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Nowadays when we are looking for a work from home business opportunity, the majority of them are aimed toward parents. What about our veterans? In this post I want to share what I discovered. That there are opportunities to work from home for veterans. The online world doesn’t pertain to just one type of individual. It is for anyone and everyone.

Before I get started, if you are a veteran I want to thank you for your service and for reading this article. I will have something special for you at the end.

Veterans-Life After Serving

Pretty much everyone knows at least one veteran. You might even be one yourself. In my opinion our government has let our veterans down in many ways. These are men and women who risked their lives for our country. Dads, moms, sons, and daughters. They have seen and had to do things that we wouldn’t even be able think about let alone do it.

My husband was a paratrooper in Desert Storm. He suffers from PTSD as well as other war related issues. He doesn’t like to talk about what he had seen or about orders he had to carry out. I can’t say I blame him. I am not sure I would want to either as It would be like reliving it all over again. For some it might have just the opposite effect. It may help them to talk about it.

I’ve heard of many who have trouble even making the transition to being a civilian again. That would mean that they probably aren’t ready to enter into the work force either. Which is why I wanted to find work from home opportunities. We owe them our lives is how I look at it. Would we all still be here if they weren’t protecting and fighting for our country?

US Veteran

Why They May Be Where They Are

When I see a veteran in a wheelchair with a flag taped to it, it kills me to not ask what their story is. I just don’t want to make them upset by asking. I often see them standing at an intersection with a sign asking for money to eat. Of course I give them money even though it may not be for food. No matter what country they served, the United States or the UK, they deserve more respect and compensation than they receive.

There are veterans who are not struggling, but we don’t see them or know about their lives as a civilian. They were able to make the transition, or they are dealing with it a little better. Yet those that are suffering, we see them everywhere. The media has a lot to do with that to as well as social media. But even without that I see veterans everywhere, even in Wal-Mart. Why is that?

Maybe the job they had while serving contributed to where they end up after returning as a civilian. In the army, jobs for the enlisted are called MOS “Military Occupation Specialties’. Not that any job is easy when, you are serving, but I would think that someone who is in finance, supply or who is a cook would have a less traumatic experience. Those that are in different branches of combat would be very traumatic. What they have to do and see would affect anyone I would imagine.

It would make sense to me that someone who lived trough combat would be withdrawn and left with the feeling of not knowing who they are anymore. The wounded I am sure have difficulties transitioning, maybe even more than others. I am sure no matter what your job was or what part you played while serving, it had to of affected everyone, it might just be in different ways.

Army active duty

How I Can Give Back

I often think how I could give back to those who have served to somehow show them appreciation. I don’t have money to make annual donations and I am not able to volunteer any services. I can do some research online to find jobs that they can do from their home. Below are my results. I have to say, I was a little impressed with the one I found.

Heroes@Home-This caught my eye due to the name. Xerox has this site specifically for military members who are transitioning or even retired, as well as their spouses. If you have ever served, then this is for you. Disabled? Yes it is for you too. They have a partnership with the National Veteran Support Organizations. That is awesome! They are also partners with Military Spouse Employment Partners. Xerox heroes@home offer at home jobs for qualified veterans and military spouses. The careers at home are through a virtual office program. I will list a couple of the positions they had listed, and you can click here to check their site to see all of their job listings for yourself.

* Customer Care

* Tech Support

* Data Entry/Verification

I receive no money or any type of reward for suggesting this site. I have not worked for them nor am I currently working for them. They are just what I found during the research I performed. Unfortunately this was the only one I found geared toward veterans.

Not Many Results

My search for online business opportunities didn’t really turn up anything other than the heroes@home. Don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of business opportunities out there. I honestly have a hard time believing that there weren’t but one that was for VETERANS. Doing a search for work from home business opportunities will yield a large amount of results. Searching for work from home for parents will yield a large amount as well.

If you really want to work from home and are doing your own search, just remember to not fall victim to the get-rich-quick scams. Here is where you click to view a post I wrote on scams I think you will benefit from it. Be sure to check it out.


You Deserve So Much More

Maybe the results of my search prove my point about there not being enough done for our veterans. You deserve more than any of us could give you, but more should definitely be done for you than what is. My husband is a cancer survivor and has several health issues but gets a very small amount from the VA for disability. He was a paratrooper and has really bad knees now. He can’t get disability for his knees because he has no proof that it is from all of his jumps. I am not saying this is how all veterans are treated, and I hope that the ones who need help are getting it.

Opportunity For You

I have an opportunity that you don’t have to be afraid to check out. Why? Because I already have. I will even let you read the review for it. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is free. You will be given everything you need to build a website and can earn an income by writing about your time in the service or about anything you are passionate/knowledgeable about. Or you can even promote products on Amazon, Ebay or any site that has affiliate marketig. There are a number of ways for you to be able to earn money from your own site. Don’t know how to build a site or how to promote it? They have beginner friendly classes. You will be taught everything you need to know and will have the best community ever that is always there to help.

I owe you this due to my not finding as many opportunities geared toward veterans as there are for everyone else when it comes to working from home. I want to wish you luck on your search. I gave you the information on Wealthy Affiliate because I am a member and I know they are not a ripoff company out to take your money and give you nothing in return.All you will have to do is put in your time and effort to make it happen.After what you have already been through, I know you have dedication and commitment. You will have to build your success. It is free and you aren’t loosing anything to give it a try and check it out. You be the judge if it is something you would be interested in.

If I can further assist you please let me know. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Thank you

Best Of Luck In All You Do

Lee Ann





Lee Ann Cermak-McQuay

I am a family oriented mother and love being involved with my little ones. My husband is the best guy a girl could ask for. I love helping others which is why I created this site. I know what it is like to NEED to work and earn an income, but not be able to do it outside the home. I am now able to help others find work they can do from home. And I love it.


  1. Cheers Lee.
    I really appreciate you sharing this with us all. I can certainly advocate the Wealthy Affiliate program and would recommend it to any veterans – or anyone else for that matter – looking for a lucrative work from home career. There’s so much opportunity out there for everyone. Yes, it will take some work and determination, but the rewards are there for those that want them.
    Thanks again,

    • Cheers Sean and thank you for taking the time to read my post. Your comment actually reminds me of something I left out of this post. The men and women who are serving or have served know hard work first hand and know the extreme sacrifices that sometimes have to be made to get the job done. Wealthy Affiliate might be a different scenario but the point is the work they will need to put forth to building their online business won’t compare to what they have already done. Thank you for reminding me.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

  2. Lee Ann, thank you for this post. I know many of our veterans whether in the United States or Canada are suffering and are not adequately compensated for their sacrifices. Your post really highlights the need to respect them and provide them with opportunities to re-integrate when they return.

    • Thank you Harvey. I am changing my post. I apologize for making it seem that I was only referring to the US veterans. It is about ANY veteran no matter what country they served they deserve to be compensated and respected. I want to thank you again for reading my post and for your comment.

      Best Of Luck In All You Do

  3. Thanks for your review Lee Ann.
    It is so sad to know that there aren’t as many opportunities for veterans as there are for other groups of people.
    We really do underestimate what they have done for both kin and country. Poppy day when I was growing up was so meaningful. We had assemblies at school and we were given poppies to sell. It was a big thing. Nowadays, people are not mindful of what has been done for them in the past.
    Thanks for looking out for the veterans in your own small way. They too have a life after serving their country and need to be assimilated back into the workforce to continue living a normal life as much as possible.
    Continue to highlight the cause.
    Wishing you and your husband all the best.

    • Thank you very much for reading my post and for your wonderful comment. I agree with you as to how others are so willing to go on with their lives, not giving our service men and women another thought. I believe the worse part is the fact we still have men and women serving our country, putting their lives at risk and unfortunately dying. We owe them so much and do so little.
      Thank you very much for your wishes as well.
      Best Of Luck In All You Do
      Lee Ann

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