Something To Do When You Are Bored


I’m sure everyone has at some point found themselves looking for something to do when you are bored. Maybe a craft, go for a bike ride, take the little ones to the park, or just watch a movie and have popcorn with the family. Our bordism could stem from maybe the weather or the little ones being in school or all of your friends are in class (if you are a college student}. Many situations cause boredom.

Stay At Home Parent – Want To Occupy Your Time ?

Stay at home parents get bored rather easily. At least I do. A person can only clean so much right? There aren’t enough errands for you to run to keep you busy every day while the little ones are in school right? Sure the little ones have activities and sports and they do seem to make you feel like you are REALLY busy. I know all about that. We have girl scouts, my older daughter does wrestling, and yes my DAUGHTER. She just turned 13 and this was her first year. She did really good. We have track coming up and for many years I had 3 involved in cheer. Those were the days.

As parents we love being involved in our children. Being there on the sidelines or up in the stands. We sit in the cold, the rain and in the hot sun, just so they can hear us cheering them on or to hug them if they lost and to be there in case they were to get injured. But what about when you are home and have nothing to do. Do you get bored out of of your mind? Well if you stick with me until the end I will show you something that will occupy that time and you can earn money. Wait don’t leave and miss out. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or something that will cost you. It is totally free!! No credit card needed!! How awesome is that?

Empty Nester – Now What ?

Your last little one just graduated and is eager to set out on their own. Maybe they decided to stay at home a little while after graduating. Now they are all gone exploring life on their own. You are lost now. You are probably going through a period of separation blues period right now. After all, you have had them there with you for all these years. You reminisce about the pregnancy, the birth and every milestone. Yeah, it brings tears to my eyes too. I still have 2 at home, but I have 5 that have flown from my nest. My latest one was June 2017. I am still trying to get used to her not being here. She was my sidekick.

Now it is just you and of your spouse/significant other or maybe even just you. What do you do when of your bored at home? You are still employed, what about in of your off time? Maybe you have a hobby you want to focus on more or if you don’t have one, maybe you want to find one. Maybe start making plans with friends once you have gotten through the initial shock of not having a child at home anymore. Oh, maybe even take a short trip somewhere?

I have a suggestion and it won’t cost you anything. A person can do it in their own time even. You are still employed you can even do it in your spare time and have extra income. Not working? A person can still do it when they want and earn money as well. I am sure you noticed when I said to the stay at home parents that I had something to help occupy their time. I have something special for you as well. All you need is an internet connection . You are reading my post then you obviously have a device that you are able to search the web on. You have all you need for what I am about to show you. Want to sneak a peak, go ahead.

Retiree – It’s Your Turn

This is amazing!! You have made it through everything. No little ones to raise now, no time clock to punch. Like most, you probably dreamed of this day right? You probably thought this day would never come. And here it is. It is finally of your turn. Did you have a retirement plan? Have places you want to travel to,and see the world or maybe really get into of your gardening now? You have nothing but time now. A person sleep in late and stay in of your pj’s until noon if you want. No set time you need to go to bed and can take a nap even. Play some golf or tennis. Get a bridge club going. I bet you have so many things you want to do you don’y even know where to start.

Maybe you weren’t able to have a retirement plan or maybe you had to retire before you were ready due to a disability. Maybe you just need extra income for whatever the reason may be. I have you covered. A person do it from the comfort of of your home or even in the RV while you are traveling. A person do it from anywhere as long as you have internet. Don’t have a computer ? A person even use of your cell phone or tablet. It won’t break the bank either. It actually won’t cost you at all. Assuming you didn’t click on the links in my post about stay at home parents and empty nesters, I saved the best for last.

Here It Is – I’m Spilling The Beans

First I want to thank you for staying with me til the end of this post. I want to fill you in on how I got here. Throughout my life as an adult there have been different situations that I wasn’t able to work. Like most, it is hard to provide for of your family on one income let alone none at all. Well then the internet came along and in no time it went viral, literally. When the online world started booming, so did the possibilities of working online from home. Of course scams increased as well. But I have found one that is definitely not a scam by any means nor will you have to pay for training, tools, hosting or any of that.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate. You would like to check out my review on it just click here. This affiliate came to light when the owners Kyle and Carson were providing keywords for others. They came up with a strategy to not only make money but also that would help others to follow in their footsteps. They designed Wealthy Affiliate. A world renound marketing platform with the training, tools, support and a community you will not find anywhere else.

Worth A Try – So Much To Offer And It Is Free

Whether you fit in to something to do when you are bored because of being a stay at home parent, empty nester, a retiree, or because of a disability. Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training classes, tools to complete task, support not only if you have a technical issue but if you are not understand a part of the training, the community loves to help each other out. You set of your own pace. You don’t even have to do affiliate marketing. A person just write blogs. Yes you can earn money just by writing about of your favorite hobby or about the places you have visited through of your travels. Write about the trials and tribulations of raising of your little ones. Let me explain it like this. When you are searching the internet, no matter what you are searching for, and you click on a link that takes you to a site. How do you think it got there? That’s right. Someone built that site, or wrote that blog, made that video. Were you searching up a review on a product that you were wanting to buy? Yes, someone wrote that. Maybe you have diabetes and you have a question or want to maybe touch base with others that are also dealing with it. My point is the sky is the limit at Wealthy Affiliate. A person learn to build a website on what YOU WANT IT TO BE. And guess what, once you have checked the program out and have decided you want to do this BUT you still have no clue what you would like to do, they will help you figure it out. They aren’t just going to say, “well since you don’t have any ideas then you just need to promote Wealthy Affiliate”. They will help you decide on what would be a good direction for you .

I know you probably didn’t think I was going to keep rambling. You might have been thinking I was just going to throw up a link and say here you go. I don’t believe in that and neither do they. We all want to help others . I am going to paste a link here so that you will get a personal view of how it will begin for you if you choose to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. After all. It is free. If once you take a look and you decide you want to give it a try, just click on the Wealthy Affiliate picture that is located on the right side of the page. Take a look, you will not regret it. This could be the link that stops the bordism and earns you income .

Thank you for sticking with me to the end. You have any questions or comments they are most definitely appreciated and I will reply back.

Take Care

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann






Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. Lee Ann, yep I know what boredom is and I don’t have children to leave the nest. I do have cats and they help to relieve boredom. And with WA one can build a boredom negating website around cats.

    I like the way you have personalised this article. None of the same old, same ol writing. So keep up the good work.


    • Thank you Helen for taking the time to read my post and for commenting. I am glad you have your cats. We also have one who loves to just have a seat on my laptop constantly while I am working on it. He loves attention and does not take no for an answer.
      Between your cats and WA I hope they keep you busy in a good kind of way.
      Take Care
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

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