How To Make Money Online With A Free Website

Creating a free website can be pretty simple if you have the right experience and know how. How to make money online with a free website can be challenging, but IT CAN BE DONE.

Knowing where to start to get a free website will be your first step. Where can you get a free website? SiteRubix, the best website builder you will ever have the pleasure of using.

The free domains at SiteRubix are sub domains. This just means that you don’t own it. It will still rank and will still earn you money, as long as you do what is required in order for it to be successful.

Finding a free website with all the perks of hosting as well as state-of-the-art themes and tools will be a little harder than you may think. I helped you out with an awesome place to start.

What Is SiteRubix

Don’t think you can build a website because of all the technical mumbo jumbo? Well guess what. SiteRubix removed all that technical stuff in order for you to build your website in minutes AND have it up and running.

SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate where you can not only receive training on creating a profitable website, but also gives you all the tools needed to do so.

You can also join Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member and if you choose to upgrade for continuing entrepreneur education, it will only cost you $49 a month. What you get for that small price will AMAZE you.

Using SiteRubix means that you will be building a website that will adapt to any screen size, whether your reader is on your site using a PC, laptop, tablet or cellular device. How cool is that? And it is free. An image optimizer is also included.

You will have access to thousands of click of the button features that will expand your websites functionality. As you grow you will want the ability to adjust your website to fit your growing needs.

Who says Free stuff is garbage? They obviously didn’t know about SiteRubix or they would have made their own website about free is garbage. Hahaha Just kidding. Actually they may have done just that.

How Would You Like To Turn Your Passion Into A Business

Building a website on SiteRubix means you can easily build it around your passion.

Whether you love to paint, draw, do DIY crafts, or show your skill with modeing clay.

If you are a photographer, you can create a website to teach others the best camera to use and what lens you use.

Have a technique for catching the beauty of nature, share it with others who have the same passion or interest.

Creating a free website has so many possibilities on what it can be about. You just have to choose what you want yours to be about.

What Happens Next

Choosing what your site will be about will be easy. What to do next may be a little harder. If you are a newbie like me, it can cause some confusion. You need a keyword research tool. I use Jaaxy This will give you 30 free searches.

Finding the right keywords are a must. Many niches have competition. Many keywords used in searches, have competition. Knowing how much competition will help in making your website a success.

You need to write content on a consistent basis and get traffic flowing to your site right? If you want that traffic, you need to get your site out there in front of readers.

Using social media is a great way to get free traffic. You may not want to bother your friends and family with it, but you can create a Facebook page so that you don’t have to, which is what I did.

You can use all the social media platforms. Pinterest is supposed to a good one for getting traffic as well. Social engagement might not be your strong point and if not, you might want to consider joining Wealthy Affiliate.

You want your content (what you have written on your website) to be of great quality in order for the reader to want to stay and read.

Writing quality content that will help others constantly along with getting comments from your readers will help you gain trust to get on the first page of google.

amazon affiliateSigning Up With Affiliates

Wanting to capitalize on your website means you need to sell products that revolve around your niche (tour passion or interest).

Finding an affiliate is actually pretty simple. You will just type in your niche and then affiliate. Example “photography affiliate” and when you click on the link, there should be “affiliate” either in the top menu or at the very bottom.

Fill out the information and wait for a response. When requesting to be an affiliate, they should NEVER ask you to pay. Being an affiliate for any product is free, if not, you need to leave the site immediately.

Reviewing products that you use within your niche, will help to make sales. When writing content, you can also include a product in your post.

Example. The camera I used for taking the pictures you are seeing in this post were taken with a Cannon Rebel, and then in the phrase you choose, you can include the link like I just did with Cannon Rebel. Go ahead, click ^ and see.

Don’t worry, I am not trying to see you a Cannon Rebel and I am not an affiliate to Amazon. I just wanted you to see how easy it would be to add products to your post.

Yes You Can

If you were wondering if you can make money online with a free website, yes you can. Will it be easy, no, but it isn’t difficult either.

There is commitment needed as well as dedication. If you can’t put time into building your FREE website, then you can’t expect it to earn you money.

Many steps are involved to creating a successful website. Don’t expect to just throw something together, leave it go and expect to sit back and get rich. It doesn’t happen that way.

Being familiar with SEO ( search engine optimization), getting traffic (free or paid), using the right keywords and creating quality content, these are some things needed for a successful website.

If you build your free website and find you need additional help in order to get it going properly, then check out Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter membership. It is free, so you have nothing to lose.

If you have further questions about how to make money online with a free website, or if you have concerns or comments, please leave them below. I love hearing them and I love to reply.

Thank you,

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann