Online Scheme Of Things

Have you heard the phrase ” the scheme of things”? Do you get into the scheme of things? We all pretty much know what it means, but what about online scheme of things? Is online scheme of things the same? Well lets see.

What Does It Mean?

The meaning of scheme of things can be used to describe how one thing relates to other things in a situation. The grand scheme of things means , in the complete picture of something. So what is the online scheme of things or grand scheme of things.

The online world is unlimited right? Everyone can do and find almost anything. The subject that I would like to use here would be work from home business opportunities. I want to figure out the scheme of things for the best work from home compared to the others that claim to be. With more people wanting to work online now days everyone claims to be the best affiliate marketer, the best marketing site and so on and so on.

How Do We Get There – Online Scheme Of Things

When we begin our search for a legitimate online business to start for ourselves. We tend to look for those promising to make us money, right? Why would we be looking for one that is gonna cost us money and not make us any? But yet, many of us fall for the ” get rich ” scheme a few times before we learn our lesson. Is that part of the SHEME of things? I believe it is. To me all those sites out there promising to make you rich are in the grand scheme of things, Why ? Because they have led many of us to believe that there may not be a legitimate online business opportunity for us. They have given us what we think is the ” complete picture ” because we now are thinking that they are all alike. So what do we do ? Do we continue getting caught up into that type of scheme of things? Many of us do. We fall into it so easily, and unfortunately it is normally the low income or fixed income person that falls the most. That by no means is meant to degrade anyone at all. I say this because I was one of those who fell for the get rich schemes many times. It wasn’t that I was expecting to not have to work for my money, it was the fact of HOW MUCH they were saying I could make joining their program or using their system. Sure there are some that are looking for a “quick and easy ” way to make money, but most of us know in order to earn an income it requires work. Just because it is the internet doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything right? It doesn’t build your site for you, or get it ranked. There are programs that promise to get you traffic and you have to pay for it. I am not sure if it works or if it is even REAL people visiting your site and generating your traffic.


Change It Up

Get into the good online scheme of things. There are legitimate online business opportunities out there. They, unlike the one’s using the get-rich-quick scheme, don’t promise to make you rich overnight or within minutes. Nor do they say they are building your site as you are witching their video or that you are already earning money while watching their video. This is where you change it up. Get out of the old online scheme of things and start new.

The new scheme of things will require you to find legitimate online business opportunities. They let you know that your success depends on YOU! They will give you the tools and training to be able to get your site up and running. You will have support and your questions will get answered. It doesn’t matter what type of online business you are looking to start or looking to work for, changing the online scheme of things will only help you get into a better grand scheme of things.

Do’s And Don’ts

Let’s start with the do’s. When you find that rhythm of finding the GOOD opportunities, keep a list. Put every detail that makes that opportunity stand out above the rest. What is cost should be first and foremost, followed by what they offer, this needs to be very detailed. What services are free through them, what do you have to pay for, do they have up sells ( where a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale), what type of support is there, what are their reviews like etc. If everyone would do this type of research, be honest about it and make it publicly known, then the online scheme of things would change dramatically for the better.

Now for the don’ts. When and if you come across one that you think is definitely not a good opportunity, don’t pass up the opportunity to get the information for it (do not PAY for anything just to get the info), like the one’s promoting the get rich scheme, or that say it is free but you have to buy other programs to make your business work. I don’t mean companies that give you the tools free, or free themes and free hosting but also give you the chance to upgrade your theme for example. That is considered an up sell, BUT, with a legitimate business if you choose to not upgrade it doesn’t affect your chances of proceeding. With other businesses , up sells are the only way you can proceed. They MIGHT give you something free to get you in and then force you to pull out your wallet in order to go any further. Keep a list of these and write every detail you think makes this company not a good opportunity. What their catch phrase is, how do they try to reel you in. What happened once you were in? Anything and everything that you did (if anything) or did not like, make a note of. If you did fall victim, DON’T paint a pretty picture to capitalize from your misfortune. In other words don’t make it seem like it is better than what it is to try to make back what you lost.

Grand Scheme Of Things

Everything that I suggested you do will help with the grand online scheme of things improve. How? It will paint the picture of how the online scheme of things really are. The more of us that post about the online businesses we have encountered and everything about them will spread across the internet, which is the whole purpose of this. To paint a better and honest picture for those wanting to try to earn an income online. Not letting them fall into the bad scheme of things. Not letting them be taken in by the big flashy banners promising to make $5000 in one day, yes I am sure there are people making that much online in a day, but they didn’t start out like that and they don’t use it to lure others in.

My Conclusion

The internet can be a great opportunity for anyone who really needs or wants to earn income online. Greed and lack of morals have consumed a large part of the internet. Thousands of us get robbed every day from people you can’t see or touch. Those of us searching for that legitimate online business opportunity have the chance to help stop others from becoming victims. If everyone took the time to expose the good and the bad companies based on truth and not being bias, just think how much it would improve for others searching

On that note I want to tell you about an Entrapenour Company that thrives on helping you succeed. The owners do not stay out of the picture. Kyle (an owner) shows his face and lends you a hand, Carson (the other owner who is behind the scenes most of the time but only because he is more on the technical side). These two have not only built a state-of-the-art website building, web hosting, keyword searching, training platform and so much more, but they also have created the most supporting community you will ever find. Everyone join for free and as long as you have some knowledge you could stay as a free member. You would have to pay for some tools and other resources needed or you could become a premium member for only $49.00 a month. You have to buy nothing else except if you would want your own domain name instead of the SiteRubix one’s given for free. Everyone try it literally for free. But you have to provide your own effort and commitment to make your dream possible. They can’t nor do they lead you to believe they can do it for you. They will however give you the tools and training to assist you in making it happen. You will not have to give any type of credit card, PayPal or any type of billing info. I have enclosed this to take that step in you there are good one’s out there. So take a glimpse and see for yourself.

Or if you would like more detailed information before checking it out, that is totally possible. You are more than welcome to check out my Wealthy Affiliate review.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them below. I will definitely respond. If you have any thoughts on ” Online Scheme Of Things ” I would love to hear them.

Thank you ,

Good Luck In All You Do,

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Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. For sure, I did not really understand online scheme of things until I came across your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I lost money because of my lack of understanding. Never again will I be fooled by anyone though, because I am now getting the right training from Wealthy Affiliate. Since I created my website with them, I am also earning and it is legit. No doubt it is the #1 online training to get the online scheme of things right.

  2. Good stuff here. True the net attracts so many different types and considering the job market and baby boomers retiring, other people who would rather protest than work and the slew of parent’s basement dwellers it’s no surprise there are some real con artist out there. Good for putting this out. Well written and informative!

    • Thank you for reading my post and for your comment. It can be a cruel world online, and my goal is to make it a more pleasant experience for those looking to work from home.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

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