I Need A Babysitter – Maybe I Don’t

Have you ever found yourself saying “I need a babysitter”? Maybe the one you normally use just up and quit, or had something come up unexpectedly. You got a new job but your work schedule requires you to work hours that your current sitter isn’t able to accommodate. There are so many parents that encounter child care issues on a daily basis. I hope to help you with figuring out whether you need child care or not.

Who Can I Trust

We love our children and always want to protect them. So when I need a babysitter, I automatically try my family or closest friends. Although with our current situation , that isn’t even a possibility. Please feel free to read why it isn’t possible. I have never used a day care as I don’t care too much about leaving my children with strangers. My husband ( at the time ) were able to work around each others schedule so that one of us were always home with our children. If I did decide to daycare,I would have definitely have done my research. We have internet and most businesses will have reviews on their site. What are their ratings? Have they had any abuse allegations/charges? We all know that in order to work in any business where you are caring for children/ or anyone actually, they are required to meet certain criteria as well as pass a background check. Search to see how they interact with children. Do they have adequate staff?Do they transport the children to school? Do they provide snacks? Make a list of EVERYTHING you want to know before you research/call the facility.

Will I Be Working For Free

Another obstacle a lot of families run in to when needing child care, is whether they can afford it or not..Especially single parents. Unless you are lucky enough to have family that will do it for FREE. Daycare can be quite an expense. Working families are already working so that they can afford to pay rent/mortgage pay bills, by groceries, make car payment etc. Most are just getting by on their pay as it is.

According to Child Care Aware Of America single parents In West Virginia (where I live) pay 47.2% of their pay for infant care at a day care center. Married parents with 2 children living on the POVERTY line pay 64.2% of their income for child care in a center. And of course the more little ones you have the more you pay. Hmm, could this be why they have so many issues getting out of poverty? Definitely makes it almost impossible to save money, let alone start a college fund. That leaves single parents with barely 50% and married couples with 2 children get less than 50% of their pay. To me, that is a little unfair. It’s almost like it is a punishment for trying to work, and raise a family. Not everyone has a good paying job and can afford daycare.

During your search for child care you will have to pay close attention to the cost of childcare as well as what the billing cycle is. If you qualify for child care assistance, do they accept it. Are they cleared by your local DHHS office? If so, this may be of big assistance to you.

Another option would be a sitter. Having a baby sitter should cost less. According to Sittercity babysitters Survey in 2017 the hourly rate was $12.19 for children under 21and $12.46. Now days babysitters work part-time or as needed. Nannies normally work a set schedule or on a full time basis. They may live with you or live outside your home. The average weekly salary for a full time nanny that lives outside your home is $705.00 and $652.00 per week full time according to 2015 INA Nanny Salary & Benefits Survey. To me, those who earn a significant income prefer a nanny, and the rest of us will go with a sitter. Although nannies will come more to having years of experience as well as training like CPR, which I would want anyone who watches my child to be able to perform it if needed. They may also want benefits as well like paid time off etc. If you have children that are school age, you will want a very reliable sitter. Nothing like finding out your child wasn’t picked up from school or wasn’t allowed to get off at the bus stop because no one was there to get them.

Here We Go – Call Off Again

As a working parent I would always hate hearing a co-worker say “it’s for you” after hearing the phone ring. I knew it would have to be the school. No one else would call me at work. Well not on the business line anyway (shhh, that is our secret). Actually I worked with some amazing co-workers. But you get my point. There is nothing like hearing that your child is sick or has gotten hurt. Then you rush out of work with no one to cover your position.

You are getting ready for work and you hear ” mommy, my stomach hurts “. You are thinking, oh no. You grab the thermometer and yup, it reads 102. If they are school age that means no school, if not the sitter isn’t wanting to watch a sick and possibly contagious child. Loving parents always want to be with their children especially when they don’t feel good. BUT we as an employee hate calling off. For parents who have little ones that are ill a lot or who are troubled, this creates a very unhappy employer. If there are two parents/guardians raising the child/children then maybe you can tag team. Alternate who takes off when there is a sick little one. Assuming that is a possibility.

Depending on your employer you are only allowed to call off a certain amount of times. If you reach that amount then you are facing disciplinary measures. Most employees aren’t working with understanding employers. Those that are, there is still only so much the employer can allow before they have to take action as well.

Left No Choice

Between not having a reliable sitter and a little one who gets sick every time the wind blows.You get fired. You have lost your job. So what do you do now? If you have a spouse/significant other, hopefully they can can support everyone until you can get another job and a reliable sitter or day care .

If you have been through this then you are probably asking yourself can I get through this? How will I pay the bills? What if my spouse doesn’t make enough to get us through until I can get a job and child care figured out? What if we end up homeless? For a lot of parents who have experienced a loss of their job, no matter the reason, these thoughts go through their mind. There are situations that cause parents to lose their job all the time. It could even be from the employer downsizing or even closing the business for good.

You know the saying “when it rains it pours”? Some peoples life just seem to always be one bad situation after another. They just can’t seem to get ahead no matter how hard they try. It takes a toll after a while. They might get to where they give up. While others may just keep trying and not let themselves give up.

There Is Always Hope

You might have to try something different or take a job you thought you would never do. But as a parent you do what you have to provide for your family. Even if it starts out as temporary. Who knows it could end up being the best job yet or it keeps the income coming in until you can find a better job. And hopefully your sitter or daycare will be there for you so that you don’t have to go through another job loss

My title for this was ” I need a baby sitter-Or do I” This is where the or do I comes in to play. You have plenty of options for a job that you can do right from your home. There are opportunities online as well. And no, it doesn’t mean you have to sell something or become one an annoying sales person who calls you because you visited a site while researching something online. There are tons of legitimate work from home business opportunities. You just have to know where to look and what to look for.

That is what I do now. I am working from the comfort of my own home. Did you happen to click and check out my story earlier in this article? Then you may or may not know why I had to find a way to work from home. By the way, I love it. You are more than welcome to check out what I do. if you are curious about it, go ahead and have a look. Have you thought about working online but weren’t sure how to go about it then click here.https://legitworkforparents.co…


Please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and I will definitely reply. Comments and suggestions are always welcome as well.

Best Of Luck In All You Do.

Thank you,

Lee Ann


Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. Hi Lee Ann, thank you very much for sharing your post. As a parent I can very much relate to this experience, especially when my children were young and I had to go to work. If you don’t have family members or friends who can help out with child care, you are left in mercy of child minders or kindergartens/nurseries. Some are good and some are not. It is very difficult for working parents and the cost of child care can be enormous. It feels like you are spending your entire salary on child care before tackling any of your most essential responsibilities. Another issue to worry about is when the child is sick you have to take time off and be at home as the nursery will insist the child is looked after at home which is good enough, or if you use a child minder, they might be going away leaving the you to find alternative options. Is certainly not easy for parents. By Showing parents that there is another way to generate income online whilst still looking after their families, I think is a brilliant idea and one that is much needed. Just imagine the freedom and flexibility it offers to parents as well as improving the quality of life for the entire family. They will be able to spend more quality time together with less stress and more importantly be financially free.

    • Thank you so much for reading my post and for taking the time to comment. There are so many situations that we as parents experience when trying to juggle work with a family. Everything you said is so true. Now days it takes a large amount of income just for one to survive in this economy let alone if they have a family to support. My main goal is to let all those that are struggling know there is a legitimate way to make money online and that Wealthy Affiliate can definitely make it possible for them.
      Take Care
      Best Of Luck In All You Do

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