Is Air Force To Wealth A Scam

It seems that we no longer need to search online for opportunities. They now call us with recorded messages about the program they are offering.

Have you gotten a call like this? They start off with ” Hi this is Kelly, would you like to put $5000 or more in your pocket in just a couple of days”?

Then they proceed to try to convince you to check out the website, Air Force To Wealth. This happened to me and it leads me to ask what is Air Force To Wealth About and is Air Force To Wealth A Scam?

Even though I can’t quite call it a scam, I definitely would not call it a legitimate opportunity. This program has the classic red flags that suggest we stay away from it. Read on and you will see for yourself.

If you are just an unexpected person who would just hang up because you know it is a scam just from listening to the first minute, then GOOD for you. Well done. Your instincts are probably right. Read on to find out why.

It seems that since there are so many of us who research these types of programs, that maybe they are changing their tactics in order to pray on the less suspecting?

Air Force To Wealth Scam Or Legit

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What Is Air Force To Wealth About

Although I had my suspicions I listened to the whole recording. I jotted down a few notes while listening to it. The second person that was on the recording was Sgt. Mark.

According to him, I can make anywhere from $1500 to $15000 a profit on just one sale. Later he explains that all I have to do is post a phone number. Ok, great. That sounds really easy.

He states that I don’t have to sell anything, bug my family and friends to buy anything, no marketing etc. This program was designed over 11 years ago. Yet the domain names state it started in October 2018. Hmm. But wait, there is so much more to this.

Evidently an Air Force veteran, coach Josh has created this magical business that will make you THOUSANDS of $$ dollars with his “top secret money system”.

I know, we have heard it all before, right? But are you asking yourself, what if this one is different? I mean after all, this guy is a veteran. Why would he lie to us? Hold that thought.

This is a secret of the wealthy (SOTW) system. It is supposed to be 100% automated. You are going to be able to just sit back and collect the money.

This is a system that will do the work that you don’t want to do, or don’t have time to do. A real system? You do not even need computer skills to use this system and it can be done offline. Say what?

All you do is join, buy one of their “done for you” packages and drive traffic to the website that you joined through. Their marketing system will generate leads for you.

The guy who is doing all the talking in the videos, sounds like a robot. No emotion in his voice whatsoever. Big, red flag there.

Your coach will handle all the questions and enroll each of your prospects. They close all the sales for you. This sounds really familiar.

My questions is, if they get the leads for you, contact the leads, answer all the questions and get them to sign up for you, why do they need you? They should be making a ton of money without you. I’ll answer this further down.


ProductsAir Force To Wealth Products

There are product prices. Yet on the second website that they sent me to, there are only 4 listed. No product name or a description.

They sent me 3 different website addresses in the 2 text messages that I received from them, after my initial phone call that I received from them.

Back to the products. They are e-learning products made up of business development training, marketing training, personal development training and wealth education training.

The prices for the products are as follows

Level 1- $3000 + $247 admin fee

Level 2- $7000 + $447 admin fee

Level 3- $14,000 + $647 admin fee

Level 4- $21,000 + $847 admin fee

Once you purchase a membership and IF your SUCCESS COACH makes a sale for you, you get a 50%-75% commission. They have a “Special” if you buy a package with in the next 48 hours. Here we go again.

If you buy the second or third level package, you will be upgraded to the next level for free. If you buy the level four products, you will get a 75% commission on every sale for life, instead of 50%.

The products that you will get depend on the level that you purchase of course. I went through and a lot of the products seem like “fillers”.

For example in the level one package one of the products is Surefire Surfing Security. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to know how to surf safely online, tight?

My thing is, if you are spending that much money for a products, it needs to be some amazing product that teaches about making money online.

Another product in the level one is Smart Time Launchpad. This teaches you about managing your day, about multitasking and time management. What? I just honestly think that this is not what I would expect to be purchasing.

I am not sure if you feel the same way, but, that is how I feel. Feel free to leave me your opinion down below. I would love to know if I am alone or not by my way of thinking.

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Air Force To Wealth Level 1 ProductProducts For Level 1

Level One:

  1. Your own customizable website
  2. Marketing Letters
  3. Website support and hosting
  4. Surefire Surfing Security (this has 10 videos)
  • Video 1: Introduction to online security
  • Video 2: Online Protection 101
  • Video 3: Antivirus/sptware
  • Video 4: Spyware/malware Protection
  • Video 5: Passwords
  • Video 6: Browser Password Breach
  • Video 7: Centralize and encrypt your passwords
  • Video 8: Surfing Security
  • Video 9: How to spot phishing scams
  • Video 10: What to do if your identity has been taken

I am not going to list all the products that you will get with each level. I just wanted to see if you see this the same as I do. Why are these the type of products that you are paying for.

Don’t get me wrong, I can not say that these products have no value. What I can tell you is this. I decided to do a little research on SureFire Surfing Security.

You can get the SureFire Surfing Security videos for FIVE bucks. Yes, $5. Guess what else? You can resell it as well. Check out the website for this product.

You can basically take this product (that was published in 2014) and sell it for however much you want. I came across another individual that was selling the same products for anywhere from $17 to $47.

If you decide to do a little research yourself, you will see that most of them have the same exact wording for this product in their sales pitch. I did a lot of research on this and I enjoyed it. You deserve to know what these type of companies are doing.

Know Who To Trust

Nowadays it seems that some not so trusting individuals have learned that the way to get to our hearts here in the US is through our service men and women. Here is an article about the scammers posing as service men.

It may be like that in other countries as well. For a while now I have noticed on our social media platforms there has been an increase of members using pictures of service men in their NEWLY created profiles.

I can’t say exactly what their intentions are, however I know they are not good. There has also been a rise in the amount of pro athletes that seem to “follow me” on some of my social media.

Now why would a pro basketball player want to follow little ole me? Exactly, because it is an impostor. But it really breaks my heart that Air Force To Wealth is just another misleading program out to take the money of honest people like yourself.

Please be careful when you are on the internet. It is the perfect opportunity for the dishonest to take advantage of you. Learning to do research will save you from being taken advantage of.

Just because they appear to be someone of high authority or a trusting profile, it doesn’t mean they are. I am not convinced that “Coach Josh” is who he says he is.

Is Air Force To Wealth A Scam

Stay away from this program. I don’t see that you will gain any income from this at all. Any of these done for you, and just plug in, programs are just out to take your money and give you false hope.

They will continue to tell you everything that you WANT to hear and nothing that you SHOULD here. They may not be a full on scam as there are products (not their own), but they are pretty damn close to it.

They constantly fill you with false information (lies) and use your desires (wanting to earn from home) against you. The 48-hour action taker bonus is another lie. It has been well beyond 48 hours and the link is still there.

The number for the success coach hot line, is a voicemail. I never received a call from an actual person. It was all prerecorded messages or text messages.

Every text message and phone call would give me 2 different links airforcetowealth.biz, and airforcetowealth.net. I would also be asked to watch the latest video on his earnings for that week.

Another sign not to trust them is the fact that the website is new. This can mean that they were previously under a different name, were exposed, and they switched to a different name.

Remember how I said I would explain about the leads? They buy them. I was sold out by a website that I visited. This is a scammy maneuver. If I don’t consent then I should not be contacted and neither should you nor anyone else.

Please be cautious of these type of programs, there will be no good to come from them. I hope this information has helped you to make a wise decision if you were to come across Air Force To Wealth. If you receive the call, hang up immediately.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my findings. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love hearing what you have to say and I am prompt to answer you.

Please feel free to let me know if there is an online opportunity or online job that you would like to know about. I would love to investigate it for you.

Take Care

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann