pay more for just the training at other programs.

To get a more in depth look at what is available at Wealthy Affiliate just click here. You can get a better understanding of the tools as well as everything that you will have access to.

Why It Is The Foundation To Build Your Business

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing, have had your feet wet in it before, or have become quite the expert. You want the foundation for your business to be a supportive one.

The foundation needs to be able to support not only the beginning of your business, but support every branch of your business as it grows. No matter how many websites/businesses you create your support is there.

With the university, you will get the best training in the business. Kyle and Carson have been in the business for many years.

Their success didn’t happen overnight, nor did it happen because of them running a get rich scheme. Their success came from their willingness and desire to teach others.

Their type of leadership, spills over to the members of the university. They have taught the members not only about success, but about caring as well.

This is why you have members who help with creating their own training, in order to help others. The community there is filled with members from all over the world. Young, old and every age in between.

They are there because they have the best teachers that are able to teach them in a way that is easy to learn. The owners are active within the community. especially Kyle. Carson is behind the scenes a lot leading the tech team.

You won’t find that anywhere either. Not only do they give you the training they give you the help you need. They built a caring community who is also there to help and encourage you.

They are there from the start of your training, the beginning of your implementation of what you have learned, through the building of your business and for it’s success.

Once you finish the training, you are still supported. You can now venture out with starting new websites from the 25 free domains and 25 paid domains, you still have free hosting, security and support (with premium membership.

No Longer A Newbie

I am not an internet guru by any means, but I do know a lot more than I ever thought I would. My learning comes at a slow pace and I need to repeat the process a few times in order for it to sink in.

I am able to do that. I can go back at anytime I need a refresher course. Kyle and Carson are constantly working to improve an already state-of-the-art platform in order to give us members a more valuable learning experience.

They do so much for their members, helping you set goals and helping you to reach them. For them to have gotten me this far, they have really done the impossible. If you knew me personally, you would see the truth in this.

I get to work from my home and share a program that I truly believe in. I would not tell you about it other wise. I don’t believe in lying or taking advantage of others. I believe in being honest and helping whoever I can, the same as Kyle and Carson.

Your Success Depends On You And How Bad You Want It

Kyle Showin Support

I have created my website (the one you are currently on. Feel free to look around), I have posts that are ranked number 1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing. My ranking in WAU has recently become an Ambassador. That is all because of the opportunity I have been given by becoming a member to something I strongly believe in.

I love helping others which helped me to earn Ambassador. My business was built in order to help others. It’s purpose is to show you that you can do it to. No matter who you want to help or how, you can do it.

You can join for free, in order to test drive the program. It wasn’t created this way to “lure” you in. It was created this way to insure that it doesn’t cost you if you decide it isn’t for you.

A writer, I am not. When you believe in something and have a true desire to help others, and have support, you can make the impossible a reality. The same as I have done.

If you want to give it a go, you have nothing to lose. Check it out for free. When you do, all I ask is that you promise me, that you will come back and let me know what you thought about it. Thumbs up or thumbs down, I want to know.

If you decide to stay, you will have my help every step of the way as well as the help of hundreds of thousands of like-minded individuals who also want to see you succeed.

Here is to seeing you around at the Wealthy Affiliate University, where we help each other to become a success.

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Take Care

Lee Ann