Is Legendary Marketer A Scam Or Legit

Is Legendary Marketer Legit or A Scam

With so many online marketing firms hitting the market, it is a big battle out there. Each one of them promises the moon and therefore choosing one over the other is not an easy task.

Over the years we have come across one such network marketing company by the name Legendary Marketer.

It has raised quite a bit of excitement and therefore it would not be a bad idea to answer the question of is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit.

This calls for a close look at the marketing plan, the products it offers, the entry cost and much more.

We will do a complete review of the product so that customers are able to get a reasonable good idea about it and then make an informed decision whether to get in or not.

Before we dive into things I want you to know that I am not an affiliate of Legendary Marketing.

You will see why as you continue reading what I discovered about this program. Are you ready?

It May Not Be A Scam-But Is It Right For You

To begin with, there are reasons to believe that it is possible to make money with Legendary Marketer.

They do show quite a few numbers of screen shots from various affiliates who are known to make a few thousand dollars per day.

It would not be right to brand this as a scam. However, there are still a few unanswered questions which need to be answered.

Some Basic Information About Legendary Marketer

To begin with the name of the product/products as mentioned earlier is Legendary Marketer. Many people also know it by the name Duplicate Dave.

It is a tiered marketing company and it is often considered as a high-ticket affiliate marketing opportunity. It is about getting training about the various memberships and training modules.

I feel you should also know that MOBE was recently shut down due to fraudulent business education and charging its customers THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

Once you are familiar with it, you are supposed to market the same to your affiliates and those who join under your width and depth.

This product could be best suited for the founders and also for those who have significant amount of capital to invest in it and make money out of it.

The reason I say this is because If you don’t buy the high ended ticket price products, YOU DON’T GET COMMISSIONS ON THEM. YOUR SPONSOR DOES.

The course and training materials are considered legitimate and share some useful information about internet marketing.

However, the problem is that these training videos and products are priced very high and upselling the same could be a big problem for most affiliates.

Start Up Cost & Upsell Cost Is Legendary Marketer Legit

Before joining such network marketing programs, most of us would love to find answer to the question of how much does it really cost to join Legendary Marketer? As well as what is included.

The front end cost of joining this program is $30 a month and the up-sell cost of the most expensive product could be as high as $30,000.

Remember MOBE? This again is a big problem for many and this could inhibit the success of this entire marketing plan.

The monthly fee of $30 for remaining a member is also something which is not very transparent and is not in good taste.

Play close attention to the products that they offer. There are definitely some questionable intent on how they set the products up.

The Founder

The founder of this program is David and he states that the main objective of Legendary Marketer is to provide the right educational platform for helping budding entrepreneurs.

He helps them to graduate from part-time income to full time income with the help of their own digital business. David is quite experienced in this form of marketing and has almost a decade’s experience. Couldn’t he have come up with a better program for less?

He also is aware of the fact that the success rate in internet business is abysmally poor and only one out of ten are able to succeed in it. Especially with the prices of the upsells in his program.

From the founder’s point of view there are reasons to believe that he means business and is genuine about his endeavors. Why would he not lower the price of his “high end products”?

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

According to Dave since the success rate of internet business is very poor, he has developed this business on a franchisee model.

This is because the success rate of franchise business is much more and could be as high as nine out of ten.

Hence, he is keen on bringing the traditional brick and mortar franchise model to the digital world.

According to him, he has been able to develop a sale funnel that is proven. He also believes that it works fine.

He recommends that the affiliates and franchisees should stick to him and make use of his online franchise business to see big success.

There are a few who believe that he has mastered an easily duplicable business model and that is perhaps the reason he also is referred to as Duplicate Dave.

Legendary Marketer CommissionsWhat I See Wrong With The Business Plan

My biggest issue is the commissions. I understand, not wanting to promote a household item if you haven’t used it in order to give an honest review of it.

But If you are a member, then you know what the training is like and if it works. Why would you need to buy every single product, in order to earn commissions through your referrals?

Though the training product is quite good as far as mastering internet skills are concerned, it has some basic flaws.

The program allows you to build your own digital marketing business or by selling the affiliate products and earning commissions out of it.

However, not many people are able to build their own digital marketing business. They make money by recruiting affiliates and making them sell these training products and videos and making money off of it.

The tools are also more attuned to recruiting rather than helping somebody build a solid digital business.

Which leads me to ask where they get the “Earn As You Learn” from? Everyone is really only learning to sell Legendary Marketer. Wouldn’t you want a choice to sell other items and learn how to do it, too?

Products and Pricing

To see the entire list and description for yourself >>>>Per Legendary Marketer

1. Legendary Marketer’s Club-$30 > a month. This is Pro membership. Basic membership is free.

Learn how to start and grow your business. You will also get a 1/2 day virtual training class a month.

2. Traffic Rolodex Bundle-$247 > one time fee.

Learn how to advertise your business and build campaigns.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint-$2500 > one time fee

Learn how to get set up, find products and promote them.

4. Digital Products Business Blueprint-$2500 > one time fee

Learn how to create your own digital product.

5. Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint– $2500 > one time fee

Learn how to pick your niche, create your offer and your pitch.

6. Events And Masterminds Business Blueprints-$2500 > one time fee

Learn how to plan, host and profit from your own live event.

7. Legendary Marketer Mastermind-$8000 > one time fee

Learn live, in person, traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies. You can attend or watch recordings. You can also attend future gatherings for a low cost seat deposit.

8. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind-$12,000 > one time fee

Learn live, in person, mastermind covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself (per website). Pay a seat deposit for future gatherings.

Below is chart of their compensation plan.

Is legendary Marketer legit or a scam

The Pros

It is not an MLM form of business and there are no multiple commission structures. It is a single tier business with you and your referral completing the chain.

Hence you will not be short-changed or duped as it happens with many MLM companies.

The business model is genuine and money is made only on sale of products and not by mere referral of people.

It is from a person who has almost 10 years of experience in this field. Remember though, YOU only get paid commissions on products that YOU yourself, have bought, Otherwise, the member that you signed up through will get the commission.

The one thing I DO like, is that they DO have a customer care service number that you are able to cal. I can not say how helpful they are as I have not called.

You can get a basic membership for free. But don’t look to earn passive income with it.

The Cons

The entry fee of $30 each month is a big high and the commissions earned out of referrals is pure at around $18. One cannot aspire to make a daily four figure income out of referrals alone.

When you go in for the $30 front end offer you are not eligible to receive commissions for their high end products which are priced at around $1,000, $2,000 and $12,000. The only way you get commissions on any product is If you bought the product.

If you are keen on earning a commission of $1,000 you have to either sell products worth $2,500 or sell three units of lower priced products. (after you bought them yourself)

The biggest challenge lies in the fact that you make money only when somebody buys the high end training materials. This is easier said than done and does not happen regularly.

The Final Word

In fine there are reasons to believe that while Legendary Marketer is a good online digital product, it may not see too much of success because of the high cost of products that are marketed online through it.

Also, the fact that you have to buy every product in order to make commissions from selling them just isn’t right. Not at such a high price.

Therefore, that is why only those who joined the program early on and the owner, are making money.

Otherwise, the owner himself, that is making all the money. I think this is a bad business opportunity myself.

If we are online looking for the opportunity to make money, we obviously don’t have thousands of dollars to invest.

EARN WHILE YOU LEAR? YEAH IF YOU SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. This is another reason I would not recommend this program.

I can not stand when a program misleads you with information, and you only find out the truth once you join, unless you do your research before joining anything online. Which is what brought you to my website. I commend you for that.

I also want to share one more thought. A well-known website based on billionaires and money etc. published an article on their website about David Sharpe.

The publisher portrays him as this rags-to-riches story that we hear of quite often. Mind you, I am all for someone having a hard life turning their future into a much better life.

BUT, our story doesn’t mean we are someone running a business based on COMPLETE TRUTH.

I am not saying that David Sharpe has lied, but I do think the truth isn’t as visible as it should be.

I do hope that you will continue to do your research on any program before you submit your name and email to even check the program out.

You are responsible for your own success story and YOU CAN be successful. You can do this with my number one recommendation.

Number one recommendation Wealthy Affiliate

Learn to build your own successful business. with no upsells and no weird ways to earn. Get all the training and tools you will need. No credit card needed. Join free and remain free as long as you like.

If you did decide you wanted to go premium after you have had a chance to really check it out, I would suggest you read about a sale that is just around the corner and will only be available for 4 days.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love to hear what you think and I love to respond.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann


Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. Up until reading your post, I’ve never heard of Legendary Marketer.
    After seeing all the details you’ve taken the time to review, I’ve made my mind up about this product.
    Thank you so much for this article. It’s very helpful on so many levels!

    • It makes my day to know that my information was of value to you even if you had not heard of this program. Is Legendary Marketer a scam, is one of the top questions others will ask when they are looking into the program.
      Of course, most of us will ask the same question on any program in hopes to get the answer with less time involved than it would take us to find out on our own. Let alone the aggravation and money that we might lose as well. I am truly glad that you enjoyed my information, Please do come back again to see what I may have found on other programs as well.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  2. Hi Lee, great article it’s full of useful content on the pros and cons and it gives you a full overview. I myself had been wondering is legendary marketer a scam or legit. I especially appreciate that you made me aware of the upsells as well as how the commissions are earned. Thank you for this information. It has been very valuable.


    • THank you Dave and i love that you are checking out what others have found on a program before joining. Is Legendary Marketer legit, is still tittering in my opinion.
      The fact that you are really only being trained to get others to join and promote high ticket training packages to your referrals, yet not get the commission unless you bout the package, raises a huge red flag.
      I think people like David could come up with a better program that would really teach you to be an entrepreneur at a lesser price and better ways to earn.
      Kudos for doing your research on Legendary Marketer.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  3. WOW! I had no idea that you have to buy the products! Thank you for doing such great research. It is a shame that Legendary Marketer sells information at such high prices. I mean, who can afford, let’s say 8,000 dollars to learn something? Is this company not considered an MLM because you are just buying stuff to resell? One question, is all of this information easily found or did you have to dig? Also, seeing that you purchase the products, does that mean that you can set any price that you want when selling it? Thank you

    • Thank you Colleen for taking the time to see my results on my research to see is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit.
      I really think that some of these “gurus” charge a high price because they know that there are people out there that can afford to throw their money into these programs.
      However, it doesn’t make it legit or reasonable.
      As for it not being an MLM, in my opinion, they say it isn’t an MLM because the commission stops with you and your referrer. It doesn’t have the trickle effect.
      The information wasn’t easy, but I did be sure to read everything about the program, including to read in between the lines.
      We all know that they always make them sound better than they are.
      You can not sell the products and change the price. These are digital products and if you purchase them you aren’t purchasing the license of the product. You don’t own the training in other words. You are just paying to learn from it.
      I hope this has answered your questions.
      Again thank you for checking out my website and I hope to see you again.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  4. I have never heard of this Legendary marketer until I read your post. This is a very informative review. For those like myself, the ones who are always on the look out for an online business, we rely on reviews before jumping into it. And reviews like this is very helpful to me as well as to others. The information is Legendary Maketer a scam or legit has told me all I needed to know and will stay away from this one,
    Thank you

    • Thank you Gillian. I am glad my information was helpful to you, even though you hadn’t heard of it. I am assuming you must have been checking out a different post and decided to read this information. That is totally ok and at least the information in “Is Legendary Marketer A Scam Or Legit” has helped you to make a decision if you were to come across it.
      I am pleased that you were here visiting my website. Please do keep checking back as I love to research other programs in order to keep you safe from scams.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  5. I was curious is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit and I came across your website. After reading your article I learned so much about Legendary Marketer that I never knew before. I can’t really remember where, but I have come across them before.I’ve done past research on other internet marketing businesses and MLM’s and it seems they have some common traits.
    This is definitely one I think I will avoid and I thank you for giving us the information we need to help us make a decision

    I’m glad I got the opportunity to read this!

    Thank you

    • Thank you Tim and I am glad that you found this information useful. That means I am doing what I have set out to do. Legendary Marketer does have some common traits as other MLM’s and I can’t say that I trust them at all. The price of the upsells alone throw up a red flag.
      The training is mainly geared to teach you how to recruit others. I don’t see that helping someone to create their own online marketing business at all, if they will be selling actual products.
      I thank you for doing your research on Legendary Marketer. You should be proud of yourself as well. Research is a big help these days in keeping us from falling for so many scams online.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  6. This is a very interesting article, and it has my mind wandering off into all different directions, wow thank you for a awesome read, and hard research that you have put in, and showing us that there is far more out there than the dreaded 9-5 and scams. Thank you for sharing what you think is legit and what isn’t.
    This may not be a scam but it is definitely something that I do not wish to join, I do not like upsells and the way they so the commissions doesn’t seem fair.

    • Thank you Nicole and awesome job by doing your research.
      It is great to hear that you enjoyed reading the information that I have provided on Is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit. With the amount of opportunities online we have to be extremely cautious. There are a ton of scams and programs that may not quite be a scam, they still aren’t 100 % legit.
      Many of us are looking to work from home and are easy to just jump on an offer that LOOKS good and once we get started we see the truth. I am hoping to show you the truth before you jump in,
      Feel free to come back as I am always creating new information on online programs/opportunities.

      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  7. Hello
    Great site! I have wondered is Legendary Marketer a scam or legit. Thank you for the research you have put into them.
    Yes there are alot of sites out there that are rip offs and a lot of people
    get suckered in to spending their money trying to make money, just like with Legendary Marketer. I. always like to do some research on them.There are almost more scams out there than there are legit.People need to be more aware.Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you Laurie. Kudos for doing your research. Not doing the research is how these No GOOD programs are able to keep earning money. Even some of the legit ones will cos a lot as well. But you really have to be careful when looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity.
      It is always best to see what others are saying before adding your name or email. You should NEVER pay upfront without know what exactly it is that you are paying for.
      Legendary Marketer is only teaching you how to sell their product. It isn’t even an actual product. It blows my mind as to why anyone would try to make a living like this. You are paying THEM to promote their product.
      I really do appreciate you taking the time to read Is Legendary Marketer A Scam Or Legit. I hope that my information will be of use to you.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

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