What Is ClickFunnels About

Is ClickFunnels Legit

Are you looking to get more conversions for your business? Have you heard of ClickFunnels? What is ClickFunnels about, exactly? What is a click funnel?

ClickFunnels is an online software, which is mainly used for online marketing purposes. Since it is so versatile you can summarize its function very difficult in a few words.

If one had to, then the summary would be big-time savings and more sales with less headache. It allows you to create landing pages.

The overall purpose of ClickFunnels is to create so-called “funnels”. There are sales funnel, opt-in funnel and many more. The video below will help to explain what a click funnel is.

Before I go any further, I want to thank you for taking the time to do your research on ClickFunnels before taking the plunge and spending money on something that may not work for you. That is a very wise decision.

ClickFunnels offers some great templates right from the start, which can be adapted relatively quickly to the corporate identity of each project.

The big advantage: It is really fast and uncomplicated. If you need a button, you just have to insert it and you can immediately choose one of many suitable designs.

For example, this point also applies to picture frames, graphics included (arrows, wallpapers, etc.). We did not fall in love with this tool for nothing.

It is easy to use and offers many features. Together we want to introduce you to this ingenious tool and its features. I could not believe how awesome it is.

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What Can The Site Builder Of Russell Brunson Do?

Maybe you already know page builders like OptimizePress, leadpages and similar.

For all of you that don’t, a page builder is a piece of software that allows you to put together web pages in a very pleasant drag & drop style without code knowledge and to customize them to your liking.

ClickFunnels is such a PageBuilder, but with much more and better features than the traditional ones.

Probably the most important unique selling proposition of ClickFunnels is that there is a Funnel option that can be created with the automated processes that go through the visitors.

Different templates at ClickFunnels 

ClickFunnels already has several ready-made templates that can be customized as needed. Of course, there is also the option to start with a completely blank page and to create a completely own template.

However, the ready-made templates have been developed over many years of experience and conversion optimization, which is why it is advisable to use them and modify them if necessary.

Is there any click funnel in other languages? ClickFunnels is currently only available in English.

However, this does not really pose a problem. Even people who speak very little English understand the way it works relatively quickly and intuitively.

For people who do not speak English at all, there is the option to translate entire websites with the help of Google.

However, in many cases, it is simple enough to translate the words to be translated into an online translator of your choice.


Installation and first steps with the website builder by Russel Brunson

The installation of click funnel is relatively easy, as you are guided step by step through the steps. In the event that you should have problems, no worries. There is support to help through chat.

The combination with existing WordPress installationClickFunnels

  • ClickFunnels has its own plugin for WordPress with which it is possible to establish a fast and easy connection between its ClickFunnels account and WordPress. Thus, you can continue to use the familiar WordPress interface.

ClickFunnels compared to other page builders 

  • ClickFunnels is hardly comparable to other page builders. This has several reasons.
  • Above all, ClickFunnels is a tool of ClickFunnelsone of the most successful marketers for marketers.
  • This is also noticeable in its functions.
  • To make great funnels with countdown timers, pop-ups and other gimmicks in the traditional way you often need many more plugins and external programs.

This is all possible, but they often cost money and more importantly: they cost you valuable time that you could have put into other more profitable things.

ClickFunnelsRussell Brunson and his team did their best to further optimize ClickFunnels and provide it with additional features.

Of course, they want to give customers the best possible product, but since they work with the system themselves, it’s only logical that they build themselves an even better system.

Action Pics and Backpack

ClickFunnels has two more great features. These have the names Backpack and Actionetics.

These can be used to create individual experiences for the visitor, resulting in a higher percentage of visitors being converted into customers.

Action pics are designed to take over your e-mail marketing and shows for each individual customer how often and how he likes to react to something.

In addition, Actionetics allows you to send newsletters, distribute action scores and, above all, create good-looking and well-converting newsletters.

With Backpack can you create an affiliate program in a simple way. With the help of affiliates, an increased turnover can be achieved at well calculable costs.

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

There are two different pricing models/payment plans: You might want to sit down first though.

Startup for $97 month.

Unfortunately, the two features Actionetics and Backpack are not included in this plan. However, this is sufficient to create 20 Funnels and 100 pages.

For the beginning, one does not do anything wrong with this plan. Especially, because there are already many features that you would have to buy at other page builders,  you get for a fee.

Try it completely free for 14 days now!

Enterprise for $297 month.

The Enterprise variant is all that ClickFunnels has to offer, including Actionetics, Backpack, Premium Support, up to 70 different Funnels and much more.

Try it completely free for 14 days now!


Split Tests With ClickFunnels

Also, split tests can be done very well and easily with the help of ClickFunnels. In a split test, 2 different variants of a web page compete against each other and analyze which version more visitors are performing the desired action, thus making the advertising budget more efficient and ultimately achieving a bigger profit with little extra effort.

Is ClickFunnels legit?

Yes! However, you definitely need to already have a good amount of traffic coming to your business/website before you want to try any funnel program. If not, you will be spending a lot more than what ClickFunnels cost.

ClickFunnels deserves every damn cent and much more (in a manner of speaking).

ClickFunnels is legitimate, excellent and the very best in its class.

Do I recommend ClickFunnels? Have you been listening to me and how highly I have spoken about it?

Of course, I do. I know, not to many programs get my seal of approval. Especially at this price.

If you know Russell Brunson, you know that he only sells top products and with ClickFunnels he puts everything in the shade.

ClickFunnels can be used to create websites, landing pages, and funnels with the highest conversion rates.

You do not need days or weeks to build it up. Like with other programs.

You can create a complete funnel within 1-2 hours and focus on other important things again. First, I made the mistake of opting for OptimizePress.

However, I then found that the plug-in is running relatively slow, takes a lot of time and I had to buy additional extensions.

At first, I was a bit skeptical and unsure if I should invest the money in ClickFunnels.

I figured I’d just have to give it a try, took the free trial, and I still do not regret this decision because it has saved me a lot of my time and has significantly increased my conversion.

I questioned the cost and the value of this program when I first discovered it in a facebook group that I am in. I have to admit, I was really pleading my case about the price.

The members of the group had mixed emotions on the subject. Some were like me and called it “too pricey” others said they would pay more it they had to. They were already members using ClickFunnels and I was not. Now I am.

My Conclusion:

It is pricey. But if you are truly wanting to make your business a successful one, then you need to at least give it a try. You owe that to yourself.

This is an MLM program. This doesn’t mean that you HAVE to purchase what they are suggesting though.

Many of the suggested apps/programs you can obtain for free. This can be a little aggravating, but worth it in the end.

It is worth it. After all, you can try it Risks FREE for 14 days. Head on over and give it a try. Just come back here and let me know how right I was.

I hope this information has answer questions you might have had about ClickFunnels, and I truly appreciate you taking the time to do diligent research before diving in or buying anything online.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please leave them down below.

I love hearing what you have to say and I love responding to you. After all YOU are the reason I do this.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann











Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. There is definitely a viable use for ClickFunnels in one’s, the problem I see with most folks getting into “funnels” these days is that they are following the funnel first strategy. They are trying to build a marketing and sales funnel before they ever have a source of traffic.  As a result, then end up not only spending a great deal of money on this software, they have to spend $1,000’s on traffic to test it. 

    As a result, they fail.

    I recommend anyone looking to generate an income online start with the audience (traffic) component, and then down the road focus more on the sales component.  It is tough to build a list without having traffic!

    • Thank you Kyle.

      You bring up a very valid point and I failed to mention that in my post. Your recommendation is one of great value and one that would save us money.

      There is no way to create a funnel if you have no one to send to it. No one wants to waste money. It took me a long time to even try ClickFunnels due to the price and the upsells. 

      I think the best thing about ClickFunnels is that you can try it for free for 14 days. This is ample time to know if it would be worth paying the monthly fee.

      I do appreciate you bringing up the traffic topic. I will be adding that information into my post. I think that is an important piece of information that should be made known.

      Wishing yo the best in all you do

      Lee Ann

  2. Wow this looks like a really interesting platform to look at. You seem very convinced that Clickfunnels is a worthwhile investment. Like you said it is a little pricey but if it generates sale for your business then it could be a good investment for small business owners. And as you rightly printed out, it is free for the first 2 weeks. Thanks for this review and I hope to see what else you recommend soon. Thanks. Kenny

    • Thank you very much Kenny. I am very pleased to see that you are interested in what I have to offer. My goal is to let others know what may be a good idea for their business or not.

      Helping others find a legitimate opportunity is my main focus. I know what it is like to get scammed or to go broke from upsells.

      ClickFunnels will definitely be useful. You just need to make sure that you have a good stream of traffic so that you start seeing conversions much sooner than you would without a good traffic flow.

      Making those conversions could start paying the costly fee for you instead of it being out of pocket.

      Please do stay tuned for more recommendations or scam alerts. I love to help with both.

      Wishing you the best in all you do

      Lee ann

  3. ive looked at Clickfunnels before and it sounded really good, but I wasn’t able to really do anything with it yet.  

    You’ve got me thinking that I should look into it again.  I was somewhat impressed by it before, but reading your review has helped me feel more impressed with it.  

    Thank you for this review 🙂 I will look more into ClickFunnels 🙂

    • Thank you for taking a read of my information. I am glad you are thinking about ClickFunnels again. Your site does need to be at a good starting point in order to truly utilize ClickFunnels to the best advantage.

      It is awesome that you figured it out before spending the money for the membership. I am hoping this post will let others know as well.

      If you are getting traffic, I would check in to it again. It won’t hurt to try and the benefits could mean much success for your business and yourself.

      Feel free to check it out again by clicking this link if you would like. If you do, please do let us know what your thoughts are on it this time, and if you found it to be very rewarding or not.

      Wishing you the best in all you do

      Lee Ann

  4. Ah, yes, Clickfunnels is on my list of the products to get as soon as my second site is up and running properly. 

    Clickfunnels sounds great! I imagine you get your monthly membership money back pretty quickly. But, I guess you have to know what you are doing. 

    How suitable is it for newbies? I am not a total beginner, but worry I’d have an information overload of tools and tactics that I wouldn’t know how put to best use. 

    All in all, it sounds amazing, and I shall be giving it a go very soon. 

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to do your research on ClickFunnels.

      It is not for newbies. What I mean is that newbies will not yet have their website established and have a steady stream of traffic to their website.

      Traffic to your site is a must as you will need to capture emails. Once you have traffic flowing, it is definitely worth checking ClickFunnels out to see if it will be of use to you. The templates are amazing and look professional.

      Here is a link if you would like even more info. Even if you just want to use the free trial, you can cancel at anytime.

      Wishing you the best in all you do

      Lee Ann

  5. OMG. It’s quite an expensive tool. I’ve heard so much about ClickFunnels without bothering to dig further. But this review has really summarised the main features. 

    Am I correct to say that with ClickFunnels, you can create landing pages with countdown timers? So this is the secret behind those timers I’ve seen online. They really look amazing and professional. Will all this be included in the prices you stated in your review, or will there be subsequent upsells for additional features? 

    • Hello and thank you for checking out my information on ClickFunnels. As with any MLM there are of course upsells. It doesn’t mean you have to purchase them. You will need your own autoresponder as with any type of email marketing and lead capturing system.

      In the Start up fee you do not get the Actionetics and Backpack. The startup fee will be efficient for someone who has traffic established, not recommended for beginners like they suggest. 

      Enterprise will give you everything they have to offer. To get a detailed comparison, just click here.

      No matter which variant you were to go with, it will be pricey. BUT, if you have been in the online business world for awhile and not seeing much results, it is definitely worth taking the the free 14 day trial.

      I hope I have given you clarity. If not, please feel free to let me know.

      Wishing you the best in all you do

      Lee Ann

  6. Very interesting review Lee Ann. I have heard of ClickFunnels before but never really knew what it was. Would you suggest you already have a good stream of traffic to your site before investing in something like this, or is it a good starter program? 

    I look forward to checking out your site more – I really enjoy it as I am a parent who doesn’t want to go back to work!! 

    • I really do appreciate your taking the time to research ClickFunnels. I wish everyone would do that before committing to anything online.

      Like with most programs, they appear to be an “all in one” but they aren’t. Don’t get me wrong they can definitely help you to get more conversions.

      However, you DO need to have a good amount of traffic coming to your site, before joining. You will need an autoresponder as well. But nowadays almost everyone has one, except those that are just starting out.

      I have added to the original post so that others will know that I recommend they have a steady stream of traffic before joining. I wouldn’t want someone to join only to find out afterward.

      I hope this information has helped to clarify for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. i would be more than happy to answer them.

      wishing you the best in all you do

      Lee Ann

  7. I am not doubting that this is probably worth while. But I am still so confused as to what exactly this will do for me? Is this to use with a website that we currently have, and it optimizes ways to make money? Seems kind of spendy, $97 a month. I know there is a free trial period, but for me. I would want to see some sort of recoup of my $97, or some other benefit before I paid this. I don’t think I can possibly do that in the 14 day trial period. Am I wrong?

    • Thank you for taking the time to research ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels lets you set up pages to send traffic to in order to make sales. You can create a lead caption page, send them to your product and then send them a thank you as well.
      You can set it up however you want.
      You do not need a website as you can create your funnels that will do everything you need them to do. However, I would suggest having a website and have a good amount of traffic to that website.
      There are some members who were actually able to make more conversions within the 14 day trial period which prompted them to make the monthly fee commitment.
      Here is the link to a video that may explain it better for you.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCIJmhMbyM0
      I hope I have helped to answer your questions. If not please feel free to let me know and I will be glad to further assist you.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  8. Hi LeeAnn, Great article, very comprehensive. As a person new to the whole world of affiliate marketing and ecommerce I have experienced first hand the click funnels offering. Russell Brunson really is very persuasive in his marketing and he also seems to be every where. I bought his book “Dotcom Secrets” as a way to better understand the offering. Having read the book, used the site I still found myself confused by the process of applying click funnels to my business and found the learning curve quite steep. I did’nt extend my membership beyond the free trial period but I will re-visit it when my business has generated some traffic and I have something to put through the funnells.

    • Thank you Malcolm for sharing your experience with us. I am glad the 14 day trial was able to assist you with knowing not to make the purchase until you and your website were ready.
      Some do say that ClickFunnels is beginner friendly, however I disagree. I am sure that you are already aware that there are many steps involved in creating an online business.
      You have proven that you are well on your way in that direction even just by buying his book.
      You not only need a website, you need a good amount of traffic as well as a good product/service to share with your readers. If you would like excellent training on getting your business to be successful please click here. it is beginner friendly and it is free to try, or you can remain a free member as long as you like.
      Thank you again for sharing your experience.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  9. Wow,

    Thanks for the great information. This is definitely something I want to look into and what drew me into reading your post, to begin with.

    I appreciate your honesty about needing traffic to your site before investing. I will have to wait a while longer before I am able to take the plunge into clickfunnels.

    I am really interested about learning more and will continue to follow for more info!


    • I truly appreciate your enthusiasm Kahlua. Thank you for trusting in me and the information I provide. I promise to always be honest. I expect it from others and in this business, the truth need to be told.

      ClickFunnels can definitely help you with your business if you can afford the price until you start making conversions/sales. We seem to sometimes think that since this is an online business we shouldn’t have to put money into it.

      It is still a business and no business wil be profitable without investing in it. We just need to make sure that we make adjustments so that we can commit without causing ourselves to financial stress.

      If you have questions, I would love to answer them for you. Feel free to check out this link if you would to get further information and a better view of the platform..

      Please do stop in as I post quite frequently on good finds as well as the ones that are not so good. I hope to help others find their legit opportunities, scam free.

      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

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