Love What You Do And Do What You Love

Love What You Do

I am sure you have heard the expression “love what you do and do what you love”. It may seem impossible to live by this motto, especially when it comes to your job. Does it have to be like that? Um, no It doesn’t. I will introduce you to a legitimate work from home business that will definitely allow you to live by this motto. You will have to bare with me until the end though.

Oh How I Love The View-Wait What View

Are you stuck in an office answering a phone all day stuck in a tiny cubical with no view of anything but three gray walls and your desk? Feel ike your in a cage I bet, right? I bet every day you find yourself wishing that you at least had a window. Are there employees on both sides of you, or did you get lucky and you are the first or the last cubical? Are you loving what you do? I am, without a doubt.

Guess where I am, I am sitting in my office (my bedroom) listening to the wind and watching the bare trees sway from side to side. I love the view from our window of our back yard with the creek. I am so glad I don’t have to go out when the weather is like this. Running from the office to the car and from the car into the house. Well actually I wouldn’t have to run from the car into the house. I park my car in the garage. Maybe you are lucky and have a garage you park in at work and at home.

How’s The Traffic-No Delays Here

traffic jam late for work

The morning commute is something isn’t it? Especially when you are already running late. Maybe you are lucky and you take the bus. But then again, it is running late to. It never fails that if you start your day off running late, then you play catch up for the rest of the day.

You made it through your day, but you had to skp lunch to make up for the time you lost from being late. I don’t have to worry about waht time I get up and I definitely don’t have to worry about being late. Well I do have a set time to get up, I have to get my girls up and ready for school each morning. I can’t wait until summer break though so we can sleep in. Are you a little impatient to see just what it is that I do that allows me to do this? Ok I’ll let you take a peak at what It is. Go ahead and click here.


Meeting Here- Meeting There- Meeting Everywhere

Sounds like a song doesn’t it? If this is how your day is going, it probably isn’t one you want to be singing. You have a meeting here in your office, and then directly after this meeting you have one with a prospective new client clear on the other side of town. To matters worse, your last meeting for the day is two and a half hours away. Do what you love, love what you do. Is that you at this moment?

Hopefully you have a company car and they pay for the gas and the wear and tear on your vehicle. If not, ouch, that could be tapping into your wallet. Doing a lot of traveling for your job with your personal car can cause the miles to accumulate quickly. The wear and tear might be minimal other than maybe the tires, brakes etc. wearing out sooner. Traveling in congested areas are hazardous due to higher percentage of accidents. Be fafe in your travels. I live in a rural are so if I had to work outside the home, I would have to travel thirty minutes just to get to the nearest town. One of the many reasons I do what I love and love what I do.


Sitting Poolside-Laptop In Hand

I have a job, but I’m my own boss. My success or failure is up to no one but myself. I can take it anywhere I go (as long as there is internet provided). I am able to take part in all of my girl’s school functions and activities. I can sit poolside with my laptop in hand. Don’t worry I keep it covered with an umbrella to protect it from the ‘splash zone”.

The freedom I have is awesome. I don’t have to answer to anyone other than myself and my readers. I love what I do because I am able to write about what interest me; and can make a living in doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I am dedicated and committed. If I don’t write the content it doesn’t get read, and it has to be qulity content to keep the reader (you) interested. If I can’t do that then I don’t promote my site which in turn will cause me to not earn an income.

I can write about anything. Share my knowledge or my results from research on something I have always wondered about. You can make money from home by giving tips on working from home or typing a resume. The business I have knows no limit when it comes to what type of site/business you want to build. Once you get your main site to where you are earning from it, you can start another. Pretty much everyone has more than one interest or passion, may even be knowledgeable in many areas. Why not turn your passion into a business? Do you love DIY projects? Or maybe you have found the best wheels ever, and are into car accessories? Like I siad, here is no limit on what you can base your business on. Promoting products for Amazon even. No need to find a warehouse to house the products and you don’t even have to deal with the customer. All you do is provide a link giving the customer access to the product/products on your site.

Put Your Wallet Away-It’s FREE

I saved the best part for last. You don’t even have to pay for this (unless you want access to more options). You don’t even need to know where to start or how. What you will have access to is  beginner friendly training and classes to teach you every step of the way. As well as access to the best tools of the trade. Have a question? Ask it in live chat, or at the bottom of every lesson page check the Q&A section. If your question hasn’t already been asked, then go ahead and ask. You can even type your question into the search bar located at the top of your member page, once you click enter it will bring up the suggested links. Just pick which one best fis your question and there will be your answer in detail. You can also type your question into the question area on your member page.

I am not gonna hold you up by telling you all the wonderful benefits as I could go on forever. You can click here to check out my review first if you would like. If you have ever came to the conclusion that you don’t love what you do, or you are tired of doing the same thing every day and are looking for a change just go ahead and check out what I have below. No billing information needed.

I wish you the best of luck in all you do. If you have any questions or comments at all, please don’t hesitate to leave them down below. I love answering them.

Take Care

Lee Ann





Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. Hi Lee Ann,
    This post really resonates with me. I have a cubical 9-5 job, that I do not mind for the most part, but would rather be my own boss and manage my time. It sounds scary, especially for people who rely on their salary-based money. Another thing is that a lot of people would rather stick to the known reality vs something that they have never tried before. My advice, try it, it will not hurt!
    Blogging is a real thing and people have stable income flow out of it. If you have a knowledge of something, would like to be your own boss, take action!

    • I agree with you. Some of us are risk takers while others are more conservative. But if you aren’t happy with what you do, then that is all the more reason to try something new at what you love to do when given the opportunity. You might miss out on a perfect opportunity if you don’t take the chance you have been given.
      Lee Ann

  2. I can relate to this post so much! I hated even the mere thought of having to go to my job! I’m with you on the “creating your own success or failure”. I love knowing MY future is in MY hands! Great post!

    • Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my post. I am assuming that you are in charge of your job situation. There is nothing like being your own boss. Thank you for your kind words. You have made my day.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

  3. Wow Lee Ann! Great Post, Sounds like Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. Thanks for the concise explanation of what they do!
    I have been searching online for a legitimate online business opportunity and am thinking of checking them out. Thank you for the information.

    • Clyde,
      Thank you for your comment and for taking time to read my post.
      Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion is the best affiliate marketing education platform around. I am sure you knew my opinion of them by reading my post.
      If you are looking at starting up your own online business, I highly suggest you give Wealthy Affiliate a try. Remember, you can try it absolutely FREE.
      It is a sure way to make sure you Love What You Do and Do What You Love.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

  4. I have been looking into Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time. Actually signed up about 5 years ago, but at the time had been scammed so many times that I didn’t give it a shot. Now after looking more on the Internet, I see that it is still very much alive and has so many great reviews. How long have you been with them, and how has it been for you so far?

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
      I have been with Wealthy Affiliate 4 months now and it has been amazing.
      Their training platform has given me knowledge to create my own website, when I didn’t even know what a keyword was. The tools they provide not only to build my website but also provided me with the best keyword research tool (Jaaxy) as well as plugins with the training on how to use them and so much more,
      In my 4 months I have even made money from my online business. I didn’t expect that until I had been there for at least a year.
      If you had stuck with it 5 years ago you definitely would have been making your own profit from your work from home business.
      It is for sure worth trying. If you do please come back and let me know what you think and how you are doing with it.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

  5. It is so important to find something you are passionate about, and when you can also monetize on it, it makes it all the better! I love that this is free to try! Not many companies can say that, and if they do there is always a catch! I really appreciate this article!!

    • Amanda,
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Passion is definitely a bonus that allows you to ENJOY your work which in return make you more productive and that leads to monetizing.
      I was very skeptical when I first came across Wealthy Affiliate, as I am sure almost everyone is nowadays.
      After all like you said. You can sign up for FREE. After I signed up, started the training, was able to follow it and complete the task, and was able to see how helpful the community was. I knew it is where I belong.
      But there are no scams nor upsells with them. No broken promises of get rich quick either. Absolutely the best place to be if you are wanting to start you own business from home or anywhere.

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