What Is AZ Sniper About

Can you really make $1500 a day with AZ Sniper?

So, you want to make money online. You are looking for some easy ways to earn money fast. Anyone, who wants to make money online, will be tempted to invest in AZ Sniper.

Good job in wanting to find out more about it before investing into it. What is AZ Sniper about?

Is it worth the investment? Is it really possible to make such a huge amount? The answer is under the clouds, right?

What They Claim

The program claims that it enables users to make around $1,500 per day on Amazon. Even the testimonials support this claim. So they want you to think.

You might think AZ Sniper can improve your financial status. You may also think that you can use this program as a full-time income source.

Are you thinking all these? Just a minute, do not plan the next step before going through this article.

This review will not be biased. It will reveal some things to help you to invest (if you choose to) with a well-informed mind.

After going through all the details, if you feel that AZ Sniper is going to make a big difference in your financial status, you can go ahead.

In fact, you can recommend others to change their destiny with this program. Just remember what I revealed in this review.

If you are not convinced, you can consider other options.

In the current condition, you will find many online programs designed to help you to make real money. Now, the truth about AZ Sniper.

Can you make big money with AZ SniperWhat Is AZ Sniper About? Making A Ton Of Money?

This system is designed to help people to make huge money online on a daily basis with a few clicks.

The creator Stephen Ford claims that one can make money easily with some simple steps.

We will start with the creator. Though it is believed that the product is created by Stephen Ford, still, there is no proof to support this belief.

You will not find a picture of the creator. He is not confident enough to show his picture and to win the trust of users. For now, we do not know who he really is. We are only familiar with the name.

The sales page of this product only focuses on a lot of money. If you observe the details of the sale page, you will not see much difference between a scam sales page and the AZ Sniper sales page.

The sales page itself is not impressive. It talks about money and the system without proven ways. In addition, it claims that users can make around $1, 500 per day.

Why use a fixed amount? The system is also confusing. Sometimes, it says to make money from an e-commerce system and in other instances, it talks about affiliate marketing. What exactly it is?

How Does It Work?

As said by the creator, the system works in an autopilot (no such thing for a business).

If you go through the testimonials, you will come to know about one-click profit system, passive earning, and much more.

However, it is neither a one-click system nor a setup and forget system. You can say that it is not a system at all.

In this program you will find some PDFs about the affiliate marketing. You will have to decide the next step.

You can do research on your own to create your website, develop content, and then get approval for Amazon.

Yes, you will have to follow some steps to boost traffic for your site. You will have to go through all the details to make a site successful.

Even if after following all these steps, you will not be able to make money online with this program. You will not get any guidance about money making either.

The content (training) is complex and does not cover the actual steps in affiliate marketing. You will find some general information that cannot really help us much to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Is AZ Sniper A Scam?Is AZ Sniper A Scam

Now we will come to the point. AZ Sniper is about making money from Amazon.

Therefore, many people believe that it is a legitimate site.

However, this program is not associated with Amazon. There should not be any confusion.

In addition, you will find so many red flags (listed below) in the program that will discourage you to invest both your money and time on this system.

Creator is nowhere to be seen.

We know the name of Stephen Ford only. There is no image or any other relevant proof that proves the credibility of the creator. How can you trust your money with a system where the identity is questionable?

Illogical income claims

The system claims that the user can make $1,500 a day with a few clicks. You cannot expect such an amount in one day with a business like this one.

This amount is only to motivate beginners to invest without a second thought. In fact, the testimonials support the claims.

Many of them claimed that they have earned similar amounts. A woman claims that she has made around $64,890 with a few clicks within six weeks. Don’t you think it is going overboard?

If you were a beginner with any LEGIT program, you still would not make that much money in just 6 weeks. You MIGHT if you already knew everything about affiliate marketing.

Fake testimonials (another Red Flag)

The fake testimonials work as the downside of this product. Just imagine why a business takes the help of false testimonials.

They even pay an actor (who is actually from Fiverr). He is paid by companies to read a script saying good things about a product that he has never bought or used.

The answer is obvious. When they do not trust their product and believe that it is not going to win the trust of people, they use false testimonials to get better exposure.


You might be impressed with the low entry fee. However, there are surprises for you once you become a member. You are thinking that you will have to spend only $37. But you might be end up paying around $287.

Is AZ Sniper Legit?

The answer is NO. The site does not even have an SSL certificate. A site without an SSL certificate will not be considered legit and trustworthy.

AZ Sniper is not a trusted site

Most of the claims are false. The testimonials are also not genuine. The owner is not confirmed. All these things make us believe that the program is a scam.

You can make up to $1,500 in Amazon commissions, but NOT with AZ Sniper. If you joined a legitimate program that taught you correctly, then yes, it can definitely be done.

If you visit the site, I am sure that you will come to the same conclusion if you look at it correctly and not through the eyes of someone looking to get-rich-quick.

This is how the scams get you. They know that some of us are looking for “get-rich-quick” programs. They take advantage of it and build their site based around what you WANT to see and hear, instead of the truth.

Therefore, you become another victim. ClickBank often has Non Trusted affiliates on their site. This is one of them.

ClickBank even has a disclaimer that states that AZ sniper has not been reviewed tested or certified by ClickBank.

ClickBank doesn't stand by AZ Sniper

Why would they allow the product on their website? They obviously don’t think it is a good product.

Would you want your affiliates getting the wrong idea if you were allowing products like this to be promoted?

Final Verdict

From the above details, you might have realized that AZ Sniper is not a reliable program. It just offers false claims to win the trust of people and take your money.

If you want to make online with little investment, you can consider other alternatives. In fact, you will find many effective programs for affiliate marketing.

Doing proper research is important to ensure that you are investing in the right program.

I am an affiliate to a couple of legit programs myself. I have fallen victim to a few scams like this one myself, before finding a legitimate one.

You can check out the rest of my website to see my about me/Legit Work For Parents to better understand why I chose to create this type of business. You will see that I had you in mind and others like us.

I was tired of others getting rich by feeding us what we wanted to hear and taking our money just to give us nothing in return.

So, don’t waste your time on AZ Sniper. Go ahead and click here to create a business for yourself and learn how to build a successful one, the right way. I will be there to help you as well as a community and live support.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below. I love hearing your thoughts and I love responding.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann




Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. After reading this I know what not to do about this program however you said ClickBank has non trusted affiliates. I wonder how I can find about other non trusted affiliates.

    • Hello and I am glad to see that you are doing research on what is AZ Sniper about. They are definitely not a program that I would suggest trying as I stated in my post.
      To answer your question about ClickBank products, you just need to research them put them through the test of scams. Are they promising you to make a lot of money in a short amount of time? Are they saying that you don’t have to do anything, that they do it all for you?Here is the link to a post I created that will help you to identify a scam. https://legitworkforparents.com/to-be-scammed-or-not-to-be-that-is-the-question
      I am sure it will help. You can use this as a guide if you are checking out any type of online job or online opportunity.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  2. Thanks for the write up. It’s a very simple promise they make and that should make anyone looking into it immediately suspicious. $1,500 a day is huge money!
    Unfortunately many people are so hopeful that this is possible they lose their money on deals like this – glad to see you out here helping people know what’s going on

    • I completely agree with you Branden. Unfortunately, like you said, there are so many who will see this as an easy way to make fast cash. Hopefully they learn like I did. Once you fall for this a couple of times, you learn that there is no EASY way to make money online nor can you get rich quick online.
      They either learn what to not fall for and can tell a legit opportunity from one like this, or they give up all together and think that they are all the same. I am one who continued my search and have found a couple of legitimate ones, thank goodness.
      Thank you for doing your research. I hope this information will be of use to you.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  3. Hi Lee Ann,

    This is such an important article- there’s so many scams out there that are easy to fall prey to if one doesn’t have the facts. This really exposes AZ sniper, I haven’t heard of them and wouldn’t go near them now but a few years ago when I knew less I could’ve had that experience and been taken in by it like so many are.

    Great that you put links to legitimate ways of earning an income from home. This is empowering and gives people hope and the right direction to move in. Great article!

    • Thank you very much Natalie. I am really glad that you found my information important. I truly hope that others will find it before they fall victim to AZ Sniper.

      It truly is easy for others to fall victim because those who create these schemed know what works to get others to pay. They know how to play on our financial situations and it is SO SAD.

      For those of us looking for a work from home opportunity will more than likely come across this in their search. It sounds like you may already have found a legitimate work from home opportunity which is why you haven’t come across it before, and that is awesome.

      I want my readers to know that there are legitimate opportunities out there. Not just these type of schemes.
      Thank you again.

      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  4. Great read Lee! It gives all the information we need to not fall into the trap of AZ Sniper . Programs like the one you have presented take advantage of those that need to increase their income, or it urges people to increase their income. I did know of its existence. Now I know everything I need to know about it and i will heed your warning 🙂

    • Thank you and I am gad this information was useful.I have been a victim to these types of programs myself. That is how they get you. They know that we are in financial hardship so they tell us everything we want to hear.
      Eventually we catch on to programs like AZ Sniper and know that they are scams. They do not deliver what they promise. I hope to spread the word about these types of programs and help others to stop falling for their scheme.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  5. I had actually just saw information on az sniper on the web. I have to agree, that any program offering to help you make $1500 a day is just not going to be legit. I am glad you have put this review out there, in hopes that people will read and not get scammed. I know that I have been scammed so many times. It’s sad there are so many still out there.

    • I agree. There are programs like this popping up on the internet everyday. Since there are more and more of us looking for a work from home opportunity, the chances of people falling for these scams are high.
      I am trying to keep up with as many as I can in order to try and stop others from becoming a victim. This is why I love what I do. I, like you, have been scammed and know what it is like. Which is the very reason I chose to do this. I love to help others.
      Thank you
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

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