How Easy Is It To Make Money Online Using SiteRubix-Easier Than A Rubik’s Cube

How easy is it to make money online using SiteRubix? Is it easier than a Rubik’s cube? I will tell you if it is easy or not in this review. I will cover everything about it to the best of my knowledge. When I am done you can decide how easy it is and if it is worth a try.

SiteRubix Review 2018

URL https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co…

Price Free starter membership $49.00 premium $349.00 Yearly

Owners Kyle and Carson

Ranking 96 out of !00

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is much less complex than a Rubik’s cube It is a unique site builder that uses word press platform that allows ANYONE ( even us newbies ) to build a website with features that grow with your website. It has a state of the art hosting network that does hosting for you. You are given the tools and training needed to set up your website, get traffic to your site, get ranked and make money on your site.

You will have access to Site manager, Site Builder, Site Domain and Site Content as well as free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate ( an internet marketing training platform ).All of this as a free member and MUCH more will be yours. Now where else can you get a free website as well as FREE training, tools and hosting? Under the free starter membership your domain will be a sub domain, but no worries, all that means is that you don’t own it. A sub domain will still rank in google and the other search engines.

Who is SiteRubix For?

Anyone can use SiteRubix. Even if you’re a beginner (like me) or a novice website builder. A beginner will have step by step training as well as videos illustrating what and how to do it. Even a beginner can have their website created and showing up online in a matter of seconds.

Whether you want to create a site for something you are passionate about ( dogs, babies plants etc), create an online family tree website or even start an online business site, SiteRubix is the place to go. No matter what level of training you have or don’t have, becoming an expert is possible, Those who already have some ‘know how’, will notice right away that they have the best writing, hosting and domain register platforms available today. And I’m sure the newbies and the pros will be amazed .

Tools And Training At SiteRubix

Once you have chosen a NICHE , ( could be something you are passionate about, are very knowledgeable about or even something you want to learn about ) then choose what type of website you want to build. For free members you will choose free domain ( free members can have 2 under the free starter membership), or let’s say you already have your own domain that you own, you can choose that ( under a premium member you can have 25 free domains and 25 domains you own ). This alone would cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars with any other affiliate program per month. To check out a training video on getting started, please click the link below.


You will have access to training for every step of building and promoting your website.

The training will include instructional videos that you can always refer back to at anytime. I have had to go back on previous lessons myself. When I first started I had NO knowledge about any part of building a website or creating an online business. I didn’t know what a plugin ( enables customization ) or tag (keyword or term assigned to a piece of information) was. Some of us take baby steps while others sprint to the finish line. You set your own pace.

When designing your site you will have the tools to fit your need. As a free member you only have 2 themes to choose from and as a premium member will have over 2,400 to choose from. You will be able to add pictures, menus, plugins and tags all from one place. As well as training on how to use them.

Let’s say you are a beginner DO NOT WORRY,

you will learn how to use all the tools ( menus, tags, plugins etc…) Like I said before, the lessons and training videos through Wealthy Affiliate are included in your SiteRubix free or premium membership. You will NOT have to just wing it like with other affiliates. Nor will you have to pay for using them.

SiteRubix Support

Since you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate when you sign up with SiteRubix which also gives you an out of this world community. This community strives on helping others. Any question you might have, on a task or if you don’t understand something in the training, just ask. No matter what it is that you need help with. I absolutely love this community. There is always someone who can help you.

There is also site support available 24/7 as well as live chat. At the end of each lesson there is also Q and A. This is where I go first. If I run into an issue I check to see if someone else had the same issue and maybe there is already a solution there. Members can also do a search for what type of help you are looking for. The owners are even there to help you if you need it. Yes, the owners. I didn’t believe it myself in the beginning until I asked a question in live chat and Kyle ( one of the 2 owners) answered my question. How cool is that?


To set up an account with SiteRubix is free. You also sign up with Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member. For the amount of training, support and tools given, you just can’t beat it. Other affiliates would charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for less quality of platforms.


Very easy to use.

You don’t need to know coding.

You can change the theme anytime you want.

You can get help and support 24/7 from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Your website is monitored 24/7.

Your site is backed up daily

It is free to sign up. No credit card information needed

Mobile Friendly Yes you can even use your cellular phone!


As a free member you only get 2 sites. Your free sites are actually subbed domains of SiteRubix.com

The number of plugins with the free membership are limited

My Opinion

SiteRubix takes building a website to a whole new level. It is nothing like trying to solve the Rubik’s cube. It is quick and easy to get your site built and showing online. In my opinion, if starting an online business interest you, this is the platform to use. There aren’t building platforms out there that can offer what you get at SiteRubix for free let alone as a premium member. Without draining your bank account even.

Want to try SiteRubix for free? Please click below. Let me know if you think it is easier than a Rubik’s cube or not.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask and I will definitely reply.

Thank you,

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann McQuay

Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. Creating a website is a piece of cake now, and I love it! I started with a WordPress website myself, and if I’d have had to know how to write a word of html code or figure out what a plugin was myself, I wouldn’t have a website, lol. It’s amazing what technology can do nowadays!

    • Thank you and you are so right. It has taught me so much in these couple of months. I would never had thought i would be able to build a website. I still have a lot to learn but I am looking forward to it.

      Best Of Luck In All You Do

  2. Thanks Lee for your useful review of SiteRubix. I like the content Manager Most in SiteRubix. Apart from Checking the spellings and Grammer, It also checks the uniqueness or plagiarism.

    • You are right. I couldn’t imagine trying to build a site without it. I definitely make use of it’s every ability. I love the fact that it prevents you from duplicating content. Once you have written twenty post, you might start forgetting what you have already written about. Another advantage, is the spell and grammar check. When I really love the topic I am writing about I have a tendency to write the way I talk (southern drawl, which if a word ends in ing we tend to leave the g out) and SiteRubix will alert me to this allowing me to give my readers proper writing.
      Thank you for reading my post and for taking the time to comment.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do

  3. Thanks Lee for sharing this opportunity with everyone.

    I was actually overwhelmed with the tools, training system and support available on the platform for a newbie as myself.

    I can confidently say that, all you need is an interest and the will to maximise opportunities. If that describes anyone, then siterubix is an excellent place to explore those noble qualities.

    • Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.
      I agree with you. I found myself to get a little overwhelmed in the beginning as well. My being excited and wanting to just in caused most of it. Then seeing everything that I had at my disposal was overwhelming.
      Taking it one step at a time and having the determination definitely helped me to see how easy it actually was and allowed me to use SiteRubix in a more structured way.
      I wish you the best
      Lee Ann

  4. Lee Ann,
    Great article explaining the benefits of SiteRubix. I agree with you that it is a fast and easy system to learn and to build a website on. I often find myself splitting my time between the SiteContent and SiteManager features, both have the slightly different touches that I like to use. The themes collection for Members is fantastic, if you can’t find a theme there, you will find something even better.
    SiteRubix is much easier than a Rubik’s cube

    • Thank you very much Sanders for your time.
      Anyone who has used SiteRubix know the many advantages it has. It carries so many features it is hard to not like it. It definitely makes writing and publishing a more enjoyable experience. I have much better success with SiteRubix than I do with the Rubik cube.
      I am hoping others who are not using SiteRubix will see this post and set their mind at ease about the complexity in using it.
      It is awesome when others share their experience. It no longer looks to be just my opinion, but the opinion of other users as well.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

  5. I joined Wealthy Affiliate’s platform to learn how to affiliate market and make money from my niche. I started off building my SiteRubix website which was up and running in a jiffy.
    Since then I have transferred my original SiteRubix website into my own domain which was also completed without a hitch.
    Their hosting is unmatchable in my view. Whenever I have the occasional issue their response has been within 5 minutes and problem sorted meanwhile like you say, their straightforward training teaches novices into experience WordPress website builders.
    There’s never a need to look elsewhere on the web for help regarding anything website of affiliate marketing related, help & support is in abundance.
    How long have you been a Wealthy Affiliate member?

    • Dear Simon,
      Thank you very much for confirming the greatness of SiteRubix as well as Wealthy Affiliate.
      It is wonderful to hear of others experience here.
      When we start out as complete noobs, it is a task to find a platform that is as user friendly as this one.
      It taught me everything from a keyword to to internal linking. Words I had never known of before. The fact that I was able to build my very own site shows how wonderful it truly is.
      The fact that it has something to offer a beginner to a novice says a lot.
      It pleases me that you have had such success with all the tools and training that are offered. It can definitely be overwhelming to a beginner. I felt it as well in the beginning, but for all of us who truly want to work at home, this platform definitely makes it doable.
      I have been a member for 4 months, and I will remain a member for years to come.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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