What Is Four Percent Challenge About? Are they legit?

Some people see starting an online business or finding a job on the internet as a myth. While the internet is real, it’s possible to eventually get things wrong if you lack a broader view of how the system works.

What is Four Percent Challenge about? Well If you have been wondering how possible it is for people to find a job on the internet or start up a business, then this review will help greatly.

The Four Percent Challenge is one of many opportunities that people can find on the internet today. This one is like many of the rest BS programs out there.

Even his promo has “Success Pill”. The pill multiple colors ro demonstrate secret formula. This pill, can be hazardous to your health and wallet.

With this program, you can start an online business and enjoy the success that comes with it. Or Can you?

In the unending quest for web users to find a legitimate job online or online business opportunity, Vick Strizheus has been able to provide a reliable solution. Is this true? Is it really legit?

Are you looking for more information on the Four Percent Challenge, what it might be about, is the Four Percent Challenge legit or a scam? This comprehensive and honest review will help you understand more about the Four Percent Challenge program.

What Is The Four Percent Challenge Program About?Four Percent Challenge

The question of what is Four Percent Challenge about is something almost anyone will ask when trying to explore this program.

This is one of the most prominent products from the archive of Vick Strizheus. The program is comprehensively designed to help subscribers become successful in life, income, business, results and other marketing projects.

The step-by-step tutorial videos in this product will help you promote anything online. The objective of the program is to help you live a successful lifestyle in every ramification of existence.

Using the techniques and information of the Four Percent Challenge will supposedly help you live above your rivals in any sphere of operation. If you can afford everything,

To help subscribers understand the details of the product, Vick Strizheus has divided the program into three parts. In his video he uses a PILL to describe what he will teach you. For me, it is a hard pill to swallow.

Level One: First $10000 earning start point

Level Two: Expanding beyond level one and achieving 10x – $10000

Level Three: Highest earning potential of one million dollars plus

Cost Of The Program: Free 7 day Trial Then $49 a month

Subscribers will not spend a dime when registering for this program. However, after the first seven days of enrollment, you will now have to pay $49 monthly.

The basis of the f$49 is to help train you to become acquainted to successful and result-driven techniques. You can get the same thing from my #1 recommendation without all the hidden fees with The Four Percent Challenge.

Features Of The Four Percent Challenge Program:

Level 1 Four Percent ChallengeLevel One:

This stage of the program is basically going to help subscribers earn their first $10,000. Don’t hold your breath.

To achieve this goal level one brings into play several techniques such as:


1. Messaging

2. Technical product selection

3. Major skills in marketing and promotion

4. Multi-channel prospect acquisition

5. Setting up and inner success mechanism activation

6. Technical and special positioning in the market arena

7. Customer acquisition

8. Multi-stream earning architecture

9. Creation of the market platform

Level Two:Level 2 Four Percent Challenge

In this stage of the program, subscribers will learn strategies that can increase their earning potential.

To be precise, the Four Percent Challenge level two helps you earn up to one hundred thousand dollars (per Vick).

Techniques in this stage may include and not limited to:

1. Technical product stacking

2. Growing your seeds of total domination

3. Market leadership positioning

4. Personalized systems and leverage creation

5. Mass promotion strategies

6. Invisible influence development and persuasion skills

Level 3 Four Percent ChallengeLevel Three:

This is the ultimate earning stage of the Vick Strizheus’ program. Attaining this stage of the program will give you the opportunity to earn at least one million dollars.

Level three in this product is filled with excellent strategies that you can explore to make several 1000000 dollars.


1. Advertising campaigns and movement promotion

2. Recurring income models and systems

3. Proper system scaling

4. Category ownership strategies

Paid Traffic:

If you are looking to send leads to your professional landing pages, then the social media or PPC methods remain the best for this program.

The social media traffic method will cost you nothing and can be reliable. PPC is the best method (according to Vick) to promote the Four Percent Challenge program and cost you more than one thousand dollars every month. This is another way he gets you to spend more than what you need to.

Who Cannot Use The Program?

The program may not work for people that cannot help others through their own sell-sufficient marketing knowledge.

It is important to know that the Four Percent Challenge cannot be taken as a get-rich-quick (yet he leads you to believe that you can), crypto, or some kind of investment program.

Yet his video is set up just like all the other “scammers” that promise you BIG MONEY. He talks fast and repeats himself. These are signs to STAY AWAY.

Tools You Need To Start A Successful Business With This Program:

Subscribers to this program will have to follow the recommendations of certain tools to become highly successful in business. Remember that as a member, you will have to pay a given monthly fee for every tool recommended.

1. Hosting landing pages at Bluehost will cost you ten dollars monthly (Free with my #1 recommendation)

2. Promoting the program will attract a monthly fee of nineteen dollars (Free with my #1 recommendation)

3. Purchasing a domain name with fifteen dollars yearly

4. Sending automated messages to your target audiences through GetResponse autoresponder will cost fifteen dollars monthly

5. Tracking all sales and leads through ClickMagick will cost subscribers twelve dollars monthly

6. Paying for ClickFunnels to create well-structured and premium landing pages will cost you ninety-seven dollars (you can do this yourself and not pay, My number one recommendation will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know).









Too expensive and each course cost $497

Requires more promotion and advertisement

Training is extensive

Manufacturer lies that subscribers can earn over five thousand dollars every day on his system

Is The Four Percent Challenge Legit Or A Scam?

Without any iota of doubt, the Four Percent Challenge program is not a scam but legit. This is because subscribers can request their investment on Clickbank and the company will obey its refund policy.

In a nutshell, the manufacturer of the product will not steal your money. He will talk you out of it and talk you in to spending it on other tools that are not all necessary.

Hidden Facts About The Program:

1. Reviews on the official page depicts only members using the system for the past two years

2. Most members are still struggling with the level one stage

3. Some subscribers claim to make money but fail to share their earning screenshot or the amount it has cost them in order to make it.

My Verdict:

Thumbs down

Are you still pondering on the Four Percent Challenge, what is Four Percent Challenge about, is the Four Percent Challenge legit or phony?

The product promises to help subscribers create a successful business and manage result-driven campaigns. Using this program to operate your own business will invite floodgates of sales and income. Yet there isn’t proof of this.

It can help to get rid of overwhelming financial conditions, confusion and frustrations. It can actually cause all of these as well.

While simplicity and results remain the core principles of the program, you may end up spending tons of dollars before getting any financial success through the product.

Promoting the program may cost you over one thousand dollars which is insane for even a newbie or veteran online business owner. Yes you need to spend money to make money, but not his way.

The program may not be recommended because of its high cost of gaining traffic, advertisement and much more. If you want a legitimate opportunity that cost the same $49 a month and your only other expense will be if you WANT your own domain.

I have the perfect one for you. You can get the training on everything you need to know with step by step training and videos, all the tools, 25 free (sub) domains and 25 purchased domains with hosting and top-notch support, CLICK HERE.

Go ahead see for yourself. When you click on the link, don’t just look and leave. There is more than meets the eye. You can contact me and I will answer any questions you may have and help you through getting started and thereafter.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please leave them down below. I love reading them and I love to respond quickly.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you the best in all you do

Lee Ann

Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this program. There are so many to choose from out there that all claim to make you rich quick! It is hard to know what ones are legit or not. If I have learned anything from being an online entrepreneur is that persistence and content is key!

    • I am happy that you enjoyed the information on The Four Percent Challenge. It really angers me at how these “Gurus” know what to say in order to mislead us into thinking their system will make us rich. They leave out the fact of how much it will actually cost you to even get started.
      The thing about it is that most of what he wants you to do and pay for, you can actually do for free. The pill he is trying to get you to swallow is filled with misleading information and BS.
      It sounds like you have been through it already and have found one that is legit.If not let me know.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  2. I am actually interested in this program and you mentioned that Mass promotion strategies in level 2. Can you elaborate on that a little bit?

    • Hello and thank you for visiting my site. In The Four Percent Challenge you are taught different avenues of building a successful online business. According to Vick, though I think it is an over priced sales pitch.
      By mass promotion, I mean that he will have you creating promotions and campaigns through paid ads and funnels etc. You will have to pay for every ad and campaign. If you are wanting to join a program that can teach you how to build a successful online business, that works and doesn’t charge you out the wazoo, then click here.You will have the best training, tools and support that is available.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  3. Wow…that’s a helpful review. I wasn’t very familiar with that company, but now I know a lot more about it. So many online training programs have hidden costs, but the best ones do not treat members like that. Nor do they jerk members around with a bunch of hype. As a business consultant, I’ve talked to many people who have lost money to bad online opportunities. So glad you’ve shared a genuine, legit, business alternative for those who really want to learn how to build an online business without the hype and hassles of scams.

    • Thank you Colleen. I totally agree with you. I don’t understand how they can look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they are robbing others of the money they have worked so hard for.
      They are the reason I created this site. In hopes to help others not fall for misleading opportunities that are out there.
      I know there are some legit ones that can be costly, or have a ton of upsells. Wealthy Affiliate is not like that at all and they are 100% legit.
      I hope to see you there. Be sure to look me up and I will help you if you need it.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  4. Hi Lee Ann
    Well I’m running really fast away from this dodgy dare I say its a scam- my opinion of course
    Expensive upsells, hidden agendas, no thanks
    Your no1 recommendation is far more honest and I will be joining when I finish this so thank you so much for this post

    • Thank you and I am definitely glad you will not be taking the four percent challenge. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely going to be much better for you. You will get top notch training as well as the tools to help you create your successful online business. ANytime you need help or have a question, I will be there as well as thousands of other like minded and knowledgeable individuals who love to help others.
      This is a dar I am sure you will love taking.
      Look me up on the other side.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

  5. This was very informative, I am always on the look out for scams like this. I detest the dishonesty that pollutes the internet. It’s good to see when people call some of these “gurus” on the BS. Kudos to you.


    • THank you Court, I truly appreciate your thoughts. I have made it my purpose to expose those that are dishonest and promote those that are not.
      My plan is to help others find legit work from home opportunities that work and that will not break the bank in order to become successful.
      The internet is full of lies and misconceptions that prey on the unknowing individuals. I hope to help less people to fall victim.
      Wishing you the best in all you do
      Lee Ann

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